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Girls somehow didn't pay to me attention what I also wasn't surprised to. In what can be interested the girl not the self-assured guy who isn't differing in external data, having a thin body. Plus is not resolute, closed in itself, constraining, and still to add complexes, a half of which is thought up, to all this. Yes because of it I have no friends as almost I am not anywhere. If to take other factors which theoretically could for interest girls then either money, or by car, or communications, or popularity, nor I own friends. That is, for girls I am not a noticeable person and anybody has no desire to spend time and youth on such as I. While around there is a sea of normal guys with whom it isn't a shame and to seem in public. So I also lived, but once got acquainted with the guy on the Internet. Often communicated, made friends. Few times saw in real, drank beer. In, about, a month two acquaintances, it suggested to come to it to the dacha as the party, due to the lack of parents is planned. I special didn't burn with desire as I in the companies in most cases was in a shadow. But having thought, I agreed. There is the same nothing the same nothing to lose and people me times will see also all. But it will be possible though to try to be delayed or on to have fun. Generally day of a party came. I slowly gathered, and went to the meeting place. At first met the fellow, then stinted and went to the dacha. Having placed all food, were accepted to a shish kebab. Gradually also other guests began to come. When the shish kebab was already ready, all guests already gathered. Guests were: seven girls and three guys, owner of giving, well and I. As I also assumed - girls especially didn't pay attention to me. Most of all, the attention of girls was received by Max who was the owner of giving and Dima - the invited guy who dragged with himself a guitar. And girls received attention everything wholly as all were nice. The truth in some moments someone is more, someone is less. But if so to judge, then all were the focus of attention. All drank, ate, spoke about something. I as always appeared aside. I ate not much and I drank only nonalcoholic beer as the person who isn't drinking, only occasionally I can drink beer. Gradually guests relaxed, became more cheerful. As I thought, it was caused by alcohol. After the feast Dima took a guitar, and began to play different music, and guests either listened, or guessed, or sang songs. I few times even managed to guess songs, than earned to myself the interested and inquisitive glances of two-three girls. From which I was confused, using foul language about myself because of it. Then arranged a karaoke. Guys at once gave up, and the superiority was occupied to the girl by Olya. The low, slender blonde, with long hair and beautiful green eyes. On the termination of a karaoke, returned to a table again. Just now already guests sat down on groups. Olya and two more girls with our guitarist, two more girls with Max. Two more girls sat down near Denis. I, as well as was supposed, remained. I thought already to say goodbye and dump, but nevertheless I remained. The truth I don't know behind what. I sat a little, I went to examine giving. Nobody noticed my absence what I also wasn't surprised to. Походив on giving, I returned back with a trophy. I found the book which I wanted to read long ago in a case, but I couldn't find in any way. On it having returned to the room, I took seat in a chair and I began to read, without paying attention to others. Having read one chapter, I lifted up eyes on guests and I wasn't surprised, having seen that Dima and three girls are absent. Where they and what are busy with - it became clear at once. Only me it not especially worried and I returned to reading again. In about ten minutes, someone sat down near me. I came off the book and saw near myself the girl. If I wasn't mistaken her called Diana. As well as Olya, she was not a tall girl. She had brown eyes, long black hair. At first I thought that she just sat down to have a rest or that to join her still people. But I was mistaken, nobody joined. She looked at me and somehow playfully smiled. I understanding that something is necessary told, it was original as always: - Hi. - Hi, - she answered me. - How party? Why you haven't fun? - Not bad, but happened also on more better. Yes it became boring. I wanted to vanish and just I saw you that you sit here. Here also I decided to approach also on to communicate. And that you sit here as the poor relative. - And yes, it I is so simple. here I found the book, I decided to esteem - faltering, I answered. - And what for the book? - Yes so second-hand articles one, I wanted to read simply long ago. - Well, well. And why you are such not talkative? - I? I don't know. Simply, well it to talk about what I don't know. - Well so unless it is a problem? Ridiculous you are Diana I inclined the head sideways a little and looked at me, smiling. - Why I am funny? I am not funny! - I frowned in reply. - But also the ill-natured person, - laughed she, and I reddened and lowered a look in the book. - Well, don't take offense. I joked. And you could show me giving? - I? Yes, though here that and couldn't be shown. And I am the first time here.