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Kaifowo women sing - obtashchitsya! - Yes mother on shops dragged yesterday, - Anton sighed and slammed a door behind Kanawa, - then to Kislyunya came, and in the evening at the Ghoul sat - listened to music. - I Kislyunya uroyu, goat! - A ditch fastidiously I spitted out in a garbage can. - For what? - He, the bitch, cool put that I on Saturday from history and works dumped. We with Wish-wash then went on Sindbad to the cinema. As not the boy, in nature! Kanawa's house and the Forehead stood nearby, and friends quite often visited each other. A ditch, he is Arkady Yamskoy, I lived here long ago, since the birth. Anton, he is the Forehead, he, according to documents, Zhelobkov, lived in other area before, but then they with mother and the brother got over closer to the center of this small Volga region town. The new school where Anton began to study, rattled the pupils - all color of local street brotherhood to which also Kanawa belonged gathered here. The last differed in impudent behavior, freedom-loving passionate nature and wild tricks. Tall and huge for to twelve with small years, Yamskoy looked on all fifteen, and the practical sophisticated mind quite compensated this shortage aged, unlike other akselerirovanny overages. Almost each scandalous event at school was connected with a surname Yamskoy. The administration repeatedly asked about Yamskoy's expel from school, but generous impulses of teachers always encountered the assurances of mother of responsible of close correction supported with calls of distant relatives from the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies. Teachers needed only to wait before natural release from the odious personality on receipt to her certificates on the termination of educational institution (in this case reasonably to speak only about the reference). Zhelobkov quickly accustomed on the new place thanks to the character and ability to find with all a common language. He met with many, and with Kanawa - especially, partly because that and from it went to school one road. And, though Zhelobkov wasn't a riffraff and had no such sadistic bents as his criminal friend, the physical force of Anton, his ability to stand for himself and voluble tongue iimponirovat to Kanawa, and they had common interests and hobbies. Both sank down on "disco" and with hobbies chased new records, however, Anton had no tape recorder and he was content with what listened at friends to. Liked to play soccer, and recently both were passionately hit in chess, for hours staying over a board as it was it is surprising. Probably, here I took passion. Fleetingly began to be interested also in a female, especially Kanawa with his hypertrophied imagination. However, process of knowledge of a relationship between the man and the woman at them was at primitive stages of development. - You are one, whether that? - A ditch somehow mysteriously I lowered a voice as if was going to report something serious and important. - One... A ditch suddenly for some reason I undid a fly, I lowered a little trousers and I barked...-Well - with! We will jerk off?! To attention of slightly struck dumb Zhelobkov the skukozhenny teenage dick appeared. A ditch I clicked him few times a finger. The dick, bulking up and twitching, I began to gain height. Anton rakhokhotatsya. For Kanawa similar tricks were already found. For example, once, sitting at a back school desk at a botany lesson, he took out an eregirovanny dick from trousers and began to knock him on an internal surface of a cover of a school desk, keeping saying... "Vstava-achka!", and the poor botanichka couldn't understand in any way why sitting on back school desks groan from a laughter.Another time he, wishing to revenge the teacher of algebra for the fact that she with scandal expelled him from a lesson, I pulled down at her from a handbag lipstick and with inspiration of the abstract artist I ornamented to myself all end, I put lipstick back, and then mischievously I grinned at the sight of brightly painted lips of the teacher, with slight languor remembering the surrealistic researches. Arkady meanwhile took seat on a chair more conveniently, the inflated her a hand took and began to send very quickly him in a fist. Apparently, he intended to have single sexual intercourse in all seriousness. The become silent Anton began to observe with interest how Kanawa's breath gradually became frequent, the person reddened from strain, the forehead became damp. Groaning and groaning from the caused pleasure, in about three minutes that was in the home stretch. With frenzy podrygivy in a hand reddened as carrot, the wet dick, Kanawa was inclined by the case forward, all contracted and quickly got nervous. A part of the scattered cum foully departed on a shirt. - O-oh...-voluptuously Kanawa stretched, leaning back on a back of a chair and stupidly smiling. The forehead sat, without moving. A ditch I had a rest blindly., then I moved, correcting uncombed clothes, and I gave out in the repertoire...-Oh, pancake, eternal high. A forehead, we will play chess?