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His big blue eyes were excreted on suntanned skin of his silk person. They came for me in a half of the 12th night. Having arrived, I decided to treat both of them with something hot, as a token of gratitude, that they remembered me and took on such remarkable Party. At the moment when I passed cocktail to Zheka, I accidentally touched his hand, at this moment he didn't straighten out a hand, and on the contrary stroked to me it. At this moment at me inside everything began to shake. Of me I arose the plan of action in the head at once. Through some time I invited Nastya and Zheka to bathe. (Naturally I knew that Nastya will refuse, because of become wet a hairstyle and underwear). And Zheka, seemed to me, was even delighted to my invitation. Having come for a protection, I suggested to bathe without swimming trunks not to wet them. He hardly agreed. When we swam, I as if it is unintentional, touched him, he as if being afraid of me, sailed far away. Having come to the coast, I lay down on a grass, he laid down nearby. At this moment at me in the head such thoughts from which at me my friend right there began to get up turned. Having noticed it, he began to speak about all appetizing girls whom he saw at a party at what he spoke so: "Here to it in a mouth would stuff, and this would blow, at that a bum blooming great", etc. While it told it, at it his body bulked up too, and he began to podrachivat him quietly. When I saw it, I nearly terminated. His got-up dick was so beautiful. Long, absolutely direct, about 24 cm with a big red head on which in the light of the moon the small droplet of his tasty juice flickered. I madly wanted to take his unit in a mouth. I turned sideways, to him the person and began to examine him impudently. It wasn't pleasant to him and he roughly asked: "Che you stare?". I answered what first of all came to my mind: "You very beautiful". I didn't manage to say it as I was hit punch on the right eye. From blow I leaned back back, and at this moment there was what I as couldn't expect. He leaned on me from above and began to kiss passionately in a neck, whispering at the same time: "Sorry, forgive". As if the stupor attacked me. To me there is about what I dreamed several nights in a row. I seized him by a waist and tumbled down on a back. Kissing all his body I began to fall below and below, is closer and closer to his treasured feature. Having felt a smell of this beautiful penis, I began to whirl the head. I with greed grabbed a head of his dick and began to suck it as if it was the saving drink of water in the hot desert. His groans were so sweet that it seemed to me that if someone hears them, then will terminate at the same moment. I already lay all on a limit, and thought only of what not to terminate ahead of time. He seized me by a neck and attracted to himself. Our lips, at last, merged in fervent kiss. At this moment I heard from what I nearly fainted. - "Wow! And you will take me to the third?", it was Nastya's voice. I wanted to fail through lands. I think that even in the dark it was visible to night how I reddened. Zheka on the contrary, grew bolder, joyfully smiled to it and waved a hand in our party. She quickly threw off from herself a light dress under which at her, it appears, there was no linen. Even without thinking, she laid down sideways and kissed my head, then carried out by language from balls to an urethral hole and completely swallowed a head of my dick from what I immediately terminated her in a mouth. Then she quickly climbed my body, without forgetting to shower it with kisses, and we faced her at the member Zheka. She immediately began to caress his balls and an anus, and I at this moment completely swallowed his pepper, and a hand made the way in Nastya's hole. So we lay about 5 minutes before Nastya whispered to me: "He is already ready". At first I didn't understand her phrase, but then when it took my hand and brought to Zheki's buttocks, I guessed everything. I thrust a finger into Zheki's bum against the stop, he moaned and cried: "Oh, yes! I want you Lech, take me!" I put him on a back and lifted up legs. Wash, already got up trunk, rested against his perineum. Helping him to enter, I pressed on the friend's hole from what he screamed. Nastya right there closed his mouth the kiss. When my head entered, I felt that Zheka relaxed, and I continued to enter the dick into a rectum of Zhenya. At this moment Nastya, having a little lowered Zheki's bum, I sat down on his dick, sitting to me a back. I saw all her body. It was an ideal form. The slender waist passed into round buttocks from where I saw an outline of the moving member Zhenka. I wanted to take Nastya for her large breast. I leaned on her, grabbed by her standing nipples and began to pinch from time to time them. She said hoarse groan, was curved in my party and tumbled down on Zheki's breast. Then she kissed him on a mouth, stuck we will kiss on my hand and laid down near us, stroking our bodies. Literally in a moment I saw as Zhekin a trunk releases streams of a white cum. From such show and me convulsions began to beat, and I terminated in the friend's ass. Lying there, on the river bank, hearing favourite music, speaking about some nonsense, we провалялись so about an hour. Agreed that it will occur at us more often, and parted on houses. Houses I long scrolled all this situation and masturbated on the memoirs. It was delightful. To someone other my adventures to the country of love are interesting, or someone will want to share with me the history – write: