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Yes, we so also presented it to ourselves according to stories by friends: almost total absence of people and wave from 2 to 3 m high. The biggest problem for us was represented by the huge blocks of rocks hidden under water. However, having bypassed the sea coast several times, all of us found the comfortable beach and rather wide place free from reefs. It was magnificent. Taste of salt on our lips, and this strong the gusty wind from the land raising huge waves. Several hours we plowed the waves foaming, raging foam, new fans of surfing gradually appeared. In the end izmochalenny, we failed near our boards on sand and watched two skilled surfers. "Just skill top! More best it can't be presented" - delighted Hendrik exclaimed. "For Europe really fertile conditions" - I agreed with him. It is noisy отфыркиваясь, to us on the sea coast of subrowing these two sea riders. "Today, however, with driving it is necessary to cum" - some of them were shaken out by sand from trousers. I with fixed curiosity looked at its the sleeping dick who, despite not so warm water, was the impressive sizes. Hendrik followed my look and extended lips a tubule. The second of children noticed our interested views and got up so that we could see how he in close proximity to us rinsed the shorts. He had very trained body and when he bent, on his hips under the smooth, reddened skin excitingly played strong ropes of muscles. His halves of strong buttocks excited extremely. He had to feel our views as he unexpectedly turned and smiled to us. These tempered bodies and a set of small drops of water on their skin filled my dick with life, out of the corner of the eye I noticed, as at Hendrik his core is extended from joyful admiration. However, my look was primagnichivat by these tempting Aquariuses who with the trousers in hands went now to us, and I understood on them not to such lifeless, and bulked-up sausages any more that our attention gives pleasure to them. "And long ago you already here?" - larger of them took an interest at me. "No, we arrived only yesterday, in the second half of day" - I answered it, grinning. "Herbert, and is Stefan" - he offered to me a hand. "Pierre and Hendrik" - was presented I and responded to handshake. It seemed to me that I noticed a short spark in his blue eyes when our hands adjoined. "Today the surf just hammers trousers with sand. You were actually lucky, it is the first day when from the sea you derive pleasure" - Herbert fell near me. "You're right, between legs as if sandpaper walked" - I rose and now went to water too. Instinctively I felt that they preferred men too, and didn't hide from them the excitement any more. I pulled together the shorts and lowered them in the running waves. I was made rather horney by their views, however, without shame was developed to them by the person. Their eyes burned me between legs, they saw my tension and when also Hendrik without pants joined me, the atmosphere was heated. Everyone knew that it is necessary for him from another, knew about the general arrangement to each other. "Let's leave for rocks, there not such strong wind" - Stefan offered, and I was sure that it was only a pretext. A glance I agreed with Hendrik, his short nod confirmed with the head to me, as he doesn't refuse. We picked up the bags and left with our new acquaintances in a crevice between rocks. While we dragged then still our boards, I felt the increasing desire in the loins and when we, at last, took seat on towels, I could be convinced that such "condition of standing" not only at me. Herbert lay rather close from me and looked absolutely frankly at my towering men's advantage. At his stare my treasured spear jumped up in height, and this instant rising on racks was a secret signal of start. He nestled on me even more densely. I to feel his warm breath on the breast when he was slowly inclined over me and put the hand on my hip. Uncertainly I looked askance towards Hendrik, however and his hand didn't lie any more where it was possible to assume it accidental gesture, and, having finally given in, I allowed Herbert to put softly myself on a back. He still lay on one side near me, tenderly stroke-oared my hips which went goosy at once. My intense trunk stood at attention between my legs, and his fingers approached it with painful sluggishness. It drew near me even more densely, and I turned to it the person. His lips were slightly open, and the pink tip of language hopped between his white teeth. Insuperable desire pierced my body which is eager for sex and when his lips touched mine, my hand slipped to his trunk. His still moist skin gleamed and made horney me extremely. Our lips came off from each other, in my language there was a bitter smack of salty water when his strong fingers were closed around my heated head. I looked down, sighing considered his hand caressing me and, in intense expectation of further steps, sprawled on sand. With the burning eyes it removed my lace curtain down, having bared a knob which began to make horney softly a hand thumb in all beauty. My back trembled, passionately wishing further touches, and here it with all diligence began to process my ripened tree heavy traffics of a hand on all its length. My heart stood, and the body in tension lasted to him towards, strengthening his hot massage. Centimeter behind centimeter it began to move lips on my body, kissed my hardened nipples on a breast and brought my body into the ignited fire. In his eyes I saw unrestrained desire, felt how now, on the sinful way down, it left behind the tickling trace on my skin, I seized him still crude hair and pressed his beautiful face deeply to myself between legs. However, he couldn't be hit from the chosen route. While he covered the distance to my flaring brand, I, full of passion, waited for touches to her his soft lips. His skillful language skillfully in was drilled in my navel, only for several seconds lingered on this susceptible place and, driving me to despair, slowly continued the way exhausting me. With groan I raised the head, having felt as it pulled teeth my hair on a pubis, and: yes, please and: his silky lips stood over my inflated tip. The brilliant lightning pierced my shuddering phallus, turned my balls into rigid spheres, and... isn't present and., now his fingers stuck around the contracting sack. Literally boiling, following instincts, my body vibrated under these shameless touches, and with the pulsing thighs I slid the pest deeply in his hot mortar. Voluptuously it followed towards my movements, moved the head back and forth and at the same time firmly squeezed lips. Their enormous pressure became stronger, and it had to feel that It can occur every second. From extreme excitement at me blood boiled. His hand clasped the breaking-off column, and rigid, almost brutal movements it directed me to long-awaited accident. With the squeezed shout of voluptuousness I began to be discharged. Immediately it returned the mouth into place, having continued the интимныймассаж and: yes, yes: Widely open eyes I saw how hot fountains of my nectar hurried in height. My balls blew up. As the heated magma, the juice facilitating me through my heated pipes directed and hard pushes I left the exhausted crater. All new and new streams my torturer the fingers torturing me milked dry and forced under my groans to all to new and new outpourings. He couldn't resist to a stream of my fragrant cum and rushed as being parched with thirst on a storming source. His firm lips lewd movements greedy exhausted last straws from razinuty as for stridently shout, a horn, and I, hardly taking breath, saw animal desire which wildly flashed in his reddened eyes. Panting, he rose, and I was horrified when I made out size him mighty clubs between legs. Soft pressure he moved apart my thighs even more, took the horney precious miracle of the nature in hand and directed to is red the heated top to my brilliant head. I falteringly breathed heavily when both of our the peeled-off ends adjoined and when he squeezed both knobs, my body desired this donor of pleasures. I had to own though a part him, to touch him, to feel him in itself, and I rose. In lewd greed I overturned it, and he surprised with an unexpected pressure fell on a back. Instantly I was on him, widely spread his legs and, without losing seconds, closed the greedy lips around this key to paradise. The taste of his desire directed on my language and I lost any shame. I rigidly pressed the intense language in a small notch at top of this monster, having completely delayed a lace curtain. The powerful spear inflated even more, having filled all cavity of my mouth, and as the thirsting kid, I fiercely sucked the hardened trunk. My hand was based upon thin skin of his burning spear, sent it to guilty narrowness of my mouth. Puffing it was curved by the flaring back to me towards. I felt that his blows bring closer ecstasy, but before long-awaited apogee it suddenly swelled up, having refused torture. He stared at me a blank look. His peak convulsively I shuddered before my eyes, however I didn't belong to me. "What are you doing with me? I will burn down" - he nearly cried. Without telling a word, I rose and developed. On all four I was bent before it and offered it the seductive bum while before me his friend Stefan kneelt. On his slightly fallen down dick I guessed that it already visited paradise, but I couldn't resist to the remarkable dick which arose just before my eyes and an imploring look asked to try him on taste With a light face he conceded to my entreaty and allowed this miracle to disappear between my opened lips. Suddenly I felt Herbert's hands on my buttocks which were full of melancholy and saw how now and my friend Hendrik bypasses me and becomes a row. His peak I looked for the purpose, and I knew what it counted on, and... ah!, I felt Herbert's finger in the socket which yearned from impatience. I released the phallus which woke up to new life from the mouth and looked round around. Hendrik was just shamelessly curved forward, and Herbert opened the sacrificed lips in an anticipation of unearthly pleasure. The voluptuous picture forced me to vibrate from passionately desirable pleasure, and I rushed towards to even more excited continuation. Hendrik's hips struck blows everything with big voluptuousness, his heated lifesaver buried in a mouth of Herbert who with desire swallowed this strong staff in all its length. Quacking now and then from shameless pleasure my friend strong held Herbert's head, his blows became even more rigid. The outcome had to happen during every moment. Here! I selflessly monitored powerful eruption of the friend. His tanned belly muscles strained, his mouth opened in silent shout, having sharply set hips forward, he unloaded puffing and grunting in a lewd mouth. Movements were so strong that its love пест having jumped up escaped from the sucking lips, and warm honey of passion was splashed out on my shivering rolls. I