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The Internet of course is big help in this case, sometimes I even think that if not this wonderful invention of mankind how many men and women wouldn't be experienced by pleasures of a same-sex coition! However and on the Internet everything isn't so smooth, especially if you live not in the biggest city and many for this reason to be afraid to post the photos, or to report numbers of the 100-th phone so most often my acquaintances were limited to Wirth. So far once to me didn't bring! There was a usual Friday evening, I sat in front of the screen and wandered on a dating site, one of questionnaires interested me. In it there were these men of 40 years, the partner who recently moved to our city, and looking for himself for sex. The main photo wasn't but in an album there was a photo of his Dick and and, quite so from capital letter, the unit more than 20 cm in length, equal as a marble column. At one look in a mouth at me dried up him and the dick became as stone. The owner of this tool was called Igor, I exchanged letters with him and it became clear that the guy only an asset that quite suited me. Igor was ready more than resolutely as I understood in connection with moving he already kept the tool in a cover two weeks. He strained to be in action, but though I also dreamed of it already long time and its wonderful member I dreamed me at night not at once decided to give him number of the hundred part. I was afraid of risk. Nevertheless having drunk somehow beer I started a porno on a computer, in this movie one girl with relish swallowed are strong the dick similar on Igorevsky and I didn't sustain connected to the web and sent to him number of the cellular. In an hour he called, his voice was a pleasant baritone. He invited me to himself, there is he lived alone on the rental apartment in the same area as I. I agreed. I took a shower, I delivered myself several enemas to clean intestines, I greased with cream, the buttocks and I inserted quite large carrot there to prepare her for future tests. Then I put on and here in fifteen minutes I already ring a door of his apartment. The door opened and he let in me inside, only in the hall I could make out as he looks. It was the brunette of average growth, slightly above me, with a small beer tummy, but looking at the same time very strong small. - Igor - was presented he and stretched me a hand - Sasha - I responded to handshake. - Don't hesitate. pass to the hall - Igor helped me to take off a jacket and podtolkunut towards the hall a slap on a bottom. On it I only confusedly smiled. From me didn't take cover what eyes he looked at me as if a predator on production. In the hall there was a sofa, several chairs, near a sofa the small served table, cognac, cheeses, sausages, a lemon. Gentlemen's set. I took seat on a sofa, Igor sat down nearby, with me and he forgot to tell it was dressed in a dressing gown and slippers. - Well give for acquaintance! - he drank. We drank, cognac vulgarly well, then on one. All the time easy stirred, Igor was the excellent story-teller, the truth he constantly corrected the dressing gown in a groin and my thoughts even more often went to the lewd course, at last I didn't sustain: - And he at you and the truth such, how in the photo? - I asked having made eyes to him at a groin. - I thought you won't ask - he grinned and I opened a dressing gown under which nothing appeared! The Daa his dick was magnificent even in a floor the got-up state now he struck with the power and the sizes! - Take him a hand - slightly become hoarse. from excitement by voice Igor ordered. I obeyed to it as if was in a dream, my left hand clasped this magnificent trunk and I felt what he hot and as he responded on my touches. I began to podrachivat him and it began to increase in my hand, Igor having covered eyes relished some time, then his hand laid down to me on a nape and began to bend down my head to his groin letting know clearly that he wants from me. I didn't need to be persuaded and I clasped with lips a head of his tool was run by a uvula on a circle and the dick so soaked up on how many I could, nearly 2/3 his pistons got into a mouth! Then I began to suck away this magnificent dick with ecstasy, and Igor's hand lay at me at this time on a nape when his dick found stone hardness he discharged my head of him and ordered to undress: - It is time to try yours to an ass of the real men's dick! Undress quickly! - he growled. I quickly threw off from myself all clothes when Igor saw the carrot which is sticking out of my hole, grinned: - Provident whore! I pulled out carrot and according to Igor's sign threw it into a corner then he potavit me on all fours on a floor and itself was attached behind. - Now you will try a daddy's dick, a huyesosk! - He told and the dick to me began to enter slowly an ass though she also was prepared but my ebyrya had a tool of too big caliber to me it became sick and he moved ahead hardly.