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I had no prospects to touch a girlish body, and everything that I could, so observe the bathing girls (bathing suits then carried not everything) and then selflessly to jerk off it, remembering their carcasses. Imperceptibly the summer came to an end and already the middle of August and to us it is time to go home. The train Simferopol-Irkutsk never adhered to the schedule established for it and therefore when we according to the tickets bought in advance with mother tried to get on this train it became clear that our places are taken long ago and offered us, having paid in addition the decent sum to get into the hook-on car where there were 2-seater compartments. We had no exit also the foreman having received surcharge I led us to this car. But also there everything appeared not so smoothly. Places were but on one in a compartment. When I came into the compartment I was dumbfounded. On the shelf the girl sat and read some magazine, "Crocodile" seems. On her there was a sundress on straps and when she bent down, her small tits were visible. - Hi! - I told, you to where go? - To Krasnoyarsk, and you? - And I to Irkutsk I by the way Dima am called – I was presented – and you? - ЛарисаРазговорившись I found out that to Larisa she had a rest with parents in Gelendzhik they go in the next compartment with the 5th monthly brother. We chatted about any nonsense she sat on the shelf having crossed in Turkish legs and from under a sundress it was very well visible her panties which depicted her chink. Probably having caught what my look is specifically directed to she I was confused, I drew in under myself legs and its strange panties dropped out of my sight. We sat played cards, her parents or my mother periodically looked and I reminded that it is time to sleep. Having understood that it is senseless to argue, I undressed and climbed on the shelf and here reached me that Larisk will hardly sleep in a sundress and now will begin to change clothes. Having pretended that already I sleep, I with the head climbed under a blanket and in a shchelochka began to look for Lara. She threw off from herself a sundress but everything spoiled that she stood to me a back, then put on herself a night dress and laid down. When I woke up in the morning, Larisk was already dressed and even managed to braid a braid. I don't know why, but it was inconvenient to me to get up in some pants, and I asked her to leave what I could put on she giggled, but after all left. Our trip took place cheerfully we played cards, told terrifying stories which right there and were invented for the night. We already ceased to hesitate each other she quietly changed clothes at me and I too, but stopped any attempts to touch her body right there. At the station Sverdlovsk the shop assistant of newspapers and magazines came into the train, I bought from her the rare then America magazine and an unusual badge in the form of the Olympic bear from plastic. He looked as if was not from our world, I never saw similar. Larisk with parents I was in a dining-car and I didn't see this purchase. With a proud look I fastened a badge on a t-shirt and stood near a compartment in hope that somebody will see my badge and will die of envy. Here I came Larisk with parents, and I at once bragged of the acquisition. She widely opened eyes and began to poor-mouth, trying to entice at me a badge. I allowed her a few it to wear, and in the evening of his visors. She strongly took offense and didn't talk to me all next day. But towards evening I asked me to present this bear. And here dawned on me that I will be able to receive everything that I want from Lariski for him and I offered her the following - I give her a badge in the morning, and she this night lies with me and I can do with her everything that I want within 3 hours. She having a little thought I agreed. Just in those days education was such that at her even the thought couldn't arise that with her can make something sinful. Already in the train extinguished light, there was only emergency lighting, I undressed and laid down. Larisa stood in indecision I told her what I wait for. It was a little trampled and without taking off a sundress laid down to me. And right there I turned a back. I without knowing what needs to be done being with the girl in one bed just I shifted on a sundress of a strap and I began to caress her small tits. Larisa didn't react to it in any way and I grew bolder and kissed her on sponges. She right there discontentedly moved and told that it is impossible to kiss. I reminded her that she allowed to do me with her everything that I will want and a little порпререкавшись she agreed that can be kissed too. I wasn't able to kiss, but soon at me it began to turn out. My dick stood a stake I kissed Larisku and caressed her breasts then I decided and asked her to take off a sundress absolutely. She having for some reason asked me to turn away I removed him and again climbed to me under a blanket. I yet never felt such pleasure. Near me the girl in some panties lies, and I caress her and I kiss lips and a breast. I don't know what moved me to this moment but I took her hand and put on the dick. Her eyes extended and she drew aside the handle having told that I am a fool. Already having practically ceased to control itself, I got to her into panties. She took away my hand, and tried to get up and leave, I told her what she any bear won't receive. Having a little thought, Larisa laid down to me again. I got to her into panties again and began to caress its small писю. Larisk I was dissatisfied, but the arrangement is an arrangement. Eventually I just removed from her panties and from myself too, cast away a blanket and began to admire her little body. Larisa turned away, probably without wishing to see my dick, and I greedy touched her everywhere and kissed where I only could. I caressed her pussy, nestled on Lariske all over and my dick rubbed also her small pizdyulka. I turned her on a back and tried to enter her, Larisk squeezed legs and began to push away me. I didn't control myself any more. Having parted her legs I slightly entered her and without knowing what to do next simply lay also all. Larisa didn't resist any more, is simply indifferent lay and looked towards a wall. I tried to thrust even more deeply into her the shoot, and at me, strangely enough it turned out though any lubricant there and wasn't trace. Larisk began to coil and try to get out from under me, but I pressed more feasibly and it entered completely. Larisk began to squeal, but I managed to close her a mouth a palm, and instead of squeal low turned out. From her peephole tears slid. Probably повинуясь to an instinct I understood that it is necessary to move in her, and began to make progress. Larisk just silently I cried, and I entered her with frenzy. I never got such orgasm, I cumed so violently and so long that it seemed to me that there passed the eternity. I lay weakened on roaring Larisk and tried to kiss her, she got rid of me from herself and jumped, then put on and took off from a compartment. And here I was frightened that she will go now and everything will tell the parents. But carried by, through some time she came probably washed and without undressing laid down on the shelf. I tried to talk to her, but she didn't answer. I looked at the watch and understood that she owes me an hour more with small. I climbed to her on the shelf and told about her debt having threatened that I differently won't give a bear. Without asking her permission any more I pulled together from her a sundress and panties with I began to kiss greedy her lips she didn't resist just looked the released look. I spread her legs again and entered. This time everything was much more best. Her пися, stretched by the previous sex, willingly I let in my standing dick. I fucked her selflessly without caring for that pleasantly to her at all or not. She didn't even cry just lay and looked sideways. I terminated and already absolutely exhausted got on the shelf and fell asleep as was naked. In the morning I hardly woke up, all body ached as if I all night long dragged a bar. Larisa in a compartment wasn't. Having found the pants I put on and went to wash and brush teeth. I saw Larisku when returned from a toilet, she выходилаиз a compartment of the parents. I approached her unhooked a badge from a t-shirt and stretched to her. She took it silently and not looking at me went to our compartment. I followed for her villages nearby and tried to embrace, she was discharged. On all my attempts get to talking her, she answered with silence. At night I tried to come to her but she told that she will begin to shout now and I having been frightened stopped the trying. Next day she needed to leave. When I came from a toilet, she already was not in a sundress, and in a red trouser suit and packed the things. She didn't pay absolutely any attention to me. Here and Krasnoyarsk. The train stood 15 minutes there. I came to the platform and saw Larisku with parents. Having said goodbye to them, I already wanted to go to the car, but here Larisa approached me and stretched the squared paper sheet. Having come into a compartment, I developed it, her address was written there. To Irkutsk I went one to a compartment. Having arrived home I decided to write Larisk, but then there were more important issues. … Generally, I didn't write the letter to her. author's e-mail: