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So likely happens practically at all guys. I am a hetero in itself, but thoughts of a gentle women's clothing which is dressed on me I caused in me passion and feelings of burning to boobies even there were goosebumps. There was a time I had women, but the thought to try their role haunted me. On television, video I saw a lot of porn, a sensuality. I was concerned more by a question as girls are dressed as their body in erotic pinyuara and stockings looks, just seeing I went crazy. I then lived with elder sister and her girlfriend and studied in college so an opportunity to try to try on on myself female personal belongings was. Putting on kapron stockings without panties, I felt as they fit my legs, my buttocks, from these feelings I turned the head. From above on a naked body I put on a silk short dress of the girlfriend of the sister which too to me was in covering. Dressed in all this when walking or even after I run over myself a hand on hips I felt some weakness in legs and in all body, in me hormones began to rage, I wanted that someone nestled on me began to touch me, my legs, my bum, took me for hips, raised a dress and would enter me. At such moments I felt as in fog, I lost over myself control, in me the dissolute, thoughtless woman whom I called Yang woke up, she wanted only one, to take someone's dick that she was touched by male strong hands in a mouth, squeezed her gentle buttocks and pulled on the elastic dicks what the cum of these stallions would fill her both behind and in front. Often for imitation of sexual intercourse I ipolzovat improvised objects, but most of all I liked carrots which having lain down in the refrigerator became soft and flexible, but at the same time elastic. I greased the small hole with cosmetic vaseline and began to enjoy representing as me as the man has the last whore. Often at transformation me into Yana and only beginning to enter into itself a so-called dick I got such strong orgasm what didn't test from one of women. Iznemozhdenny who is squeezed out as a lemon but satisfied I began cleaning of consequences of this orgy. At that time I already earned additionally and earned money the student's living. I lived also with the sister and her girlfriend, but all of them spent the night less often at home leaving to acquaintances, to parents and me one had to live and manage. My the second I haunted me, lying on a sofa with the closed words I represented myself on the place of girls of stars of a porn. Having raised money and having collected debts I decided to buy all that from the lower lingerie that haunted me. After I often without being afraid to spoil or soil clothes I was given to the second, she created with herself something not imaginable, ispytavy one for one orgasms and not in forces to rise to the feet I often in such attire woke up in the morning. Once on Friday after study and work, I having taken a small bottle of red wine, products also I went home. Representing as Yana will have a really good time today, represented it in a new pinyuar. On an entrance door to the apartment I saw a note that today there will be on our house a round of the duty electrician for check эл. counters. Time already was about 18. 30 and knowing that the working day moreover and on Friday comes to an end by rules before usual. Houses I took a shower, carried out all preparatory procedures that it is more of me what didn't distract, after have slowly supper. Yana already under the influence of wine began to storm in me and to demand madness.On clean-shaven legs I began to put on new white kapron stockings which came to an end on thighs and clung on braces further to a small korsetik which kept on a waist of Yana. From female narrow panties of pink color I altered and made so that closed nothing my bottom, and in front they hardly pressed my economy to a stomach bottom. So at the sight of myself in a mirror I saw the slender girl of years of 17 with an astounding figure. I didn't begin to put on a brassiere as recently I bought white пинюар from transparent silky fabric which fitted a torso and my buttocks, and it was worth bending slightly as my bottom was as on a saucer. Then I dressed an elastic band on the head and pulled out the hair upward giving to femininity spread with a perfume for women a body. Representing as I look from outside now, I took cream which smeared on a leg when I stretched it, the sister told that it anesthetizes, mixed it with vaseline and began to put smoothly it around a hole gradually plunging into her. Then I got up and I wanted to look at Yana in a mirror. When I approached a mirror, felt as Yana wanted with force majeure that she was fucked, ointment in a bum began to heat me and there was such feeling that pomokret from excitement as the real woman there. Having passed on kitchen I drank still wines and took already prepared in advance exactly as the dick carrot. Having been located on a sofa, having closed Yang's eyes I seized me completely. Without knowing how many passed time, having plunged into one big ecstasy I heard a call to a door. Having