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I tried to fix the bridge in our relationship and something seems it turned out. At least, Oksana was doesn't mind mine to her attention. But, as well as all women, I coquetted with all others. My companions had the preferences too: Mishka - Toma and Serega - Light. Marinki's presence brought an imbalance in our relationship, and sometimes it was impossible to foresee what collisions could arise at us. However we continued to be on friendly terms and sometimes approached close border of legal. After a feast we went to Mishka's room, having left adults to carry on a conversation and to enjoy a sweet table. The owner turned on the music, someone turned off ceiling light. Only the desk lamp remained to burn, creating a twilight in the room. - We pass to the pleasure program, - I proclaimed Serega. - Gentlemen entertain, I will give and invite them to dance. It approached naturally Sveta and theatrical bow of the head invited her to dance. - As it is possible to resist against such refined invitation, - that joked and I moved to the partner. Having clasped the lady in arms, Serega began to turn slowly her in a step to music. The bear right there offered Tomke's hand. Before me there was a choice between two ladies. There was a wish to dance, of course, from Oksankaya, but … probably it is necessary to leave her on snack. - Marinochka, we go we will loaf about among this refined public. In the room it was really rather small. - If only they don't step on legs, - she burst out laughing and I offered to me a hand. - We then will expel them, - I promised, embracing the girl. - You aren't afraid to remain alone? - I hope, you will remain with me? - And it isn't dangerous? For you? - If you do only not turn me into a toad. - Faugh! I don't love these creatures. Slippery and opposite. - Then I have a guarantee that, at least, into it I won't be turned. - In a toad I won't be, and here in somebody soft, fluffy, obedient … - Marina burst out laughing. - Really there will be enough for it courage? - Also what!!! - she encouraged. - I already tremble. Here listen, - and I pressed her to the breast more densely. - You will crush, - she exhaled, trying to be discharged. It was necessary to return to a former position. - I will bite. - And we won't give teeth to you. At this moment the subject ended. I turned back to the others and complained. - Misters! I am wanted to be turned into fluffy without teeth. - Marinochka! What you a vedmochka, is known to all - there began Serega, but he finished already turning aside from Marina's cam. - But why to deprive of us Valentin. In the room the dump began. The marine attacked Seregu. That, being discharged, I began to fall on the sofa standing behind. At the same time it pulled for itself(himself) and Svetka whom still I embraced. Svetlana tried to keep for standing nearby, Mishka and Tomka. In turn those moved towards a table, having nearly filled up a lamp and other desktop accessories. In a rush of passion I was pushed away back, and my fifth point appeared on a lap at Oksanka. In the room there was a laughter, exclamations and sounds of the beginning mess. - Doesn't mind if I sit? - I took an interest at Oksanka doing an innocent look. - Slonyara, - gave me definition with the person warped from sudden trouble. - Get up. - I will sit near here, and that will be carried on pieces. With these words I moved to the handle of a chair in which Oksanka sat. - You to me slightly didn't crush a leg, - it explained a situation, at the same time massing affected parts of a body. - I just couldn't keep not to drop to such beauty. - Especially back. - Don't abuse me. Allow to wash away guilt a passionate kiss.- And still what? Can stop by in your impudent physiognomy? - "I understood, I stop, I will be hit not that on a muzzle, and I won't make the feat", - I recited a fragment from the movie of Soviet period. By this moment in the room tranquility set in. The Serega sat on a sofa, it on hands had Svetka. Marinka satisfied feeling of revenge sat near Seregoy. Mishka and Tomka settled on a chair near a table. - Marinochka, why you didn't turn me into a rabbit? At once I escaped, - I podnachit her Serega. - The roller in a fluffy, Seregu in a rabbit, - Mishka commented. - I won't be enough for four. - There won't be enough puny strength all to turn, - I noticed Tomk. - You will continue, I will organize a magic session here. Black! - Marinka promised. - They and so generation of black magic, - Svetlana noticed. - So she doesn't act on them. - Slander on us, - Serega was indignant. - And it is my best friend. He received two punches for it at the same time: from Marinki and Svetka. - Interestingly the magic in general exists? - Oksanka asked. - The question of course interesting, - stretched Serega. - I personally didn't meet her. - You except as to stare at me, you do nothing any more, - Svetka noticed. - I appreciate beauty. What here bad? - Perhaps, it is worth defining at first what is magic, - our rationalist Mishka noticed. - And really, what is magic? - I asked. - Here if I am demented, for example, by Oksana, - ukazuyushchy gesture towards the mentioned person. - It is magic or not?