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I don't like to be allocated in crowd, was always modest, but if it is required, could get into the role of the ringleader in some company, and believe, as a result nobody could tell:" Boring there was an evening". I always liked sport. I well play soccer, it is quite good in hockey, and I can quite tell that I always was in good shape. That day I passed the last examination – physical culture, oral. I handed over perfectly well why I had very good mood and besides weather didn't bring – there was a sunny warm day. I went to the house. Rising by the floor, I met Lenochka – to tell honestly, I was in love with her completely, I liked in her everything – beginning from her style in clothes, and finishing with inner world. Now she shy came downstairs, and having seen me, felt shy a little, but smiled and greeted. We spoke about much: about examinations, about friends, about weather, and I, having understood that I talked nonsense a little and that it, on a habit watching on me, itself the step, wants to offer something to me. I stopped. - "Max, and you are free now?" - "Yes" – I suddenly understood that I have to agree to her offer what it wouldn't be, I already graduated from school, and it was only in the tenth, we almost didn't see each other, but I so wanted that we were closer – "let's take a walk in the area? "-" of course, I with pleasure, you for a long time home? "-" isn't present, I literally for 10 minutes" - Strangely enough, but in these ten minutes, I managed to make everything that was in my plans: to take a shower, to change clothes, descend to shop, to have dinner and even to stroke an undershirt to look decently. When I came to the appointed place, it wasn't yet. I sat down on the bench standing nearby, and looked into the sky. For some reason it seemed to me that day will be unforgettable. Soon, without having noticed as someone approached me, I felt two palms on a face, and heard known for everything a question. It was she, her small handles were so gentle and tender that I thought - it is a dream. Having risen, I couldn't remain indifferent and presented her several sincere words from what she zaskromnichat a little and reddened. Having wandered a little on the noisy city, I suggested her to descend to walk on the quiet park, she agreed. - "Max, I think it should be noted somehow your successful passing the last examination "-" perhaps, let's come into the nearest shop, we will buy on "Jaguar". Do you drink it? "-" I didn't try, but I think to me it will be pleasant" Having bought, we went to the center of the park to the lake. Having reached the place, we very were surprised, there were about 8 hours, Friday, and around wasn't not a soul. I spread a plaid on a lawn where on a belt the grass grew, and we lay down next to each other. Cocktail went well, and I began to notice that Lena began to get drunk quickly though it drank less than a half. It began to tell the devchach of a gossip, seriously saying that a half of girls of school wants to oversleep with me. "Jaguar" affected me in a different way - I didn't get drunk, but felt somewhere highly and more surely. Let at heart at me then any trite thoughts turned, but aloud I didn't say them but only I only stared in reply to her words. Suddenly Lena sharply became silent, and having lowered a view of a plaid, told: - "Max, and I want you too …" After these words I nearly choked, I looked her in the face, and waited – what will be farther … We looked at each other, and through some time she asked: - "I told something not that, or I am not pleasant to you?" I kept silent second and answered: "No, you that, you very beautiful and I like you very much" – confusing syllables a little, I answered, and understood that "Jaguar" began to act more seriously. - "Well so prove it!" she surely told, and having fallen to me, kissed on a hickey.she: His strong hands slid on my waist, going down below and below to hips. He strongly squeezed my buttocks, and I felt that in panties became wet. I took off from him a shirt, and having risen began to examine his beautiful, suntanned press which very much made horney me.