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I was nearly one head lower than peers and practically twice already in shoulders. Girls didn't notice me, and guys belonged contemptuously. But one day the ray of hope flashed. Group of the most cool guys of our class usually stood separately from all if only someone didn't try to be glued to some nice schoolmate. And so. They talked about something, and then Vince (a name he had Victor, but all called him Vince) and Armen went to me with bad grins. I thought: "There now, prepared the next mockery", but isn't present. Vince began: "Well and? Do you cost one to Che here how the dork? I lifted up to us to be an eyesore. Generally listen here." The fear paralyzed me and I stood silently and looked at them the scared eyes. No I could squeeze out a word. Armen continued: "Is shorter at тя there is a chance to hang out with us. But you have to prove that you aren't a dork, and the accurate boy." The devil, as I then was happy! I repeatedly would kill Kennedy if they asked. But Vince summed up the result: "You will do us Taizé and you will have to us to pour on a hut as the man. We will wash your acceptance". Certainly, I agreed. And then I began to consider convulsively as to me to turn all this. The main problem was that my father - the fireman, and mother is a doctor. They work on changes and these shifts practically never coincide. In other words, someone constantly was at home! I on the party device some had money and it was necessary only to settle a question with the apartment. To try to persuade on it the father there was a dead duck. To him there was never a business to my problems. On any problem he had an answer: "No, be a man". Means it was necessary to try to persuade somehow mother. It is necessary to tell that mother very much cared for me and even I wrote out to me references from physical culture. Ah yes I forgot everything to describe: All action happened at the end of April when I studied in 9 m a class. I was lean, pale. I was 14 years old. My mother was very beautiful woman with the elastic slightly distributed buttocks and quite large breast. She was only 33 years old and therefore she very watched herself and always looked super. The curling chestnut-colored hair to shoulders and blue eyes. And very kind smile. It was a beauty. Sometimes I got from a basket with dirty linen her panties and smelled them. But there will be enough retreats. When wasn't at home the father, I very long ached before elicited at mother to organize a party at our place. But she laid down a condition that will remain in the apartment to control process. I was forced to agree. With alcohol it was difficult too. If the small bottle of beer could be bought in 14 years, then to be overstocked with goods by vodka – an absolute nonsense. But mother helped. Probably she experienced the share of responsibility for my reputation in school and tried to make a feasible contribution. I chose day when the father left for work till late morning and reported about it to boys. "Well, and that we thought what you already changed the mind, and now bring down from here. We didn't accept you yet" - they answered. Generally in the evening guests began to gather. Mother set the table. Generally the booze began. Guys cracked over some subjects. I laughed out of politeness too. It was necessary to join collective. Alcohol scattered quickly enough, and mother continually ran and brought snack. I strongly became tipsy and therefore I dropped out of life a little. I paid attention that mother was tried to persuade to sit down with us and she as a result agreed to dilute our men's campaign. Then I was parted forcibly and ordered to go to buy still beer. I didn't begin to altercate and was glad to do a favor. I put on and went. On the street already darkened. In stalls over and over again refused to sell me alcohol and I left further and further. Took plenty of time to find a stall where I could buy all necessary, and then I went home. To drag all this beer to one it was very tiresome, and I continually sat down to take rest. Having come back home, I found nobody in the hall, but from the parental bedroom unclear sounds reached. "It what him included a porno of a chtola?" - I thought then and I went there. I opened a door and was stupefied with what was seen: Mother lay across a bed, and near her head and a bum there were Armen and Igor. The naked bum of mother looked directly at me, her dressing gown was lifted up nearly to shovels, and panties are lowered to knees. Yes, my mother was fucked from two parties, and she didn't notice how I entered. She only with pleasure groaned. Other guys jerked off on this show and in turn touched her boobs, having got them from a dressing gown. I was stupefied and stood, as driven until Vince showed the door me for a door. He led me to the hall. "Not парься, you don't mind what we will have a good time here? You are a good fellow, cool I poured and even the calf organized. You now one of us. On here, bitterns" - Vince told me in the trustworthy tone, and stretched me a two-liter bottle of beer, one that I brought. "Aaaa as? As you it … well you …" - I mumbled. "Well we podpoit her, and then told that you are all the same a sucker and with us you can't hang out. Pier of a vecherukh rotten. She began to acquit you. Well we also filled up her on a sofa and told that if gives, then we accept you. She broke, of course, but then her pizda began to flow and she took away us to the bedroom". Then Vince left, and I sat with a bottle of beer and tried to comprehend the event, but didn't leave in any way. Mother's groans demented me. I went to the bedroom again and carefully slightly opened a door. Inside smelled of sex. The mother's pizda squelched, accepting in itself Vince's dick. On the other side of it Anton fucked in a mouth. Mother at the same time languidly lowed. My excitement overflowed and I began to jerk off, trying to maintain conspiracy. In such pose it was fucked long enough. Then her ordered to sit down on Kolyan's dick, she executed it implicitly, then to her buttocks Armen began to be attached. She began to squeal a little and shout when both dicks began to move in her holes. Here to her the mouth was shut the dick, and she started over again lowing. And then violently I terminated soon. Its began to fuck on three and cumed directly in that hole which fucked. Mother was fucked very quickly, rigidly and greedy, trying not to detain turn, and she cumed everything and cumed az's time at once. So proceeded very long. When all mother's thighs were soiled by the cum following from a vagina, forced it to the knees and forced to suck all in turn. And then began to lower it in a mouth and on the person. One of the first Vince lowered, and then sharply I went to an exit. He made it so quickly that I wasn't in time not that to hide, but also even to fill a dick in trousers. Vince laughed and again dragged me to the hall. And then severe tone I told: "Listen, Tosik, you don't want that your mummy learned about what you jerked off on how we fucked her?".