had a look in a peephole I saw behind a door of the guy of years 30-32 who showed the certificate of the electrician in a peephole. What to do I didn't know and only shouted that I will open a door now, more true it not I shouted and Yang completely owning me. In fractions of a second I recovered, dressed on myself sports body stockings which didn't close a foot, and on a belt instead of an elastic band there was a rope which I didn't manage to tie. I slipped on a shirt, I clasped and I opened a door even without realizing as I look. The guy there was clear a little at once there were vypimsh, told that his name is Yury and he wants that I told him data of the counter. He passed to the apartment, closed a door, I saw as he doesn't take eyes from me. After I brought a stool to get up on it and to look at data of the counter. I saw as it looked at legs at my person, but under the influence of alcohol or so wanted Yang I felt relaxedly. I got up on a tubaretka, and having forgotten that body stockings aren't tied stretched two hands to the counter. Having felt that the body stockings begin with me to slip, and under it what won't leave indifferent any man, I began to squat to hold body stockings, but without having kept balance fell. I fell so I appeared to stand on knees on a floor, and a breast lay on a floor, the back turned to Yura, trousers during falling flew to a foot, having hit the person against a floor so you represent what picture Yura saw. In the head rustled and I only heard: \" I will help you, what is your name now? \" Yura asked. Having felt as he took me for a waist and began to lift me, I said - Yana. He drove me a breast into the corner that I didn't fall and began to kiss my neck. From this sudden action at me goosebumps on a body ran, I began to publish groan and to slip on a wall on a floor as legs became wadded. What I wouldn't fall he drove me the basin into the corner, and hands began to undo my shirt. I felt the buttocks as under trousers he already has a dick. From such speed of events, in the head of me there was only one: really it happens to me. Heart escaped outside, I only continued to groan as I saw that he carries me on a sofa. He slowly put me on a sofa on a stomach. Feeling that I can terminate now, I shouted Jure who stood near a sofa and took off the clothes: \" fuck me Yurochk, tear me and I moaned having closed eyes. \". Yura didn't keep itself waiting long. As my hole was already developed, I was ready prinyaty at once, but he at first sat down on my legs and began to rumple my bum, a back and it brought me even more. He rolled over and laid down with me nearby, having given a hint on blowjob. I was in the seventh heaven, having taken a dick in a hand I began to mass it and to swallow it almost up to the end. From such high Yura published groan and told that, I didn't hurry, he will have me all night long. Feeling that he wants to terminate, I laid down on a stomach and asked him to impregnate me. Yura rose, podpikhnut me under himself and laid down on me. Having felt the real dick at itself between buttocks, I didn't sustain and terminated to myself in pants. Having got on a palm from pants a cum, I smeared to it on the dick and sent to myself to the pussy. Yura was very skilled, he began to enter slowly the friend into me, at this moment it seemed to me that the buttocks itself suck in him. Having entered into me only a head, me the orgasm wave gushed, and I whispered: \" fill me all without the rest \", then it entered more deeply and began to rise, then again and again. I don't remember how many times I cumed, but only from understanding of that me е. ут as the real woman I published groans and sighs. When he entered me on all depth, I tried to raise a basin and to feel all him. My groans led Yura to an orgasm, he began to move on more vigorously, having taken me for hips itself pulled to himself towards, I began to feel as in me something began to increase in sizes, Yura's breath became frequent and on each exhalation he repeated - Jan Jan Yang...... When I felt the hot wave which rushed in my subsoil, I didn't sustain and too, having cried once again terminated. We and fell asleep satisfied, I with the dick in buttocks, he all wet from sweat. I woke up from the fact that I felt as in a bunghole something begins to extend. As though hit me with current, so all this was valid with me. Having turned, I saw Yura who already began to wake up and caressed my buttocks pinching from time to time her. So I realized that it and there was my first experience in a role of the minx Yana. Without awaking Yura I began to slide on his already strengthened dick, then without putting out the dick I got on him with top continuing to squat on him. After receiving the next stick I got up to deliver tea to my Yurochke, and felt inexpressible feelings when on legs the cum began to flow. I joked with Yura - now you mine I will carry in myself a particle you. Time was about one o'clock in the morning. We drank tea and continued to wait for morning vigorously. But that's another story. Someone wants to communicate on such subject here my address: