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Day passed as usual, all have supper behind a table d'hote and dispersed to sleep. Our dacha is a big old rural house with several rooms and bedrooms. The small bedroom in the most distant wing was allocated to me, the aunt was put to spend the night on a couch in the room adjoining mine, and the parental bedroom was in an opposite wing of the house. At night I woke up and started wandering in the dark towards the bathroom. Passing through the room where the aunt fell down, I heard hardly audible snore and in the twilight distinguished an aunt's figure on a couch: she slept on one side, having slightly drawn in legs and having rested knees against a couch back. The thin sheet serving as a blanket hardly closed her back. Judging by noisy breath, the aunt slept tight. I on tiptoe crept to a sofa and slowly kneeled at his edge. I remember how my heart beat for nervousness and just deafened me by knock in ears. The shivering fingers I carefully raised a sheet and put it above, having bared an aunt's back and a bottom. From above on the aunt the white t-shirt, and from below — black thongs, hardly noticeable in the dark was put on. In the first second even it seemed to me that white hemispheres of a bottom as if slightly shining in the twilight, absolutely naked. It excited me even more. I looked narrowly at a thin strip of fabric, having bent down so close that her skin as if drenched me with hot heat. Fabric of panties went down between hemispheres of a roundish female bottom, densely covered chubby sponges of a perineum and disappeared there further, in the direction of a pubis where nothing was visible to me. I held the breath once again listened to an aunt's easy pokhrapyvaniye. And also to sounds in the house: it was absolutely silent, and the aunt fell down indifferently. I very slowly touched fabric of her panties, having pressed the shivering fingers her lines are slightly lower than a belt. Shchipok I hooked on thongs, I hooked and slowly I pulled up, moving fingers is lower and lower to a perineum. The stripe of panties rose and stepped aside, gradually opening for me white skin between bottom hemispheres, the compressed ringlet of an anus and slightly swollen, covered with curled hairs lips. The strip of panties was hooked for a body and so stood aside, without hiding from me the bared female delights. Me directly shook from excitement. Before I never saw female details so close and so freely. I listened to her breath and sounds in the house again — everything was quiet. Worrying, I touched with a finger-tip the bottom of vulvar lips — where they meet together again. They seemed to me incredibly gentle and soft. I guessed to moisten a finger with saliva and slowly, carefully carried out by it on all length of petals of a vagina, feeling their extraordinary softness. The aunt's bud was absolutely pliable under my fingers, and her breath in the dark didn't change at all. I grew bolder, once again wetted a finger and began to look for an entrance to depth. After several awkward, but very careful pressings on petals my finger slipped in depth of a female body. Damp heat captured me, fingertips moved apart soft fabrics of walls and plunged more and more deeply. I scaredly listened to breath of the woman, tremblingly expecting that she will suddenly wake up and imperceptibly I won't manage to pull out a finger. But isn't present, she slept. I moved a finger inside, remembering unusual feelings, and dreamed to feel contact of these gentle walls with skin of the dick. It has to be for certain unusually pleasant... My finger wandered and wandered in damp depth, trying to get more and more deeply and to feel everything until I pulled out it carefully. Having slightly grown bolder, I was tried on and touched by a finger-tip of her anus, the core. Heart missed a bit from a fright because her ringlet suddenly contracted and pushed out my finger. I stood, listening to breath and being going to run away or hide. However the aunt pokhrapyvat in the same rhythm, without having got off at all. Waiting, I stayed several minutes, but nothing changed. She slept. I implanted the finger-tip into her buttocks again and slightly pressed. The ringlet tried to push out me, didn't cope and so it was necessary to keep, is elastic having captured a fingertip from all directions. I pressed a moist finger and it slipped slightly more deeply. Elastic resistance of this opening of the woman at the same time and a scarecrow, also made horney me. Suddenly she will wake up from such invasion? Some more careful pressings alternated by expectation several minutes — and here my finger plunged into her buttocks already half! Strong elastic muscles that squeezed me, but is weakened shrouded, but the improbable forbidenness of the events concerned me even more, than these feelings. I suddenly understood that to take out a finger imperceptibly can be even more difficult, than enter it. Nevertheless, I continued to push the finger into female buttocks. When it almost plunged, it came about quite naturally so that other finger got into a vagina. I bent fingers a bracket and they almost adjoined through openings of the sleeping woman. I felt how the forefinger small pillow from a tip big is separated by only some thin internal stenochka. I as though held the aunt for a perineum with two fingers, having shipped them is deep in her body and feeling as they almost adjoin there inside. It was such improbable impression! In the head of me own heartbeat crashed, hands shook, all body burned with shame and impermissibility of the events. My dick was just broken off from excitement and if I wasn't afraid to rustle, I would begin to humour him directly here. The crazy thought came to my mind. The rural couch was so low that I, being kneeling, could concern easily the dick of an aunt's perineum. I very slowly, with regret pulled out fingers from gentle fabrics, lowered a little the pants and directed a dickhead to the purpose. In a pose in which the aunt fell down to reach the dick her vagina it was almost unreal. But I could touch rough skin of an anus without problems that I also tried to make. The head, slippery from my own lubricant, slightly rested against a hard ringlet of an anus. I carefully inhaled and exhaled, enjoying this feeling — I had no woman yet, and this feeling of touch to a body was for me new. In comparison with an aunt's opening the head seemed huge — however, in general held apart a trunk from excitement so that it seemed to me as if it doubled in volume. I slightly pressed all over, wishing only that the soft head of my dick contracted and the elastic ringlet shrouded it on all surface. And occurred except that the female body suddenly accepted head half-centimeter inside. The anus slightly relaxed and passed a slippery tip deep into, only holding him from all directions. My heart was driven in absolutely without restraint. I felt that only several movements — and I will terminate almost without efforts. I intolerably wanted these several movements, pressed still — and the head plunged into aunt's buttocks on two thirds. Slippery, smooth, she so easily entered that I hardly managed to slow down a push that she didn't slip all. I pressed her on several millimeters, and here the hard ringlet of an anus almost completely captured my head, giving me unusual new feelings. I incredibly slowly, pining with excitement and suffering from this sluggishness, I made absolutely small movement backwards-forward. Each millimeter of the movement was given in me by pleasure — rather from the thought that I, still almost the boy, nedozvolenno stick the adult woman on a dick. Listening through booming knock of my heart to her breath, I even secretly wanted that she woke up and realized the events. Drove some more painfully slow movements, and already sharp feeling of an orgasm absolutely close. I was unwillingly removed from her desired body and finished itself, having wiped a hand about pants. I was torn apart by desire to drop though a drop on her buttocks, but I restrained. Suddenly she will notice in the morning? Sexual excitement slightly subsided, I hasty returned aunt's panties into place, having covered her delights and having concerned them finally, covered her with a sheet again and quietly went in the dark to a toilet to wash up hands. When I went back, she already slept on a back and I suddenly thought what after all would be if she woke up and saw my manipulations over myself. Being burned with shame, I dashed away to myself to the bedroom and long couldn't fall asleep, listening to feelings and touching memoirs in all details. I dreamed that she suddenly will wake up, will come and will lay down with me, was afraid that she will find unknown to me sign of my invasion in the morning and will occur goodness knows what.