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I climbed to me under a blanket and I began the feeble efforts in my opinion, still to a sleepy body. His movements were pleasant to me. I the naked bottom felt as to my soft and warm rolls leaned, something firm and long. Of course, it was the dick of my husband which stood rather stuck out and rested to me against buttocks. I kind of unwillingly made by it some movements why he was even more made horney and began me to press with a force to myself. It became natural to me too not to a dream especially as his hand already lay on my pubis, and fingers gently frayed my klitorok. Oh, it is so pleasant, I so like to be delayed since morning. His fingers left my gentle clitoris to the mercy of fate, and got further, that is to me into a chink. Which was already slightly become wet. I slept naked therefore wasn't what obstacles to seize me. What he also made... 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And on Fridays and Saturdays in the neighboring town there passed discos. - But whether not to wave to me on a disco today an evening? - I said aloud, but so that no someone heard. But having quickly driven away from itself this thought, I rose and went to the bathroom. - And why not, - I thought, lying in the bathroom. - Only it will be necessary to report about it to the husband. I didn't know how he will treat it, but most likely is positive. Day passed not considerably, in cares. In the evening, a watch in eight, I hinted the that wishing and to vanish. Naturally reaction was normal, and I already thought that to put on itself that it was easy to remove at the right time......... I once again decided to descend on a disco. - When do we leave? - I asked the husband, pulling tights. - When you want. You are already ready, my charm? - he responded. - Remained only to me boots, in a minute I will be ready, - I told about myself a glass of white wine. There I went always a little tipsy. As there in bar sold only champagne and hard liquors, and I couldn't drink this muck. And from champagne, you know what occurs... We arrived there almost after the opening, but several people there already were. The husband, having landed me, at once I left home. Three guys sat near a rack of bar, I passed by them, and all three turned back on me. When I sat down to a table, two turned away, as if not looked at me. And the third looked at me and smiled. I solved it at once and подснять, passed by it and smiled to it, it was visible that I am pleasant to him. Passing by him, I went to a toilet, there was looked in a mirror and left. This guy already sat at my table on which stood a glass of champagne for me and a thimble with whisky for him. When I sat down at a table, I looked narrowly at the guy, he was Arab... But very nice. He offered me champagne, and itself drank whisky. We chatted a little, and he invited me to dance on slow dance. We danced the first dance at pioneer distance. Sat down to a table, it ordered still, cut, danced. To the people there was already much, to me it was good from a situation and the drunk alcohol. During dance he pressed me to himself and sometimes potselovyvat me in a neck. It was pleasant to me, and I didn't resist. I wanted more and more... In an hour I was already drunk, but standing kept still steady. By this time he already grew bolder and kissed me on a mouth. I understood that it was not the friendly kiss, his language got to me into a mouth, and I reciprocated to him. He liked to kiss me, and we continued this business. We kissed without stopping, no, breaks, of course, were to drink and smoke, and then everything was started over again and again. It sucked in my lips again and again, and it was pleasant to me, and I didn't resist. He kissed me during dance and sitting at a table. I didn't release me from myself not for a minute. In agreed, with the husband, time I went outside, and the call in my phone right there sounded. I was called by the husband. My new friend stood behind me, embracing me for a waist and kissing on a neck. I spoke with the husband by phone, and he already rummaged the hands on my breast. But I couldn't resist and what for? Let touches my boobies, each touch of this guy was pleasant to me. - Darling, how are you? - the husband by phone asked. - I'm fine, - I answered, deriving pleasure by hand of my friend under my brassiere. - Home you don't gather, how are you, you don't miss one there? - the husband asked questions to me. - Don't worry, I not one, to me don't allow to miss, - I answered. - When to wait for you the house, for you to arrive or you will be brought and when? - the husband wasn't appeased. - Yes, I will be brought, don't worry, - I answered, and on a body the wave of pleasure already swept, his hands wandered about my body, generally under a brassiere, strongly squeezing my boobies the palms. - And when? - I think in hour - You will be one? - No, not one, lay a bed and wait for us in hour - Well, Kisonka, I wait for you, - the husband answered and it was disconnected. We passed to the hall again and sat down to our table. Drank still. He began to kiss me on a hickey again, and at this time protection approached us, and to us suggested to leave the room peacefully. The reproach was because we kiss. Here bitches damned, these French, half of the hall is sucked by it not a her, and we are foreigners, so went a nakher... Well they also went in пиз.