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Now it will be a question of my first love experience. To me there were 16.... I ran. Away from this damned place, away from the orks who were getting enough sleep from the portal directly to our estate. Away from corpses of the family. To survive I was lucky and now I ran. It is unlikely pursued me - nobody saw me, but horror and disgust for what I saw, having come back home, drove me forward not worse than the wolfhounds biting for heels. I ran through the wood, without paying attention to scratches, blood and the burning pain from a set of small cuts. I ran, having forgotten that at once behind the wood belonging to our family elfin possession about which rumors went begin, as if their Hostess lives alone practically... I didn't notice this stub. Me overturned the person on the earth, having painfully struck with the head in a stone. There came the darkness...... I opened eyes and found myself lying in the large light room on a clean bed. The body was filled with pleasant languor, the head is fresh. Having got up, I looked round. It I was quite rich but meanwhile the room which isn't too littered with luxury, there was nothing superfluous here. Having drunk waters from the jug standing on a table, I came to a balcony. It was the big house, with the wide yard - the typical estate, however at once around the house the wood began. He didn't seem superfluous here, rather organically fitted in. Here my look fell to the pool which was directly under me. In him the wonderful being - long slender legs, pure leather lapped. It was unearthly beauty. Here only I understood that I am nude. I wanted already was to leave and look for something to put on, however this second the being in pool was developed and looked at me. I became puzzled. And meanwhile She whispered something and I was picked up by a soft wave a levitation and lowered in water near her. It was the Elf. Bottomless green eyes and... a barefaced breast with gentle white skin and small nipples. She smiled. - Hi. My name is Aner, I am a Hostess Lesa Utekh. I picked up you and cured. - Sssspa... сибо... - confusedly I lowed. - What is your name? - Deus...-Deus, don't hesitate, I know someone you and from where and that occurred are. But not to return the past any more. And now you in my possession which I call the Wood of those. Did you have a woman? - No - having reddened I answered. - Well, I mean I will teach you to art of love, my boy. Her lips were closed on mine, her body clung to mine, hands gently caressed my back. I as if departed to other world. Her thin quick uvula wandered at me in a mouth, hands with accurate ostrenky nails were caressed and scratched my back, legs clasped me behind, it hung on me in water... Instant teleportation threw out us on a huge bed which could contain in itself 3-4 double beds. It was really a love bed. I was overturned on it by the person up. The slippery quick uvula wandered on my breast to an izhivot, going down to the pulsing dick. Oh, what he did with a head! I licked a head and a trunk, and balls, soft touches of lips made horney not meney lizaniye. Suddenly she took my dick in a mouth completely and began to swallow. I looked as the head, then a trunk plunges into her warm slippery interior at first and then it could swallow also balls. Now her lips touched my shaven (by tradition of our family) to a pubis from above and gentle skin of a perineum from below. My dick was exposed to very pleasant caress inside. I don't know that this Elf did with him the interior there but it was infinitely sweet... She bended over me. Having stuck with the person into a fragrant sheet, I felt her hands which are moving apart my buttocks, and then small острй a uvula as if my ukalyvayushchy sphincter. In a minute she passed to polizyvaniye of this sweet ringlet of my anus, and then I felt that the sharp tip of her language enters me. At some point I felt touch of her lips - she entered me at all length of language. But my God... her language began to be extended (first I was frightened but then I remembered that it is a magichka) bringing infinitely sweet torment, massing my pomezhnost from within... Again she had my dick in a mouth. My body fought in convulsions, throwing up an infinite stream of a cum in her mouth. Well of course, I wouldn't sustain so much time, it didn't allow me to terminate the magic... Having swallowed everything, she smiled: - And now have a sleep. In the evening I will show you how to caress the woman. Her kiss shipped me in the abyss of a sweet quiet dream...