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It will so be dishonored.... Loser! To me it was never so bad. - Vlad!!! Well billeting!.... I looked back. I was caught up by the tall slender woman. Dexterously jumping over puddles and holding floors of a cashmere coat, color of baked milk. she stretched me something brilliant. Having finally regained consciousness, I recognized her... It was Nina Vladimirovna, my Katenka's mother. High, with an ideal figure, a nutbrown long hair, always well-groomed, it looked much more young to thirty five...-Vladik! - she told, having slightly been out of breath. Vladik, help out! With running start she was stuck into my shoulder with the elastic breast and grabbed by an elbow. - What happened, aunts Nin? Vladik, I am urgently called for work... The relief got sick.... And Katka on a training left and forgot keys! Absolutely I went mad on the swimming. - On.... Report to her. She put to me in a hand a sheaf lyuchy, Sharply was developed and rushed off, gracefully clinking on dirty asphalt hairpins snow-white сапожек. - I will call her! Katya will come behind them... She dexterously jumped in the black Mercedes standing nearby, embraced and kissed driving..... In a second on the place of Mercedes there was only a gray, stinking cloud of smoke. - Could and not lie about work, - I thought. Also I trudged further, to the entrance, kicking an empty box from under apple juice. I before eyes had Katenka's face: its unusual, as eye cherries, fluffy eyelashes, always slightly on a smile a small mouth with scarlet chubby sponges. It happened last year. The shy autumn sun slipped the ray to us, in a literature office. The golden ray touched a cheek of Katya who sat on the first school desk. The down on her cheek shone the most delicate golden velvet. Since then, already more than a year, it didn't go at me out of the mind! Other girls just didn't exist. Only she. No, it was not the love.... This wild, all-consuming passion is a hundred times stronger than love. I came into an entrance, rose by the floor. I put a hand in a jacket pocket..... I got a bunch of keys... And here it seemed to me that absolutely nearby was gromygnut by a thunder, and in eyes the lightning sparkled..... I stood, having opened a mouth, and having stared, the chill passed up to a breast. I suddenly realized that I hold in hand keys from Katina of the apartment!!! Goosebumps ran on a back. Whirlwinds of thoughts rushed in the head. I don't remember as I turned out at an entrance as ran up the fifth floor. So. Here she... this brown door with the nickelized handle. The shivering finger I pressed the call button though I knew that nobody will answer. I was beaten by a small shiver, the shivering hand got keys. The horror held down my body. It seemed that all neighbors stared at me through the door eyes. Neet!!! The frightened cat I jumped to the yard. I sat down on a bench. Secretly I began to smoke a cigarette. The opposite shiver began to recede, for several seconds the head unpleasantly began to spin. In five minutes the self-control returned to me. Uncontrollable force pulled me there from where I just coward ran. Having squeezed keys in a hand, I entered an entrance. Having listened, I understood that on a staircase there is nobody, and quietly rose to the apartment. Having easily clicked the lock opened, having slightly creaked, the heavy door was opened. A hungry cat, I whisked in dark, smelling sweet as familiar and absolutely unfamiliar aromas I will eat, and quietly closed behind myself a door. Heart гово was to jump out of a breast. When eyes got used to the twilight of the hall, I saw on a hanger Katina a leather jacket, and pressed her to myself. Greedy inhaling familiar aroma, I remembered that I felt nearly an every day his weak streams when Catia passed nearby. Having thrown off sneakers, I put on fluffy slippers in the form of Pink bunnies. The pleasant wave of unfamiliar feelings passed on all body. It were Katin of a slipper! Having a little calmed down, I passed to the apartment. In kitchen smelled delicious fried potato and cutlets which waited for Katiny return on the gas stove. The disorder reigned in a lobby. Windows are closed by dense curtains, in the room there was a twilight. On the spread-out sofa the crumpled blanket, the crumpled sheet and couple of pillows rolled. On a chair carelessly thrown black stockings, and a velvety dark green dressing gown lay. In a corner there was an ancient wardrobe which of covered door the edge of a black silk dress in white peas leaned out, and from not pushed box the bra hanged down claret, with beige lace. By the size it was visible that the aunt Nina was his hostess. My body didn't obey me at all, breath overflowed me, smothered. Heart, faded, fought so that it darkened in eyes. And here, at last, and Katina room. It was filled simply in with light. Walls were covered with any diplomas, photos of singers and singers. Practically all poprostranstvo was occupied by a desk, a wardrobe, and not made bed. Without having sustained the gushed nervousness, I failed on an untidy bed, embraced a pillow and began to kiss her violently. A few hours ago on her my Katyusha, my goddess, such fine and such inaccessible lay! I quickly undressed to is nude and began to pack the things scattered about the room. Silk gently pink panties were in crumpled, corporal color kolgotochka which I found under a bed. The dressing gown, white with large pink colors, hung on a chair back. I was overflowed by unusual feelings, the strongest excitement, fear, some wild happiness, fantastic pleasure. All these feelings rushed about in me as a storm, releasing, running waves. I was in some violent ecstasy. I kissed panties, a kolgotochka, a dressing gown, greedy inhaling the remained aroma of the Katiny body. But all these feelings amplified repeatedly when I with pleasure, slowly, began to dress all this on myself!!! Panties gently, but hardly pressed out the overexcited dick escaping from them. It seemed that tights caress my legs. And the soft fluffy dressing gown enveloped my body as a warm cloudlet... Forces were on an outcome. I was tumbled down on a bed...... The roaring rocket, the shining fireworks the first in life orgasm rushed on my body!... I lay in Katina of a bed embracing her teddy bear. I was happy. But soon happiness was replaced by horror! Idiot!... Blockhead!.... Both a dressing gown, and a bed, and tights, all was splashed with a cum. Having grabbed in the bathroom a towel, I rushed to erase it "traces of crime". But nothing was impossible, all was only smeared. The hysterical laughter escaped at me from a breast, it seemed to me so ridiculously, and it is so pleasant. I didn't want to be dressed in the things soiled by me any more. I removed them and spread out all as was. Especially, directly the wardrobe filled by Katina clothes stood a reblast furnace. Eyes ran up from abundance of different things. I, probably, had a type of the gold digger who found suddenly a scattering of nuggets. What there was only not! In drawers piles of wonderful multi-colored panties, packages of tights, socks, T-shirts lay.... It was possible to touch, look at all.!... And of course - to dress!!! In big office jackets, dresses, short skirts hung..... and of course that snow-white short fur coat in which she resembled the Snow Maiden. The hands shivering for nervousness I pulled on myself white silk panties with lacy elastic bands and a pink bow, then corporal color, beautifully poured laykrovy tights which pleasantly pressed out legs. My torso was far from sports, and the beige T-shirt had to me precisely during a time. And here the fitting light-blue jeans were slightly longish, Katin slender legs were longer than mine. Brightly blue sports jacket on a lightning successfully supplemented my dress. From a white fur short fur coat pleasantly smelled of Katin spirits. chocolate and eshchechy that, very pleasant is also inexplicable attractive. Having embraced him as the girl, and having buried in long fur of a hood I enjoyed this magic aroma. And when dressed on himself, he shrouded me in tender heat. I was in the seventh heaven! Here only with footwear there was an ill luck. My legs of the fortieth size couldn't get into wonderful, gray suede boots, with the short tops edged by white fur in any way!. But an exit was found. I left Katina ropes, inspected the apartment. Somewhere there had to be the aunt Nina's footwear.... Having given in to intuition, I went to her case. On the lower shelf, under hangers with dresses there was a set of shoes, sandals, сапожек different models! I very much liked black jack boots on a thin metal hairpin, sharp-nosed, with the long tops from the most delicate skin, they were decorated with a set клёпочек, buckles, thongs. Effective boots were ideal! Only it was unusual to stand on hairpins. And here I saw reflection in a case mirror. In the twilight of a mirror as though a soyala Katya! I felt ill at ease. For seventeen years I never wanted to become a girl, thoughts of homosexuality never came, I was an ordinary guy. Also I remained it. But as devilishly it was pleasant to feel in katenkiny clothes!!! Impressions were so bright and strong that many years later, the slightest details, and even smells were easily remembered! Foully quickly time ran away. I returned to Katin to a wardrobe and began to try on also other her things. Several jeans, sweaters and vodolazochka, linen... And here the dress in which Katya was on New Year's evening got to me! It was just smart!... Lilac, from the dense poured silk. Under a dress long gloves under color of a dress hung on a hanger. It was in him the most beautiful! I put on him with those white stockings, and sandals, in a lacy brassiere I put couple of panties, съимитировав a breast. Smooth folds caressed a body, and to masturbate in such gloves was simply delightful. Their smooth fabric just caressed a dick. I terminated once again. As I didn't want to remove all this!!!.... I walked on the apartment, was twisted in front of the mirror, then sat down at a table and began to consider contents of boxes. For some reason, it gave pleasure to me to touch all these various hairpins, clearings, pocket mirrors, cosmetics bags..... Hygienic lipstick got to me. And this lipstick concerned Katin of lips.!!!... and I with pleasure carried out by her on the lips. Time has come to an end. It was necessary to be taken up. Having spread out all in the places, and having taken from the bathroom worn Katin panties, I carefully closed an apartment door, went to the yard and "with feeling of deep satisfaction" trudged home. I so wanted to pack all these things, both Katin, and and to carry away aunts Nina with itself! And somewhere in the secluded place for hours to dress up in them! Of course, it was impossible....