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By 16 years I perevstrechatsya with all more or less nice guys from my environment and once understood that I want some new feelings. By then I was not the virgin any more, but sexual experience had small. And once, I and my girlfriend, decided to descend on a night disco. As well as it is accepted, made up to unrecognizability, dressed kilometer heels, short skirts, open jackets. And already by 22:00 were there. I will tell honestly, I am not a priverzhennitsa of any there boozes and chaotic sex so on a disco we popapat absolutely sober. After two hours of dances with our acquaintances I felt terrible leg pain and went to sit on the next bench. As a rule, places weren't moreover and passing by the drunk ugly face, next in an oak, and, having hooked for someone's leg, I didn't keep and I nearly fell, the benefit, someone quickly gave a hand. I raised eyes and features of the nice young man who was my savior seemed to me familiar. He smiled and soon we lovely stirred about some trifles. He as though charmed me, I forgot both about the girlfriend and about inconvenient heels, in any case to speak, and about all the rest. Andrey, as he was presented, invited to sit in bar. It turned out that he studies on a last year of our city University, goes to states soon by the invitation to work though he also was more senior than me for 7 years, but I didn't notice it. To two o'clock in the morning it became boring for us to sit at a table and we decided to dance. Came into the hall and got directly on the ballad by Iglesias. Alcohol, though a lung, for want of habit has quickly an effect. On the second second we kissed as mad, he tried to get into the knickers of me, but I suspended his attempts. Yes, I liked to nestle on his dick which was already ready to fuck me, but it seemed only an innocent game and nothing big. By three o'clock I was awfully tired. And Andrey suggested to go to him, to communicate. As he lived near, I agreed. And as it was told, he charmed each movement and a word. When we were on the place, he first of all showed the apartment. It was huge, with a large number of rooms and a modern situation, expensive to our city. When we came into his room, he closed a door and began to tell something, but I heard a sound of the locked lock and transferred to him a puzzled look: - Why did you make it? - Stop, everything will be good? - What do you mean? - The fact that you want. I really outright was frightened. Also I tried to open a door mechanically. But he told: - The baby, and what you waited here for, having come one to me at night? It is necessary to pay for everything. - I will cry! it turned out at me somehow inconsistently and timidly. But suddenly eyes him were poured by blood, and he a sharp push knocked down me on a floor, so, that I screamed from pain. - Be silent and do what I will tell, otherwise it will be worse. All my body was shaken with a small shiver for fear, and a thought, having been mixed up, feverishly looked for an exit. Suddenly he took some white tablets from a table and brought to me: - Drink - What is it? - Drink, I told. I had to obey. Andrey stroked me on the head: - Don't shiver, it will be pleasant to you. He right there took me on hands and carried on a bed, having put on a back. And itself I laid down from above and I began to lick my person. Now each his movement to me was disgusting. He with a force squeezed my breast, softly stroked, bit till it bleeds, whispered tender words, calming. And suddenly in my head something unclear began to be created, I felt as though in prostration, ceased to think and think. And he began to pull together with breakthroughs from me clothes so meanwhile that buttons and locks left red marks on skin. - It isn't necessary! I begged. After these words he as if flew into a rage: his stings became more rigid, by means of something sharp, he cut to me hands, legs, a breast. I already shouted from all events, but even tears were useless. And suddenly, having torn my white panties, he ordered to kneel and be bent. After that he widely spread to me legs and began to smear with some cream my pussy. I felt the small heat and unusual feeling extending on all body. And, as it wasn't a shame to me with this feeling, but it was excitement. And he drove everything hands on my already wet pussy, doing movements is sharper and sharper. I knew that now he will hurt me and therefore began again, crying to ask him to stop all this, but suddenly he thrust the huge dick directly to me into buttocks. He moved quickly, sharply, without hearing my arrangements and bringing to each push intolerable pain. It seemed that it will never end. Then he began to fuck me already in a vagina, it dulled pain a little and I felt pleasant, quickly approaching an orgasm wave. This feeling was new to me, having forgotten about everything, I only felt delightful spasms in the bottom of a stomach. - Well that, the red bitch, and now suck at me, - he told already thrusting the dick directly into a throat.