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Having straightened, she noticed that her breasts foully begin to stick out from a deep decollete, having been ashamed to correct the dress, Irina made the decision, not simple for herself not to pay attention to it. Having laid chalk, she reached for a shawl that by means of her to cover excessively open breast. Irina Anatolyevna - to her one of pupils Anton jumped up - at you the shawl was soiled - he, having given hands, began to shake off a shawl from the cretaceous dust which accumulated on her. Ah thanks, Anton - such courtesy Irina slightly was confused, involuntarily letting go a shawl. Having shaken off a shawl, Anton accurately hung up it on a chair back - don't dress her - he quietly said - you and so very cool you look - this awkward compliment forced to redden both both the boy and Irina. Yes, you today very elegant - I supported companion Sergey. Irina was embarrassed even stronger. Well you tell it boys - having looked down she spoke, askance darting glances at five teenagers sitting before her who someone furtively and someone without hesitating, examined her. These views also flattered her and in too time confused, she didn't forget that she is a teacher and has to set in all an example, but today they with the husband were going to go in restaurant to celebrate decade of their marriage therefore Irina also put on today so not on usual. The black dress, a skirt is slightly higher than a knee, flared and dispersing to a bottom, sleeves trimmed with velvet inserts and quite deep triangular decollete, in which the magnificent bust of Irina looked very seductively that in turn very much constrained and confused his owner. Also, if not even stronger, confused the woman and the fact that under a skirt on her panties thongs, black, with a nylon translucent vstavochka in front, and with wafer-thin lyamochkami-strings were put on on each side and behind. Instead of habitual tights Irina dressed we are sensitive with a lacy wide elastic band. The feeling of an ogolennost under a skirt haunted Irina, she constantly instinctively ran hands over a skirt, kind of smoothing it behind. Having turned back to Anton who is still standing near her Irina out of the corner of the eye noticed that one of school students photographs her on the mobile phone. She didn't know how to react to it, but the natural step and level of culture didn't allow her to speak somehow on this fact and she silently ignored it. Anton, if you left to a board - she slightly smiled to own joke - that sort this offer. Having handed to the boy I swept, she sat down to a teacher's table in hope to calm down a little. The boy began to pore at a board, and Irina, sitting, darted short glances in a class at five more teenagers sitting before her. Their views confused her, she instinctively slightly tightened hands to a breast, trying to be covered kind of slightly, the fact that boys examined her and was even discussed there were no doubts. Well all - she said, getting up and approaching a board. Yes - Anton answered, putting chalk. Well we will look - Irina took chalk and began to emphasize the mistakes made by the boy. Nda breath-taking - summed up result she. You were soiled by chalk - Anton obligingly prompted, showing on her shoulder. Yes thanks - Irina tried to shake off a sleeve with the palm back, but it turned out only worse, cretaceous dust from fingers soiled a dress even more. Give I - the boy was called. Irina he is grateful I looked at him. Anton carefully began to brush away cretaceous dust, gradually delaying a sleeve and by that pulling together matter from a shoulder. At you still here - he moved to other party. Irina continued to stand, playing with chalk. When Anton stopped shaking off her, her decollete became absolutely low. Irina zardetsya, having clearly felt as magnificent hillocks of her breasts stick out almost outside, the lacy cup of a bra already seemed, but the shyness didn't allow her to straighten out a dress. Seeing that the sitting boys continue to photograph her, she was confused even more - boys, remove phones, don't distract - she put on severe looking. But you today such beautiful - Sergey sitting most closer to her spoke - we don't distract, we can't just look away from you. Irina confusedly looked down, without knowing what to tell. Out of an awkward situation she was brought by phone call of her mobile phone. It was the husband. Yes the volodechka - picked up it the phone. Yes I - she fluently looked soon at boys - through a half-hour somewhere and well, approach. Seeing that Irina is busy with a conversation and nothing can object, one of boys Andrey, the fat young man of fourteen years, having got up because of a school desk, I approached her and in plain terms I put a hand to her on a breast. At the first moment from amazement Irina couldn't utter words, she even ceased to hear the husband, so blood began to knock in temples. When the feeling of reality slightly returned to her, she having moved aside tried to throw off the teenager's hand, but that returned the palm on her rising breast again. Irina something uguky to the husband in a tube tried a grimace on a face and gestures of a free hand to drive away the teenager, but that, cunningly smiling, continued to squeeze not strongly her for a breast. Having darted a glance in the direction of a look of the teenager happy with she saw that his companions shoot it with phone. She became crimson, protestuyushche beggarly waved a hand. But boys didn't stop. Moreover, Andrey, having come her for a back, two hands I oblapit her breasts. Irina damned the spouse who became loose by phone, trying to finish as soon as possible a conversation while hands of boys continued to squeeze and rumple her breasts. When she felt that the dress foully begins to slip with shoulders, she without having sustained any more, threw into a tube - all Volodya, I am busy, we will meet later. And having received dissatisfied muttering of the husband in reply - I put phone. Boys stop - she spoke, putting phone and trying to be exempted by both hands from Andrey. You that, went crazy. We were demented by your boobs, Irina Anatolyevna - Anton continuing to stand nearby was responsible for all. Irina darted a glance at him and noticed that the boy keeps one hand in a pocket, the podrachivy dick at that moment when his friend touches her. You, at last by she managed to be turned out that, you in the right mind - was continued by her from Andrey, the truth he also didn't make special attempts somehow to her to prevent. You that - she receded on couple of steps. Irina Anatolyevna, we adore your boobs - Sergey told - you have the biggest boobs at school. You in general the coolest - Dima picked up. Irina not knowingly looked at teenagers. Let's us feel your tits - Andrey spoke, stretching to her the opened palms. You that - Irina didn't find words, she opened and closed a mouth not in forces to say a sound. If you don't want, it isn't necessary - cunningly there began Sergey - only today in the evening we will post online these photos and on all walls of school we will write references, and tomorrow and we will bring the printed photos in school. Irina in horror stiffened, having presented as she will be seen in so open though elegant dress moreover and in so obscene look when the pupil touches her. Same shame. Shame for ever. You won't dare - she threw. Why - Andrey spoke - I so in general will become the hero of school - he grinned to the companions enough. But boys - with the cracked pleading voice there began Irina. Seeing that she is broken and doesn't know how to resist, Andrey began to approach her. Boys - again she barely audible whispered and palms of the teenager laid down on her breast. To be stunned - Andrey, circular motions naminy spoke pliable flesh of iriny boobies. Irina tried not to look at the teenager, her look ran across from one boy to another. Sergey continuing to remove, the second stroke-oared the fly, Anton continued to jerk off to himself through a pocket. Irina didn't know where to look away. Give me - Dima approached her, Andrey having slightly receded sideways began to smooth out one breast, the second took control Dima. Good boobs - Sergey asked - excellent, then you will try - Dima answered. Irina didn't know as her to be, it gave pleasure to boys to discuss her. And if Dima suggested to pull together a dress, delaying a sleeve from a shoulder, the brassiere strap seemed. Yes, give - Andrey agreed, making most with the second sleeve too. Boys are more careful, you will tear - Irina plaintively spoke, at present worrying about expensive dress more, than about the events. We cautiously - Dima calmed her - and you help us - he added. Irina without wishing that I began to move shoulders that the dress slipped quicker down. Having pulled together a dress from plechy, teenagers bared Irina boobies even stronger. Ooh what - Andrey having dipped hands in a dress I got the spheres of boobs which are pulled together with a brassiere. Irina frowned, the dress crashed into soft flesh, now we will help - Dima having noticed her grimace unzipped at her a back. So more better - with an acidity he asked. The dress hung on Irina's hands bent in elbows, having completely bared a breast in a black lacy brassiere. More better - she quietly spoke. Yes she likes to show us the tits - Anton blurted out. Ira zardetsya - no, isn't present - she quietly protested. Give show us them - Anton continued - remove Lifan, shake before us the sisona. Irina awfully was confused, but these offensive words of teenagers very much touched