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I made up more feasibly what shadows under the eyes from a sleep debt wouldn't be visible, I put on the suit with a skirt to a knee and a blouse before leaving I came into a toilet and I took off all underwear of sun him in the handbag and I went at work. The first 2 lessons passed in initial classes well, but the lesson at 8b here came from where they had those boys today was control. On change all ran and only those 3 guys made a din having seated as usual on back school desks sat, whispered, laughed, staring at me and winked what I diligently didn't pay attention to having buried in the magazine. And here the examination began, I distributed tasks and all began to write, occasionally asking questions and asking to approach. And here 2 of these hooligans sitting on a back school desk near a wall, Ivan and Denis asked to approach. I approached Ivan showed me on the leaf and told that he has with it problems, but on a leaf was written: "I hope you didn't put on linen as I and I spoke, we want on stares at your boobs, bend down on stronger", nothing not оставалоь how to bend down so in a cut my boobies would be visible to me pretending that I sort something on his leaf. They with the friend long looked then dropped the handle and I caring for that that he not lickspittles under a skirt squatting behind her rushed to lift her and in vain. Under a school desk I saw his dick he all this time sat and jerked off on my breast, on a breast of the teacher, not someone didn't see it as they sat far behind and near them nobody sat down because they got any. there was it not the most terrible, the handle lay at him in legs and when I rushed to lift her, he painfully pushed me around I nearly screamed from pain, but restrained not to draw attention of other pupils. He seized with a hand me by the head and attracted to the dick I rested against him the lips in a nose struck a smell of urine and a tart smell of that, whose taste I not as couldn't bring out of a mouth last evening. It was the smell of a young cum. Another it lowered a hand to me in a slit of a blouse and began to feel up my breast on another and not to tell. I didn't want to open a mouth, but it showed me phone on which there was my person everything filled in with Concha and right there stepped stronger to me on fingers from surprise and pains I opened a mouth and he right there entered the nasty shoot there and quickly began to make movements by a basin and to incline my head in a fast rhythm fucking my mouth, I not what didn't have as prays that it not someone didn't notice and tried to make so he quicker would terminate and released me trying to caress (it I read in the magazine) right there in my language the accurate smack of a toilet remained language his dickhead. It wasn't necessary to wait long he already long jerked off before and whether it is necessary to the teenager much it is necessary. So he deeply pushed the dick in that and from him a stream the cum stream rushed, I couldn't release a dick because then all my pupils would see a cum on my face yes not someone didn't allow me it to make therefore I had to drink all this cum, and it appeared much, I hardly celebrated my cheeks were blown out from it because I didn't manage to swallow. Here it came to an end and he released me. I as scalded came off, having forgotten about the handle and quickly went to the teacher's place. Here to me on phone came to include the message with a request bluetooth, I and made and sent video "the sucking bitch" to my mobile phone on is mute there was that as I just sucked, to be exact as I was fucked in a mouth. There is the second guy the neighbor in a school desk all this time shot me with the phone. I sat and thought of everything swallowing the remains of the cum which remained in a mouth until the end of a lesson there were minutes, but for me they lasted eternally I thought: "But whether someone didn't notice it" and the more I thought of it the more I had feelings that all about everything know.At the end of a lesson all handed over the leaflets with works and there were the last Denis handed over 3 works the and for friends at once when he left I bysty opened these works on an average blo is written "You the good fellow Anastasia Nikolaevna for контрольныю I put 5+ you an inherent nipple and a spermaglotka, I hope to you too it was pleasant to suck my dirty dick by the way don't forget to propalaskat a mouth, and that I for such a case didn't wash him week and in a toilet pulled before a lesson so you don't take offense (here became clear from where this repugnant taste) in the evening after lessons we will come still. I kiss.... dick your sponges". I burst into tears. Long evening was coming... Author's E-mail: