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When I entered the room, Zhenya with Sashka looked at me from under blankets innocent eyes and persistently pretended that nothing was, and they are the most warm and fuzzy beings in the world. In complete silence I approached the Sashkiny bed and drew aside a blanket. Surprisingly, she lay in a nightgown, but having got accustomed, I distinguished a strip of a naked body between a shirt and a sheet. Having hemmed, I pulled for edge of a shirt why that slipped without the slightest efforts. - It is clear! - I spoke, grinning the most charming smile which I could represent. - You, of course, didn't manage to put on it. Having turned, to Zhenka making strange progress I pulled a blanket and found him got confused in the pants hanging at him around hips and which completely got off in a lump. Zhenka calmed down at once and only looked at mine from which damp strips on his hips didn't take cover. 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