exactingly set up them even closer to it to intercept each drop of his seed of passion. As electrified, I rose when warm streams zashlepat on my bottom, and my anticipation of ecstasy became painful. I couldn't wait more, had to feel, at last, in myself the huge men's dignity of Herbert! For now rushed in uncontrollable aspiration to Stefan's penis shivering before my eyes. Struck with the rapid attack, Stefan cried when I stuck into his magnificent thingummy again and began to be treated with it, gentle biting. His inflamed look stuck into me, and I sought to chew more and more and more and more firmly the teeth his live meat. Someone's hands ransacked on my body... yes!, I ask!, please!. Herbert's fingers smeared a silky cum on still eager rolls of my bottom, greased as I wash with cream the socket which was full of passion. I knew what has to follow it and tried to relax, contrary to the greed overwhelmed me, and.... about!. perfectly! The finger promoted in my close gate of desire and carefully prepared it for reception of dear visitor. More deeply and more deeply the guilty finger was pressed in me, is promising hopping in the close channel and distributing velvet lubricant. I puffed, all fibers were directed towards to hot copulation and when, this intelligence agent left an entrance to me, I without shame plaintively moaned. Mine of a knee shivered, I couldn't hold more a hard club in a mouth and pushed out it language back. During this moment I felt as the big warm guest breaks my back closet, and tried to relax deep uniform breaths. Pressure of the guest amplified, became almost intolerable, and, at last, my gate was slightly opened, and the heated kernel millimeter behind millimeter squeezed in me. This monster brought me to white heat, I felt how his hard head sharply unclenched my walls, and I floated in ecstasy. Herbert stopped for the short moment, gave me still some time for relaxation, adaptation to his giant. Though to me it was very sore, I passionately wished to receive it in all his greatness and nestled now in return on the plug bringing me unknown satisfaction. Herbert felt the lust burning me and vburavitsya even more deeply in me. Each following centimeter forced to shudder my body in a passionate, violent fever and spent me on edge of despair. "How many still remained centimeters? Whether it is possible to incorporate really him completely?" - me serious doubts came to the head, but my desire was just too big, and I rested even stronger towards to this steel torpedo which bit now is mad deeply in my excited flesh. I stopped to experience this wonderful size in myself, and raskoryachitsya even more. Herbert felt that happens to me, and began very careful movements the love act full of sensuality. Voluptuously I bent the back, facilitating him as could, penetrations, and enjoyed the abundance of others subject exhausting me, enjoying intensive friction of his flaring golovna about my treasured walls. The soft rhythm began to be accelerated, and all-consuming desire is more and more of me. His balls hit against my back more and stronger. I with groan nestled on it when his heated spear deep penetrations penetrated me through. My balls instinctively contracted, strengthening a voluptuous impulse of each following blow. Here I felt a treacherous podragivaniye of his spear also understood that at any time he will terminate, and is valid.... Having painfully moaned, he shot the boiling passion in me, and each of his hot fountains forced me to shudder. At present resistance to penetration weakened, and I enjoyed each new blow of the hips which got out of his hand. My greed grew every second and when his viscous cum began to pour out from me and to flow down on my balls, I felt passed via the meat grinder. Nevertheless, I sought to hold the weakening giant in itself, however, completely squeezed out, he slipped out. My lewd body flared, demanded still, and I didn't manage to comprehend the event, his friend Stefan kneelt behind me and tired out into prior notice the heated pig to me in a bum. I shouted in all throat. Not left a trance yet, I was strung on a new stick which used me with a mad speed at once. I felt how the cum of the previous partner was squeezed out of me as on my ball sack new streams run, and now was finally given to passion. Without ceasing to cry out, I snatched on the mast hollowing me, pressing in myself all it to the last millimeter, was curved from unrestrained voluptuousness and: and - and - ah! Strong fingers promoted on my stomach and began to mass my blazing torch rigid pushes. Overwhelmed by passion, I moved the boiling basin, and each movement brought me pain and infinite satisfaction. I flew to and fro as a tennis ball, all my body burned, and already again the heated spear weakened in my boiling grotto, and I senselessly muttered, bashed out by the hand torturing me who seized now even more firmly my phallus shouting of the help. My temples clenched, pulse stood, and, at last, wildly squeezed me, and I, having choked, scattered in the palms squeezing my phallus. With a shiver in legs I shot a cum to myself on a stomach and felt how others hand squeezed out of me last straws. And having already run low, I, absolutely exhausted, was tumbled down on a stomach. Out of the corner of the eye I saw how Hendrik came nearer as he was inclined to me and gently kissed me on a nape. Pleasantly weakened, I enjoyed his caress. Having hardly turned over on a back, I admitted: "It was finer, than the best sea wave!"