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In salon it was warm that especially was pleasant to me - the person who quite recently came from a frost to the cozy atmosphere filled with good music and slightly bluff smell of new covers on seats. I mechanically sang along with Mark Knopfler though I practically understood nothing English. But left probably, and it was pleasant to me. On hours was about eleven in the evening, and I with slight discontent thought of what waits for me the house - what tons of the reproaches offended looks and the clapping doors will be piled on me. Then, in details having understood everything, mutual apologies, and further - the cooled-down dinner, a shower will begin and to sleep a nose to a wall. Such termination of day didn't suit me at all. Therefore I went not so quickly. Therefore I also managed to notice a lonely figure on a roadside before slipped by. The professional driver's habit worked instantly. I just braked, and before eyes the approximate portrait of the stranger - the man, not old, in a dark coat and for certain awfully frozen because kilometers on ten weren't any city, any village around already loomed. The spark of care was lit together with brake fires. Follows nobody, children to bring so late in such remote place, a-ya-ya-y: The left hand having groped mount, I actively povorochat her that she if something happens took off quickly and without delays, and the right hand opened the button on a door. The dark figure appeared at last from a gloom, the frozen lock began to grind, the spring hardly clicked and cold wind rushed into my cozy salon together with the trembled voice: - To Topolishch you won't throw?.-Sit down: I attentively tracked how the stranger occupied a chair near me, and then slightly was confused because our dialogue would have to sound on the contrary in a tone ratio - the man was obviously more senior than me. The coat on it was gray, hastily brought down snow thawed on shoulders, and from a mouth steam still took off. From the passenger noticeably smelled of alcohol. "Though not yesterday's:", I mentally sighed and I turned to devices. The passenger slammed a door, and we went. Usually drunk people either are gloomy closed, or talk without a stop that your noisy woman. My stranger panted on hands, warming them, and then pulled himself at a scarf and undid the top buttons of the gray coat. To a smell of wine the spirit of expensive cologne, in general, of tolerant was added strong. - Cold today: - I left the first nothing the meaning phrase serving as a touchstone to start a conversation. The man according to nodded and shifted a cap on a nape gesture which forced me to ask the second question immediately: - How did it you manage to remain on a roadside during such cold? The man sniffed, sighed and took off the cap absolutely. - Yes my woman, the bitch, left: - his voice was hard of hearing, but he said uvernno, without halts and excessive emotionality. - We quarreled: - It is clear, - also I nodded, letting know that my part of questions is finished. The passenger kept silent a little more, and then when we slipped turn on the Big Yards, a little with anxiety addressed me: - Only you know, at me with yourself money now: I to you: when we arrive, I will give!. - he for some reason clapped himself on coat pockets and again repeated: - When we arrive: - You know, - I told by voice, peremptory, - it doesn't suit me! - Yes? - the passenger was with anxiety developed to me. - And how to be? I discontentedly twisted lips and pretended that I think. Actually long ago everything was thought up; still the door didn't open when I stopped, and already one thought was born at me. It wasn't difficult for my look to define in the fellow traveler of the inhabitant not only city, but also not poor. I didn't doubt at all that when we arrive to him, money at him by all means will be. But only money interested me a little because I also, first, was not from the last ranks, and, secondly, my sexual bents of the last two years obviously read off scale for a level of the normal standard standards. I got long ago a set of rubber devices for bed joys which were, however, prednazanachena more for women. But they approached me, one known opening too. At first it was sore, I won't hide, but then: And since then I looked for everything a case that my dreams though a little bit approached reality. But only it is careful, careful: Having made a thoughtful ugly face, I mentally was at loss for words, and all of them weren't selected. To admit to this stranger a gray coat that: and that he: and, maybe, and I: or even together: and car warm: seats can be shifted back: All nonsense of seductive words suited for the foolish classmate, besides also the romantic virgin, and here: