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We had a decent sum of money, and we were anxious with search of the apartment of the bigger area. The husband sat in a chair, watched TV. I lay on a sofa legs to it. Suddenly, it got up, approached me and, lifted up my dressing gown. In those days, while the daughter was little, I didn't put house pants, knowing that it is pleasant to the husband. Still it wouldn't be pleasant. He could use my holes at any time. Especially he liked to do it in kitchen when I stood near a sink. He preferred, however, one hole. Namely an opening in a bottom. How many times he had me there in more than two years – you won't count. - What you want? – I asked, without paying attention that I lie with a naked ass. - Nothing – he answered – just I want that the bottom was naked. - Aaa! – I stretched, continuing to read announcements. "It is good that you like to look at my ass" - I thought. "It would be worse if it bothered you". Suddenly, through some time, something flashed. - What is it? – I asked, and turned the head to the husband. In hands of the husband there was a camera which lens, was directed to my naked bum. "To be indignant or not" - rushed in the head. "However, what for? Let photographs. From me won't decrease". And I buried in the newspaper again, very clearly showing that nothing occurred. The husband got up from a chair, approached me, and began to photograph my bottom in different foreshortenings. - Show that you cracked there - I when he stopped removing told. - Now, I will download in the computer – he answered. - Well, look – he called me, having stopped pottering with the laptop. It became interesting to me how my ass from outside looks, and we together began to consider photos of my bum. - Remove this. Such hogwash turned out – I told, having stuck on one of photos. This case laid the foundation for our hobby for an erotic photo. Of course I was a model. I saw how the husband is brought, photographing my naked delights, and was made horney itself, posing for him. It so carried away the husband that he began to order erotic linen for shootings on the Internet. Once, he dragged belts, connected by them me, and began to photograph me helpless. By the way, both of us liked the made pictures. - Look – the husband said – As great it turned out. As if someone violently connected you, took off pants, nafotkat, and will fuck now. You are such helpless, especially here on this photo. Such buttocks appetizing. And this. Other foreshortening. Abruptly. And here, watch as though you try to get up, but you can't. Hands and legs are tied. And here buttocks close up. And here, as if you were otjimet as wanted, and left connected, without having decided yet what with you to do next. The husband photographed me connected still more than once. I bought for this purpose even white ropes. From the photo we, somehow imperceptibly passed to video. Bought a support that it was possible to remove as we have sex. For sharpness, began to use vibrators. The husband very much liked to remove my bottom with the vibrator thrust in it. This hobby continued till summer of the next year while once I, accidentally, rummaging in the Internet, visited any website according to the link left by the husband. On the website my photos, naturally, with naked intimate places were published. The website was foreign, and I don't speak English, but the essence was clear. Lot of comments of some perverts. To indignation there was no limit. "Here swine!" - I thought, flaring for rage – "Though would ask me". Only, positive there was the fact that my person wasn't visible anywhere. I as felt when I was photographed, tried to hide a face from a lens. With the husband the heavy conversation took place. He sincerely apologized, but I decided to finish shootings what I declared to him in a categorical form. Of course, he had to agree. And where to him was to disappear if I didn't want it. Passed, probably, years one and a half, since then, when I tabooed photographings. Once, getting a dirty shirt from the husband's case, I found a disk in a pocket of his jacket. Purely female curiosity got the best, and I decided to check disk contents. And, frankly speaking, I was almost not surprised when saw on him all my photos and several rollers where we have sex. But it didn't anger me, and rather, it became interesting to me what I was 3 years ago. I didn't begin to make scandal to the husband, only asked that without my permission, he didn't publish my photos anywhere. The husband it is oath I assured that it won't occur, and the disk remained in our collection as though specially waiting for to be the cause, of the events described below. NAChALOA began all with the fact that last summer the grandmother (the husband's mother) was come to visit from Moscow by the cousin nephew of the husband, Alexey who, having passed entrance examinations in MSU, decided to visit the hometown. His family lived in our city earlier. But three years ago the father Alexey was translated to work to Moscow, in head office. The husband, happening in Moscow, often I met Leshki's family, I didn't see him all three years, and was pleasantly surprised, having seen the high handsome guy of 17 years. Lesh it was really good itself. Growth 185, dark curly hair, dark eyes, fine sports figure. "Oho, as the boy grew up" - I thought, having seen him at the first meeting. "Little girls will be lovesick on him". I suddenly terribly wanted to see his dick. Leshka arrived for two weeks. We carried him to the dacha, to the forest, and I noticed more than once how he looks at me when I was in a bathing suit. However, I understood why he so stares at me if he of course remembers events of five-year prescription. But about it below. Actually, we had him only two times. I spent more time with friends whom I didn't see so much time. When before Leshki's departure there were 3 days, the husband urgently went to a business trip, having warned that he will be late there and for the weekend. "You will bring mother with the daughter to the dacha on Friday after work" - he asked.