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Diverse public from many republics of the former USSR. But bulk Russians and Ukrainians. Several our age-mates, several couples with children, are a lot of 40-year-old and group of pensioners. To sunbathe had a bit on the side :-) Because there till 3 o'clock was to very few people. Children are brought to bathe only in the second half of day, and free vacationers on that beach was much less than on ours. There passed several days. We accustomed, looked narrowly and had just a rest... From everything. Roasted the bodies the hot Crimean sun. And in one of evenings, behind a cognac bottle the wife admitted that she liked the guy just from the children's camp. But judging from the fact that on the beach he appeared since morning, he was a vacationer. To the guy was years 17, slender, is a little higher than an average, with long hair. It turned out that she already made eyes at him and smiled. We drank still, she mysteriously smiled sparkled eyes and asked "It is possible?".... I as remember now took a cognac gulp, deeply dragged on a cigarette and told "Everything that You will wish, if only you it was good..." And still remember we long and were kissed gently. With the next morning began!! We came to their beach again. On the wife there was a brown separate bathing suit. And swimming trunks are thongs. And somehow everything changed. Now she displaying beach towels I turned a back to an object and I deeply bended down. And in it is general, at any opportunity I got up dog-fashion the daddy to that guy. I even envied him a little, in such look it looks fantastically. The guy didn't disregard her magnificent bum. Also I drilled, so far only eyes, her elastic buttocks. At each opportunity the wife smiled to it even more former and frankly made eyes. The guy shy responded to her flirting, but undertook nothing. Several times she one went to the beach, but all uselessly. She already began to lose hope. But the disco was appointed to her happiness in the children's camp. And we went!!! Having loaded with a decent portion of cognac and having taken excellent mood. The wife was fantastically dressed: black shoes on heels, a short black short skirt and a white t-shirt which I appeared through a brassiere a little. We already approached. On many meters songs of people's artists were carried around. Like "chocolate заясь". Having approached even closer a dance pavilion us waited for one more disappointment there all camp raged. Since the youngest age. But a little остыв we made out some more adults and normally dressed people, ceased to feel like clowns. It is a pity didn't take some cognac... To dance with children of any desire wasn't especially as also that guy wasn't there too. But something held us. And we having sat down on a shop began to look at "a children's holiday". It became already boring how suddenly music stopped and some woman declared that for younger groups the disco is finished. Literally in a minute the platform became empty, children were constructed, counted and left.... Again music and here from bushes, from shops played, because of corners and the polovozrely population of this camp and the senior groups began to creep out of the numbers. It became more cheerful! we, of course, didn't start dancing, but now it was interesting to look :-))) and there was already an idea to participate. Unfortunately for Victoria (wife) that guy all didn't appear. We after all got up to dance, danced, again sat down, some granny with domestic wine came (and it to the children's camp) we bought and drank, danced, sat down, kissed, the ballad - and I even lifted up her skirt O!!! as juvenile boys stared - danced, still sat and suddenly she says: "he came". Ballad. She doesn't wait, goes and invites it. They dance. I light and I fade into the background a little. Here among other they. About something stir. She stroke-oars to him on a white t-shirt on a back. Smile. Whispers something to him on an ear. The song comes to an end it kisses him on a cheek and steps aside. There is one. But he approaches. Again stir about something laugh. Through several songs still the ballad and now it drags her to dance. Again dance. But now and he already caresses her back... It Spukatsya below... мммм... it becomes interesting. They still stirred as suddenly silhouettes merged. I got accustomed also the truth - kiss!!!!! Minutes ten, probably kissed. Also went towards the beach. I a little behind. On the beach there are already a lot of couples from the senior groups. They leave on the coast aside, I go to shadows of constructions. Light of the moon, bright stars, lamps of life-saving station, I see them clearly. They sit down by the sea. Kiss, she lifts up to it a t-shirt and to sit down from above, it to lay down. She kisses his face, a breast a navel, undoes jeans, it raises a basin, she to knees pulls together from him jeans and pants. At him costs! (still). She took in a hand and slowly drives on his penis. Something whispers to it on an ear, pordnimatsya and runs away.... It came round not at once... I tried to get up but trousers on a lap disturb. He throws off jeans, pulls pants and just in pants runs for the wife. He runs much quicker her, but she ran towards the camp and sovsem he ceased to run behind her having been frightened soon to meet the people. We встретилисть in the territory