her. Stop to speak so - she blurted out. We won't cease - Anton - boobs they said and there are boobs - and he imperiously compressed pliable flesh Irina of a breast in the palm. Naminy flesh he touched by a hand of the bulked-up nipple. Oops, boys, at her a nipple got up - he spoke and all amicably laughed. It was a shame to Ira, really from their potiskivaniye nipples strained and hardened. Well, not only from rhymes it is possible to cum - Anton already specially podnachit her smoothing out her nipples. While Anton was engaged in her breast, Sergey carefully began to drive hands on the teacher's bottom. Irina occupied with feelings on the breast paid to Sergey's actions attention, only not at once when his palm already noticeably squeezed her yagodichka, she somehow with aspiration peeped. It is pleasant when the ass is rumpled - Sergey asked continuing to hold Ira for soft roll. Ira nodded, feelings really were pleasant so here to hide. I will continue - rather as the statement than a question were spoken by the teenager, nevertheless Irina nodded, giving on that consent. Having rummaged around on her bottom through a skirt, Sergey dipped a hand under a dress hem. His hand climbing a chubby thigh I reached edge of stockings and the palm of the teenager appeared on the bared part of an iriny hip. Boys she in stockings - it is dumbfounded and with astonishment Sergey said - the rusichka wears stockings - saying it he probably didn't trust in it. Ira was touched by it, disbelief of boys that she can seductively put on offended her - at me and panties are thongs - unexpectedly for herself she blurted out. Boys at first were taken aback from a similar revelation of the teacher a little, but quickly recovered. Give, show them to us - practically chorus they said. Stop to stick and specify to me - Ira spoke, she was touched by tone of boys. Listen Irina Anatolyevna - there began Anton - stop to break so and that we just obvafly your ceremonial dress and you will go with the hubby to the small restaurant as the last whore. Irina opened a mouth to object, but Anton having clasped her with one hand, attracted to itself and kissed on a mouth. His second hand laid down it on a perineum - don't miss the chance to indulge the chink with very young dicks, having run a hand between her hips it caused inflow of pleasure in Irina and she involuntarily slightly distorted legs. Here, you correctly understand - he whispered slightly coming off her lips. His persistent strokings and all pressure of youth and impudence absolutely disarmed Irina, she stretched to his lips, and having stuck into them with pleasure was licked with Anton. And now show us the bottom - Anton when their licking stopped asked. Irina in indecision stood still embraced by the teenager. Well Irisha - the similar address balm dripped on her, the accruing excitement got the best and having been solved she turned a back to boys and the sharp movement lifted up a dress hem up. The joyful sigh rushed on a class - wow, this rolls. Strangely enough this compliment pleased Irina, she slightly rocked hips forcing to begin to rock the magnificent yagodichka outlined by a very narrow stripe of panties and emphasized from below with elastic bands of stockings which slightly pulling together hips gave volume as to her thighs and a bottom. Snow-white buttocks and chubby hips perfectly contrasted with black stockings, and the black strip of panties only lined a bottom circle on two charming chubby the shaking halves. Irina just bathed in beams of genuine admiration, before it was pleasant to her that she involuntarily curved a back shaking at the same time buttocks. What popets - Anton and Sergey's hands practically at the same time touched her naked rolls. Such soft cool - Sergey didn't keep and kissed Irina on buttocks. Having felt hot breath of the teenager and his moist lips on the buttock Irina was curved even stronger. Sergey to greater pleasure of the teacher continued to natselovyvat a buttock. Maybe now you will show also the tits - Anton spoke, smoothing out her bottom. And you unless didn't see - Irina slightly smiled, nodding on the slipped dress. Without brassiere - Anton specified. Well - Irina already made the decision not to contradict children - but still wanted and dreamed to get off on a minimum. Having straightened she got hands for a back and undid a brassiere fastener. Massive boobies having felt freedom fluttered out from fetters of cups and the bulked-up nipples looked at pupils. Wishing to emphasize their volume Irina clasped boobies from below with hands, exposing them forward on a public inspection. Boys rushed to Irina, but Anton stopped them - you don't fuss, give in turn, get up in a circle - he distributed teams - and you Irina Anatolyevna - he addressed the teacher - bypass children.