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Elena met me in a long dress and house sabots on a low heel, her hair were collected on a nape, her eyes were lowered in a floor, but I nevertheless noticed in them an unusual spark. She made a purring sound to herself under a nose "undress", I took from me flowers and I went for a vase. I, having half taken off a boot, I admired her graceful gait, her neck and shoulders, her beautiful figure which even the long dress couldn't hide. She turned back and almost whispered "well you, undress, you pass". I passed to the hall, looked round and sat down on a sofa, having leaned back and having widely placed legs. We sat in the hall, had tea with cake and spoke about my trip. I got photos, drew near Elena and began to show them, commenting. She sat near me, the fragile woman with expressive eyes, in her pose was felt some constraint. I felt what attracts her to me, but she very much tries to hide it. "My God, what charm!" - I thought, "She is so sensual! I want to make her well, to make it in own way... But her shyness will obviously prevent. It is necessary to connect it". Fortunately, the rope which the seller generously I tied up a box with cake lay nearby. Carried away by the thoughts, I took a rope and a knife. Lenochka contracted and removed, her eyes were rounded for fear. - That... What do you want to make with me?! - it is hardly heard she exhaled. - Be not afraid, my small! I just don't want that your shyness prevented me to caress you - I answered. Without having allowed her to come round, I cut a rope in half, postponed a knife and removed plates from the cake remains on a coffee table. I appeared one movement near Elena. I seized her on hands and transferred to a table. She lay on a back, having narrowed eyes and as it seemed to me, was afraid even to breathe. I took couple of pillows from a sofa and enclosed under her. Having tied ropes to table legs, I extended her hands over the head and recorded wrists. Her legs powerlessly hanged down from a table. I carefully took the right leg, took off from it footwear and gently kissed a foot near the fingers. Elena moved from surprise and again calmed down. I approached her head and began light touches to caress her face and a neck. It was pleasant to her, she began to extend a neck and to set up the person under my hands, still without opening eyes. Having taken her hand, I began to mass a palm and fingers. Lenochka's breath should already be noticed, she panted and falteringly. I wanted to undress her. Fortunately, the dress was buttoned from top to bottom, I undid it completely and cast away floors. The bra on her wasn't. The flat tummy of Elena covered with a gentle down slightly shook. I brought the head to her navel, carried out by language around and "stung" a pole. Her strong breasts towered seductive hillocks with sharp brown-pink tops of nipples. I stroked them fingers, took between big and a forefinger and slightly twisted. Lena published hardly noticeable groan. I slightly pulled for nipples up, continuing to turn them, the woman curved a back and stretched afterwards, on her face played pleasure. Continuing "to torture" her nipples, I moved up the head to her perineum and carried out by a nose on panties. Her legs were moved apart and I moved further, feeling her butonchik through panties and enjoying his smell. My hands caressed her tummy, hips, returned to breasts, and everything repeated at first. I enjoyed a magic body of the captive. - Please, take me, I can't more... - Elena moaned. - Don't hurry! You completely within my power and I will make with you everything that I will want - I firmly answered. I raised her hips, pulled together panties and moved apart legs. To my pleasure, her pubis was clean-shaven, large small sponges modestly looked at me a dark red butonchik. I admired him since half-minute and without having decided to touch, at first hot breathed at him - the butonchik hardly considerably "frowned" in reply. The mad thought visited me. In my case in a separate pocket there was a lubricant, condoms and pair of sterile gloves. I went to the hall and brought all this to the hall. Elena with curiosity and alarm looked at a package of gloves, but I only smiled in reply. I removed a sabot from her left leg and put both legs on a table soles, so, that fingers of legs appeared at the table edge, and the dark red butonchik slightly revealed. I put on gloves and squeezed out lubricant, nearly a quarter of a tuba on the right glove. Having plentifully greased butonchik petals, I moved apart them and entered two fingers at once, greased inside and added the third finger. A thumb I continuously fingered her clitoris, and an average massed "G point". She lay, having thrown back the head, having curved a back, panting and loudly groaning. I noticed that hands she strongly squeezed the small breasts, and fingers of legs clenched to a sole, rastopyrivatsya, wrote out intricate figures. I rushed to kitchen, gathered a glass of ice and returned to the hall, to a table where my captive lay. Having put an ice piece on language, I began to drive him on fingers of legs of the charming woman. I put lips a tubule, clasping a separate finger and sucked it. Sometimes I carried out by language on a sole, Lenochka answered with groan. I didn't forget and about the greased glove, having entered four fingers into greedy revealed bosom and slowly caressing it from within. All these tests of steel for Lenochka sweet, but intolerable torture. - Stop, I ask you! I can't take out more it - she falteringly cried out, rushing about on pillows so as far as ropes allowed. - Take me, I beg you! I couldn't keep more too, everything that I with her did, wildly made horney me, my body just burned, blood knocked in ears. I untied her and transferred back to a sofa, having put on a stomach. I broke from myself a jacket, trousers and swimming trunks, quickly put on condom and having moved apart gentle buttocks of the woman, sharply entered her plentifully greased vagina. Lena was hammered under me. I covered it with myself and is soft, but densely pressed to a sofa, having pushed under it the right hand and having pressed a clitoris a middle finger. In the gone-out TV screen I saw our reflections - strong put man in a shirt and socks, and the tiny woman, more precisely, than her heads and legs bent in knees and directed by soles in a ceiling. The man, appear, ruthlessly stamped continuously shouting woman more and more deeply in a sofa, her head helplessly went on a pillow, but her Piglet stubborn nestled on the man's buttocks. I muffled her voluptuous shout, having implanted two fingers of the left hand into a mouth - mad Lenochka began to suck greedy them, is squeezed growling and howling. A nose I removed her hair and began to kiss a graceful neck, occasionally rising to an ear to kiss or slightly to bite. Soon it began to rush about under me so that I hardly kept above! Having moved several times, Lenochka became soft and lifelessly calmed down on a pillow. In couple of seconds also I terminated. It lay silently, I lay from above, having covered it, but supporting the weight on elbows and knees, my dick remained in the woman. On her cheek tears slid. I carefully removed hair from her cheek and began to kiss gently moist skin. There passed several minutes...-Lenochka, I something offended you? - I didn't sustain her silence. - No, no! On the contrary, it wasn't so good to me yet! And tears... Don't pay attention, - she whispered, having slightly smiled and wiping a cheek a palm. - I also don't know why I pay.