of our boarding house. She sat on a shop and waited for me. I lit again, we embraced and she told everything. His name is Lenya, he spends vacation at a children's camp because many years I went there and to him it is pleasant here. and the most important - he is still a virgin. I asked why she escaped. She told that so it is necessary and that now he already on a hook and won't get to anywhere, and she told the most important: "I want that also you derived pleasure, my favourite pervert":-))))))))))) We prepare... among themselves we call it "operation "case"" already many times tested. We clear away the place in the built-in case, slightly lower than the level of eyes of a hole (can for ventilation) we curtain them that it wasn't noticeable, we think out how to lock also all!! everything is ready!! They agreed about a meeting in the afternoon on the beach. Already nine evenings. I in a case. Here it is quite stuffy, and is still very close. all! Тссс!!!!!! They come. Speak about something. He is dressed as well as that evening. Grated blue jeans and a white t-shirt, Vika in darkly blue jeans sundress to a knee, with a section ahead. They have a begun wine bottle. Vika sat down on a bed, he sits down. They begin to kiss. He rumples her a breast, she touches his fly, fills up, lifts up a t-shirt kisses his nipples, a bald boyish breast, touches a fly. Now he takes an initiative in hand, fills up it, kisses a face, a neck, and hands tries to deal with buttons on a sundress, but is ineffectual... She gets up and gracefully throws off from herself a sundress. Remains only in snow-white thongs. He takes a break. Examines her gentle bends and beautiful forms, rose-red auras of nipples, beautiful hemispheres of a breast of the 3rd size, a rovnenky stomach, long legs. Now she, my tigress, attacks on him. Pulls down jeans, pants, baring his horney dick, boyish a little hairy pubis. And at once one movement I swallowed his penis entirely. The guy exhaled also with low moans and twitching began to cum to my wife in a mouth a little. She swallowed everything. Still his dick licked and Something is a little disappointed "that You quickly" He began faltering to come true. "First time", "first time".... It appeared, as he alive saw the naked woman for the first time. And he I didn't remove panties yet!! So minutes a little also passed. They about something stirred развалясь on a bed I huddled in an inconvenient case. At last his small friend began to come to life slowly. Victoria noticed at once and began to caress him hands. Having finally asked "Only, please not so quickly" :-) again I contained in the mouth his coming to life dick. Several movements and he up in arm. Smacking the lips Viiktoriya sucks. the guy is broken off - rolls up eyes from pleasure and wants to consider my wife. And still so loudly sighs. At last! He takes the initiative. Stacks it on a bed, itself lays down sideways and lips begins to study, and to devour with eyes her body. She izginatsya already and purrs. as she wants!!! But I know that, and the guy doesn't. He ineptly gives smacking kiss a neck a breast, a nipple!!! He examined her breast of minute two. Without moving just I looked at her tits, nipples from distance of 20 cm... Again not skillfully I gave smacking kiss, I licked and I began to go down further, пупочек on which he didn't linger and at last his mouth at her panties. He kisses her on panties... sits in indecision and at last the shivering hands pulls down from it thongs. Traces from a bathing suit. clean-shaven лобочек and chink. He spreads it legs. The clean already slightly opened sponges. She doesn't maintain and lowers a hand and several times carries out by a finger on an intense clitoris. The Tench from it a little вернушлся from catalepsy in which he examined a perineum of my wife and having slowly come nearer began to lick her. Even from a case it was visible to me that it not there the language. But it is sure, all the same it was pleasant to Vika. At last she lowered the hands and having taken him for the head sent his efforts to the necessary course... as she is beautiful I groaned!!! Slowly I coiled. loudly I breathed!. As suddenly: "Da! enter me, please... give...." The guy long hadn't to be asked he slowly "climbed" on Vika and not without her hands Entered her. Low lingering moan... The guy slowly moved a basin. she put hands to him on a bum and began to push him, accelerating. Bestry!!! She began to clap him on a bum!!! To groan, low more loudly, I stuck with teeth to him into a neck!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmm. my tigress!!! As suddenly the guy sharply made a start, dodged, jumped up and sitting on a bed began to cum directly on a sheet rolling up eyes and in a whisper shouting "aaa.....aa". Vika was quickly reconstructed and already satisfied herself itself the left hand two fingers fucked the chink and the right hand jerked off the clitoris. I coiled, I shouted......... Also it was hammered, as in an attack... with shouts, groans... Tremendous show. The Tench sitting on a bed, and I in a close case having opened a mouth admired this orgasm. The Tench quickly I left. I got out.... We rolled on a bed for a long time, kissed, stirred. And then even had sex, but that's another story:-) And with Lenya more nothing was. He something wasn't pleasant to Vika. If you want write!!! Moscow time-095@yandex .ru