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Here it, prints again - "Lonely wealthy mister will get acquainted with the same lonely woman having the juvenile daughter will give solid material support, will prepare and will suit the girl in prestigious college. "The belief remembered how long she puzzled over sense of this announcement. Especially the phrase about material support bewitched as if the sweet stupefying poison. "Material support" moreover "solid" - oh as it was necessary to the woman brought to extreme poverty and despair! Ho at what here "the juvenile daughter"? Then she understood... The woman extinguished a cigarette about an edge of a bench and began to consider the Muscovites walking on the autumn boulevard. Two days she made the response message. You will write something not so - will reject who knows. Pretenders for certain there will be not one ten - lonely mummies now hardly no more, than married and provided. Eventually I decided to write everything as is actually. Come what may. Surprisingly, but he called. The truth his questions seemed quite strange. He was interested in physical these girls more - growth, weight. Fatness (!). Was interested - whether not whimsical? Agreed about a meeting. He was rather pleasant man, average years. It was possible not to doubt his solvency. Ha his background Vera with the daughter, in the old worn-out boots and nylon jackets, seemed just slobs from the children's fairy tale. Nevertheless it didn't confuse it, and having learned that in Moscow they have nobody any more, Vera's parents lived in Saratov, even as it seemed, was delighted. Generally, acquaintance took place. He began to invite them to himself home. From the very first days Vera of a pochuvstvov "and some strangeness in his behavior. Ha Belief he almost didn't pay attention, but Katkaya looked after, as the little fairy. Houses he had many toys, and instead of a bathtub - the small pool in which expensive children's toys swam too. Katka, having seen such wealth floating in crystal-clear bluish water right there it wanted to undress and be bought in this fantastic variety. The belief strictly straightened out the daughter - behave decently, we on a visit after all. However the owner, apparently, thought differently. He in general, appear, was ready to execute any her whim. The belief even felt in itself something similar to jealousy. Katka stripped to the skin and resolutely entered water. She cheerfully lapped among inflatable crocodiles, turtles and other toy exotic. The man attentively watched the girl's game. Ha his face soared a pleased smile. At some point Vera felt as though superfluous in this situation. It was unpleasant and disturbing feeling. She tried to be disconnected from these thoughts and tenderly touched for a shoulder of the hospitable owner, having suggested two of them to leave the girl especially as that so was fond of a game that nobody isn't necessary to her here, and to pass to the room, to chat, get to know. The man somehow strange looked at her, but after all left the bathroom. - "The child, her only to play" - Vera told, he is tender and it is promising looking at the man. However that was as though I am angry by something. After a long pause, he as if deliberated - to say or not to tell, he opened a purse and got the large sum of money. The belief never saw so much money at once. - "Sorry, I have no house of products at all, and I so would like to treat you, you could go on the market and buy what you will only wish. My driver will bring you" Vera became puzzled. However the cold polite tone and any authoritativeness concluded in his words didn't allow her to refuse. She took money, put on and went. Ha a way back the car broke and she long waited until the driver eliminates malfunction. When in three hours she entered the apartment, Katka already sat at a table, eating greedily a huge piece of cake. The man indifferently looked on trust - "A-and, already came. No, isn't present delivery keep". The belief was taken aback. She and half couldn't spend though she gathered two huge bags of products, assuming to blow the mind of the man the culinary abilities. In ten minutes, having referred to some urgent affairs, he let know that - it is time for them. Every other day everything repeated to within trifles - the pool, products, the market, breakage of the car, money... The belief began to guess that just pay it for that it dangled about an hour two - three it so far... What? From careful inquiries of Katki the picture cleared up, however that money which at her began to increase, forced to see these things differently. Somehow once she found Katka in tears and a hysterics - the uncle hurt her. Words are told by him counted mothers the sum ten times big, than usually and said goodbye to next time. He called in two days and indifferently invited to himself. Katka flatly refused to go there. I roared, I complained, I rolled up hysterics with snivels. Then, however, I calmed down. And in the last time so nearly with pleasure runs there - toys are pleasant to it... Пизда healed, and doesn't remember it as though it is valid now "prepares in college"... The woman opened a handbag, pushed inside a hand, having with satisfaction felt the rough crackling notes under fingers. "Well still same to find, "lonely", - the cynical, greedy thought flashed in the head. I looked at the watch, I rose and I went to an entrance...