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Well, answers a little. It is necessary to stop the car... It is necessary to notice that this process to me delivered less and less pleasure recently. Taxi drivers bombers sometimes jacked up absolutely unreal, inadequate prices. Especially after closing of the subway. But choice I didn't have therefore I approached the highway and I raised a hand, inviting Egyptian vultures to a fresh piece. Three cars approached at once. I sent the first Georgian on Volga far further when saw his spiteful ugly face and heard how many it is necessary for him money. Then others approached, but the sums called by them didn't suit me, and on the collapsed Zhiguli even for low price I didn't want to go. I already began to be angry a little when the car became a row... modest golf with the nice brunette is driving. On my question how many she answered... "Yes sit down, the boy, then we will understand". Usually I don't agree to such maza as, as a rule, they mean banal bubble scheme, but something was in this shoferikha that forced me, without fluctuating, to get into the car. Though the address "boy" could be apprehended as insult too. On my estimations I was, at least for about five years is more senior than her. Generally, I got into the car, and she smoothly moved. To go was long enough, and I had an opportunity, to properly consider the companion. The girl was very pleasant to the eye also in my taste. The brunette with very appetizing figure. The black blouse and the fitting jeans gave me the chance to enjoy smooth bends of her strong body. - I am Linda, - just there began a conversation a stranger with a pleasant deep voice with softish English accent. - And you? - And I am Mischa, - I answered. - You have not the Russian name. - As you truly noticed! I am American, I do small business here, and you as someone work? - the Manager, as well as all Moscow. Office rat. - What charm! Linda stretched to the radio tape recorder and turned on radio. From expensive as I understood on sound quality at once, columns melodious pop music poured down. We continued to communicate in the same easy manner. Soon I learned that Linda arrived to Russia three years ago and here very much it is pleasant to her. That she lives alone and business takes away from her almost all the time and forces. Here only what business, she didn't tell. And I didn't begin to ask. Why to me it? To me to reach quietly to the house and to be filled up to sleep. Tomorrow the difficult working day was coming, and I wanted to meet it if not absolutely fresh that because of plentifully drunk alcohol wasn't represented possible then and not the dead from a headache and nausea as it quite often happened recently. "Yes, - I once again thought, - if in the nearest future in my life nothing changes, then slow depression won't bring me to good". Though in principle nothing terrible occurred... I sat in front of the computer at office, received a good salary and quite could enjoy life. But something in my nerves glitched, and recently I became more gloomy, and it was heavier and heavier to get up in the morning for work. - you have a beautiful figure. Do you play sports? - my interlocutor brought me out of hard thoughts. - Yes I ran a little, I shook, the karate, slightly, - is unclear why I began to tell, without noticing some frivolity of a question. The girl obviously wanted to communicate. And why not. - I love sport too. In Chicago I was engaged ten years тэквондо, and here was fond of kickboxing and even entered on last Moscow the five, - Linda with a pleased smile bragged. - And on you you won't tell, - it seems such fragile girl. - Thanks for a compliment, my competitors so didn't consider. However, all this toys. In your country it is possible to make good money if to have some qualities. - Well, it is indisputable. Meanwhile the German machine surely rushed us in the direction of the deaf dormitory area in which I then lived. Linda became silent and with concentration drove the car. It is necessary to tell that she began to be pleasant to me, even very much. On life I am a person modest and I don't afford excessive sexual adventures, but as I wanted that this transatlantic brunette made to me a cocksucking, just like in their porno. From the further course of such thoughts I began to be made horney and didn't notice at all how the car practically arrived to the address specified by me. - Thanks! It is possible to stop here. How many from me? - I think, three hundred rubles quite will be enough, - smiling, she called the price much exceeding what was offered by other "bombila".-But at me isn't present so much, - I answered. I was confused. At me in a pocket lay all rubles thirty. I successfully spent on drink other money. - Well, it is necessary to rasplatititsya, the boy. I will badly think of you differently. - I can descend home behind money? - No, with me this trick won't work. I know how to us to pay off. From her confident tone me even became several neposeba.