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Well, as usual, spread out food, binge on a grass, turned on the music, generally at first everything went normally until I began to notice that a half of us already not so that drunk, but very much relaxed!!! Still half of hour dances and all hogwash lasted: Even I don't remember (that I too was drunk) as everything began at the others, but here at us with Anyuta (so called my girlfriend: which I knew for about one hour!) everything went just super. We lay on a grass, talked, then decided to dance. And here when we danced, absolutely accidentally I was hooked for what - that a knot., generally we with Ania åb#&лись is direct in bushes. And she, probably understood it as a hint. Began to kiss and so that the smack stood on all forest. I quietly lowered a hand under her jacket and began to torment strongly her a breast, she groaned so that at me, even drunk everything rose. Not in forces to behave, I broke from her everything that was. Without paying attention to her surprise that I am so sharp, I continued the business. Very well that the girl got skilled, she didn't waste time too, having undressed me at once began to suck away. It was such blowjob what not to transfer. And she from this current was made horney even more. Helping itself a hand, she sliznut everything from the dick, and settled on a grass. I without thinking twice entered her. The orgy began with her loud shout. But probably, it was current the beginning: Her Otymev properly, I laid down near her, enjoying fresh air. But, when we have a rest, and decided to stop on it, I suggested to join the others which seemingly quietly danced, the truth because of their bushes it was visible not. But as we were shocked when saw, than the others are engaged. We with Ania stood minutes five, observing behind them. Here an approximate type of what there occurred: The Serega together with Mikhoy fucked Luda (who already unconscious didn't even move), on Vovan Dianka who on a trezvyaka would give nobody, especially to Vovan jumped (it seems, my girl). But the bigger attention was deserved by other four: which safely fucked four together on Seryogina to the car!!! And not "in" and on her. Max Suval Katyukhe and so that that already hundred times terminated. Alenka lay on a roof of absolutely unconscious car though drank most less. And Sanek cumed in a mouth to her. But probably, him it was a little, and they already four together decided to get down on a grass and to fuck there. Katyukh laid down on a back, having spread legs. Sanek otlizyvat at it until other couple was attached with them. Alenka set up pizdu Katke who in a heat grasped in her so that that nearly bit off to Max a dick which that already pushed her in a mouth. Having looked at it to us with Ania what we did only by pranks seemed: Cuming on Katke's stomach, San noticed us and suggested to join. But we, to be exact Ania who pulled me by a hand refused. There now she led me that I kept watch over her until she casts!!!... well then we sat, drank, kissed. I on her actions understood that she the truth said that she will be current with me and not to someone today won't give. Well we returned at most in 15 minutes, here that everything began. The Serega with Mikhoy already joined the brutal four, and here they already were 9 people. What there was created not to transfer just like that, in words: Poor Lyusyu three got on at once: Vovan, San and Mikh. Vovan slowly, but accurately put the dick in her small bum. Mikh of her perdolila in a pizda, and at Sledge she sucked. On her face it was visible current that she cums each 2 minutes, but nothing understands. But the most interesting began when boys decided to descend behind binge (and there nearby the road had a cafe), and I with Sank, the best friend, remained with little girls. Anyutka sat with Lyusy talked, and I from sledge decided to go to women who lay отеban$e in bushes. But we didn't manage to approach as these calves attacked on us: It was the horror! Dianka whom as I understood current that Vovan broke the virgin, I jumped on my dick and on getting drunk from the fifth time I put at last to myself my dick. I saw nothing because Alenka pizdy naprygnut on my person and rubbed so that I nearly choked. Sana'a was lucky more-its one girl and so fucked that he shouted, and I beat Katka boobs. So proceeded Ania, the most skilled of all girls didn't come yet. Dianka deprived near me with Alenka and licked each other. Then we with Sank of a vzla Anka who didn't want to be fucked with Sank. 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And here one of them (I didn't even manage to ask, what are their names), the blonde laid down on a back, everything was so silent and time went slowly as if all waited: I safely began to enter her bosom. Black I kissed her meanwhile. She quickly terminated and directly got rid of me from herself. I in ecstasy rolled, looked at the night sky, and didn't even understand what they with me did. When I looked back, understood that I got: I was faced by two of these girls, with switches!!! also were sucked. But when I tried to get up, felt that I am connected: they tied me to two birches, I lay on a back: and here it were accepted to conceived: The fear gave a ride on my body and only the type of two beautiful bodies didn't allow me to forget current about sex. The blonde approached me and gently kissed, I relaxed, having understood that they play so. Black I took seat on a dick and I began to jump. At first I thought that I it at her пи such narrow, but suddenly saw that she jumps the anus at me on the dick. Was abruptly and wildly, but it were still florets: At this time the blonde began to hlystat her on a back, that this current shouted and even quicker jumped. The dick was ill me horror as, but it was pleasant to me. White, похлыстав decided also to receive it a high while that sat for ху$? It took my hand and began to enter into a vagina, I understood that from me the initiative isn't required, and relaxed. Having untied wash hands, she took also the second and thrust, not without my help, herself into the back. Now I can't even present two hands at her in all holes: So she tormented me minutes five, and then they settled, began to kiss, then kissed me, and minutes ten so lay. Well I decided that it is time to dump, and went to the others. It is terrible to tell what there occurred: and current I thanked God that left with these perverts, but I didn't remain with friends. Drunk Serega to a drochilseba under a tree though at him as I was told then, didn't stand any more. My Anyutka, Vovan, Max and Mikh four together fucked San. I was the most sober and was horrified when I saw that Ania that was unconscious, and from her vagina flew liters ten a cum. Boys already understood nothing, I already began to be afraid kind of they of each other not on peretrakhal, but before didn't reach. The fucked Ania lay all in blood, about her already all forgot, well the truth I revived her, and she quietly groaned, probably from pain. Then I understood why all dryuchit Ania - other calves jerked off each other, generally a complete outrage. There are such affairs: