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She comes every morning, hides in this cozy depression in the ground in canes, undresses and sunbathes stark naked. She on the one hand isn't visible, and to the closest village of kilometer two so the place she chose very successful - if not the steep opposite river bank. We noticed her from there and all boyish company greedy examined at first so, and next day already in Sashkin the field-glass. A band of sixth-graders what we knew then about a female body? I imagined how it hooks fingers of edge of pants and lowers them, releasing at first one leg, and then another. Elastic black curls on a pubis slip out on freedom, the most delicate white skin seems is even more defenseless on the bright summer sun... I tensely peer, squeezing the field-glass sweaty fingers and trying to consider and feel each centimeter of her body. She lays down, correcting a cover under herself, and covers eyes with a straw hat. The white breast with bright brown nipples spreads in the parties a little as jelly with cherries... We tear out each other the field-glass, in a whisper squabbling and straining eyes to see more. Here her body slightly began to shine from small droplets of sweat, here she was tired and turned over on a stomach, and now we fixedly study her buttocks, at the same time hoping that she will slightly more widely spread legs. There, between legs, women have something pink. Devilishly interestingly and disturbingly - that? Sanyok, choking with pride, tells that he saw at the sister there, but nobody believes him: it is painfully similar to fairy tales by overseas travelers. I in the turn take away the field-glass, I tighten up sharpness and I rassmativat hardly noticeable folds which the female bottom proceeds. I saw similar folds in front, under black hair on a pubis. Our plan is simple, but we five times carried out tests, and hundred times discussed whether it is worth taking such risk. We are only five, and she such big and adult. However, has to work. Here she already calmed down and breathes exactly, is going to doze off. My heart fights so that I am afraid that to her this roar is heard: the first breakthrough is done after all by us with Mishka, criminals and impudent persons. I take courage, I do to Mishka terrible eyes - it is ready? - it is ready. We jump out of bushes almost at the head of the woman, we throw her over a face and a breast a towel and strong we hold her hands and shoulders. The bear finds under fabric of companies and stops up him with a finger directly through a towel that she didn't bite him. The woman under a towel chokes with some sounds and tries to escape. Sashka and Stas already pressed her legs, and now four of us are busy with deduction. Only Pashka is free and he indecisively is above us. "What do you cost as a stub?" - the evil is whispered by Sashka, pressing down a leg of the woman and nodding - "Look Idi at a perineum". Pashka comes her between legs, kneels and greedy considers the forbidden place close. He wants to touch pink folds, and I see how his hands shiver... The woman already not so twitches, but something bad lows in Mishkin a finger through a towel. Pashka concerns her intimate place, she shudders and becomes silent. Pashkina hands just incredibly shiver: he hardly gets a finger-tip on folds, and we with envy look at his movements - after all he the first of us someone touch this treasure. Pashka runs several times fingers over pink petals, touches the curling thickets of a pubis and at some point, having got drunk with permitted, starts in them fingers and touches curls. Then feels pink folds again, drives on them fingertips, for some reason smells the hand. "Go here," - it Sashka hisses, specifying Pashke how to intercept a female leg that more conveniently to hold her. Pashka slowly and with nervousness takes seat to the woman on a knee, and watches how Sashka bent down over an intimate flower of our victim. Sashka touches petals, shifts them, considers so attentively as if he any more will never see it. Scrapes fingers on black curls of a pubis. "Well, as I told all", he whispers, and even in whisper I hear his complacency. See you, he saw already. Sashka gets up, approaches me, puts the palms on mine and I release hands... My turn. Naked, slightly suntanned adult woman lies before me, having completely revealed. She is absolutely defenseless because my friends strong hold her by hands and by legs. I take courage and I touch her breast: white skin almost burns to me fingers with the tenderness - I would never think that the female breast is so soft and sensitive. I concern a nipple area, a little more elastic. It is rough and nice on the touch. The nipple seems to me uninteresting - it wrinkled and elastic, absolutely firm. I leave it alone and I go down, to the treasured place between legs. Black curls are close even more disturbing, than in the field-glass. I slightly touch them, I touch, I enjoy their elastic softness. They are so intimate in this place! I all shiver from understanding that I touch the woman where it is impossible. Slowly I conduct fingers on a triangle down, to folds: now I see that they begin from a triangle of hair and go down, to the bottom. Slightly I concern the right fold - it surprisingly gentle and absolutely soft. I dart a glance at a towel - the woman almost doesn't fight and makes sounds, so to her not painfully from my touches very little. Two fingers I take a pink fold aside and I see other folds and fabrics under it. Slowly I develop the left fold to see everything: yes, here darkness of some petals, nothing is unclear. How do they it pisat? Pink folds damp and sensitive to the touch: the woman shudders when I concern them. I once again take a palm at her between legs, taking both folds of her intimate place, and skin on hip inside, and a fluffy triangle - and this contact gives me for some reason improbable pleasure. With pity I get up and I accept watch at Stas: I lean on a leg and I hold it. Stas some time is aimlessly picked between legs at the woman, and I greedy consider folds once again. All my body burns, I want to touch this gentle skin once again, I want to feel them more and more. White moisture still on my fingers, and I try not to erase it inadvertently, having to it some reverential respect. Stas changes with Mishka and dexterously pushes a finger through a towel in a mouth to our lady. The lady, it seems, bites him, but isn't painful to him. The bear "plays the doctor" long enough: too, as well as I, touch boobies, fingers nipples, investigates the mysteries of pink folds. The woman something lows from under a towel and fights stronger in our hands. We with rage look at Mishka supposedly give rather, it is time to leave. On the Sashkiny nod we sharply release it, we throw it over the head also its dress and we plunge into the water. It is the foolish idea of Stas: suddenly we will be looked for with dogs, so not be found. However, and our backs our victim won't see too, so, and doesn't identify us. I float under water, with disgust pushing away seaweed and being afraid of snags, and I come up in canes meters in ten from the crime scene. The others too here, listen to curses: the woman understood that she deals with children, and threatens to find our parents. But here we are quiet - our village on other coast behind the wood so hardly it will find us there. We float even minutes five down the river, we creep out on the coast and we stamp to the forest to dry. Hardly anyone will stare at us in the field-glass because of bushes... Author's E-mail: