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To the boy and little girls it was very good with each other, they from the childhood knew each other, got used to play together, little girls willingly played with Kirill boyish games whereas the boy with girls played girlish. Played kids when already matured, and "in the doctor", retiring to someone's garden that adults didn't see. And of course, more than once removed before each other panties. And here somehow in the July morning parents of Kirill and girls according to the preliminary arrangement went together to the station behind products. Outside there was the 1989th year, there were turns, and parents of kids often so did that it was more convenient to be bought. The station was far, parents left not less, than for half a day. And also, according to the preliminary arrangement, Kirill was brought into the house to girls and children were locked together, first, to children less experiences will be so not really boring for parents, secondly, that their children in safety and, having stayed out late, far won't leave anywhere. Children very much rejoiced to prospect to be one in the house without parents when, as is well-known and the most interesting games begin. Hardly parents left, children began to solve what to them to play. Thought not for long, and according to 11-year-old Zulfia's proposal, decided to play in hospital. Kids cast lots - to a lump to be a nurse to someone the doctor to someone the patient. Zulfia cut out 3 pieces of paper from a writing-book sheet and children wrote on them - "doctor", "patient", "nurse" (on this leaflet children in brackets wrote "nurse", having provided a situation if this leaflet is pulled out by Kirill). Children turned leaflets, mixed them and began to pull. It turned out that "doctors" Zulfia extended, "nurse" - Lola, and Kirill - "patient". Girls very much rejoiced and giggled that the boy became the patient, they will "examine" him and will be able to touch and feel everything that they will want on his body. The boy felt slight disappointment, but at heart and rejoiced - eventually, he will lie also nothing to do, and girls should dream. Girls spread a mattress on a floor, laid over him a white sheet. "Doctor" Zulfia didn't begin to part long prefaces, didn't even ask the boy that hurts him. The girl ordered to take off to Kirill shorts, to roll up above a t-shirt and when the boy executed it, pulled down from him pants. Lola at once sat down on hunkers more better to consider the intimate place of the boy. The teenager was a little pinned by a situation that he before little girls is undressed, and both girls remain completely dressed - earlier, during the similar games, children undressed always in common. - Watch what pretty! - Lola told Zulfia, carefully touching писю the boy though she saw malchish personal belongings not the first time, but they her is invariable, however, as well as Zulfia, delighted, - and you that at Kiryushka is pleasant more: balls or willy? - Pussy, - Zulfia answered, - but balls at Kiryushka a class too! - Aha, - Lola nodded, - too at Kiri everything is pleasant to me, but the pussy at him is all the same more best than everything! After that Zulfia ordered to deliver to "nurse" Lola at the mattress outspread on a floor two low stools. When Lola made it, Zulfia ordered to throw to Kirill legs on stools. Having thrown off summer bedroom-slippers, the boy threw bare feet on stools. Zulfia fell by a floor between chairs. They stood on considerable removal from each other so the boy had to spread legs quite widely. All his perineum was visible to girls clearly, even slightly buttocks. Zulfia stroked the boy's hips, gentle skin of a pubis of the boy, then fingers the dick accurately lifted. A type of a pretty, gentle-pink 12-year penis of Kirill though earlier Zulfia already saw and I touched him, I caused in the girl such delight that, without having kept, she nestled lips to the malchishy intimate place and began to caress lips and language the boy.- Give I! - the boy who is from gentle touches of Zulfia in an easy trance heard Lola's voice, - I want to be a doctor too. Unwillingly Zulfia gave way to the younger girl near the boy's willy. Lola the swarty quick fingers began to feel the intimate place of the friend on games, thus with the most serious look asking questions: "Here hurts?", "And here?". Kirill negatively wound on all questions the head. - Well, - Lola told, - it is necessary to examine you attentively. The girl took a teaspoon from a bedside table and, having slightly raised already standing as a peg, the boy's chlenik, I applied a spoon to his basis. Kirill shuddered from unexpected touch cold after warm fingers of girls. - Ouch, shchekotno! - the boy screamed. - Suffer, the patient, so it is necessary, - Lola answered with a strict voice to him. With the question "And Here It Is Cold?" Lola several times touched with a spoon balls and the boy's perineum. In reply the boy - "patient" funny twitched that fairly amused girls. However through only several touches the spoon heated up, and Kirill ceased to react to it. Then Lola who already strongly cheered up again slightly nadrochit a chlenik of the boy and, slightly giggling, began to finger a finger that sensitive fold of skin under a dickhead of the boy from outer side about which existence and its special sensitivity Lola learned in former games with the boy in the doctor. Lola didn't cease to ask at the same time to the boy "medical questions". Kirill at once was strongly made horney. The boy already panted, and his fingers uneasily crumpled a sheet which covered a mattress. When excitement of the boy reached a limit, he, having removed Lola's hand, several times the dick in a cam strongly squeezed and at once I terminated, having scattered only several droplets of a cum - after all to the boy only recently there were 12 years. Having got an orgasm, the reddened Kirill some time not movably lay, then, having removed chairs, got up from a mattress. All shape of the naked boy, his slender thin legs, elastic teenage buttocks, gentle skin on her suddenly caused inflow of sincere sympathy for the boy in Zulfia though she and so always treated the teenager kindly. The girl began to caress tenderly a stomach and the boy's back, without forgetting to kiss him on a bottom at the same time. At this time fingers of the younger girl couldn't leave alone fallen down писюн the teenager in any way. Some time Zulfia with Lola silently caressed Kiryusha. At last Zulfia told: - The patient, you lay down. Now I will make to you massage. The boy willingly agreed. Somehow time children sunbathed and swam in the small river, and the boy when sunbathed, asked Zulfia to rumple to him a back. The girl immediately began to warm up to the boy a back and shoulders, and the boy remembered how great the little girl did it. And here Zulfia ordered to lay down to Kirill on a mattress on a back. When the boy settled, Zulfia slightly spread and bent his naked legs that it was convenient to caress his intimate place which already slightly reddened after entertainments of girls with him in knees. Having sat down on a mattress near the boy, Zulfia began to caress his stomach, then switched to the internal surface of hips and further, is closer to genitals of the boy. - Give, I will try, - Lola asked again. Zulfia gave way to Lola, and itself, having moved above, touched the boy's nipples. The girl wanted to learn whether pleasantly will be to the boy if onay touches there. Watching a look of the boy, the girl established that it is pleasant to him - the teenager smiled and zapykhtet enough. Chestnut pimples of nipples of the boy were distinctly allocated against the background of only slightly suntanned skin of the boy - the teenager somehow sunbathed on a stomach more. Zulfia, having bent down to the boy's breast, carefully I squeezed lips small small pea of the left nipple of the teenager and I began to caress lips and language him. Having caressed the left nipple, the girl a little later did the same with right then lips and fingers I began to caress both nipples of the boy at the same time. Lolka, meanwhile, continued to play about with a willy and the boy's balls which obviously haunted her. - What pretty! - the girl squealed from delight, gently feeling a chlenik and the teenager's balls. They really were pretty - gentle-pink, gladenky, with small wreaths, still not touched volosny at all - at the teenager puberty just began. Mutual efforts of girls didn't take place completely for the teenager. Seeing that the boy began to be made horney again, Zulfia with redoubled zeal began to caress his nipples. Zulfia hardly touched by fingers of the gentle hardened boy's nipples, with a force squeezed them, again began to cover them with kisses. A time later Zulfia ordered to turn over to Kirill on a stomach and began "to mass" the boy's bottom. The girl rumpled in hands of a buttock of the boy, moved apart them, caressed his perineum; the girl tried to take both an anus and the boy's willy at once. At this time strongly cheered up little Lola tickled soles of boyish legs, in reply the boy ridiculously jerked legs. Unexpectedly Lola stopped this cheerful fuss, took off suddenly from herself a dress and pants, climbed up a mattress and, having taken seat on hunkers, began to touch by the pretty buttocks of the boy's bottom. In reply the boy, cheerfully giggling, too I began to move the bottom. - And give now everything together we will be touched by pussies - I offered Kiryush. Girls, already horney while caressed the boy, instantly agreed. Zulfia took off the golubenky jeans too and removed panties. Little girls as if on command rose, kneeled on a mattress, so, that the boy could concern them the reared chlenik, and slightly placed legs. Closer to the boy there was Lola therefore Kirill at first touched with the dick a pussy of the younger girl, having had at the same time absolutely fantastic feeling. Lola shifted legs, thereby having densely pressed a malchishy dick to the pussy, and began to rub a pussy about the teenager's dick. Having instantly made horney, Kirill felt that he just about will terminate, and stopped the girl, than Zulfia wasn't slow to use.