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Then to Katya there were 16. Crust 18. Katya with mother lived in the rental house on the edge of our village. I don't know how many was years to her mother, but when they together went along the street them it was possible to take for sisters. I learned once that her mother differs in very gay character. Once to us local children came from the neighboring village. "In difference of summer residents from us", in our village all children came for the summer from the city to grandmas and grandfathers. Local differed in absolutely wild character, but that time I with them got to talking. There are they came to the maid to whom they closely communicated last evening. I was surprised. All of us went last night to bathe and in the village no maids there should be. According to the description I understood that it was Liouba Katya's mother. According to them she allowed them practically everything. But so far we will return to Katya and Nastya. The younger girlfriend soon began to listen spellbound to Nastya and in everything to obey. Under her influence Katya began to wear absolutely short skirts and shorts. I put on the topics and undershirts baring a stomach. I looked at them when girls otsazhivatsya far away from the main company and Nastya told something to her. I was surprised by a look of Katya, she literally absorbed each word of Nastya. Once after the game with Nastya. In new year we with Nastya equipped in the forest far away from tracks the platform for games. Usually Nastya undressed to a goal, leaving only shoes, I tied by her hands behind the back. I put on a collar and to it a rope. I inserted a rubber dick with a tail on a reverse side into a bunghole. "This bagatelle was brought by Nastya". Also I began to send her around. On my order she ran throwing up legs to a breast, receiving from me on a lash to buttocks if I tried to touch by knees of boobs insufficiently. However, if tried that I received all the same. I shouted "igy", I took barriers, I was hit on boobs. In the same place we played from her the musical device. She kneelt before me, got hands for a back and clasped elbows. We developed with her the system of signals. For example I gave a flick to her and she began to speak by a "mechanical" voice - I damn! I damn! After slap in the face she got - I am a bitch! I am a bitch! So far I didn't give her щелбан on a forehead. Then she began - I am a huyesoska! The left ear - I am a laying! Right - I am a crud! Tightening up nipples I regulated on left the loudness of "device", on right tone from high to low. Twisting a nose speed. To adjust very ridiculously it was low, loudly and slowly. Or quickly, highly, quietly. But generally on mood. After such humiliations Nastya became such wet that when I then fucked her there even squelched. Here after such session I asked it once - What are you doing with Katya? - And you what you don't guess? having made innocent eyes Nastya in reply asked. - I Guess therefore we will change a question, what for? - you don't understand. - Nastya burst out laughing. - it seems to You that I change her and I tempt, actually if there is inside no need to be the slave that to tempt on it not probably. And if there is that all the same will creep out, sooner or later. So more better now than then. Besides there are you and to her with someone will develop talent. - Did you as for me solve?! - I was indignant. It really jarred on me. I was Nastya who isn't minding so far twisted girlfriends and even gradually operated guys, but to twist me! It to be pleasant to the man when present him the woman. But I in it noticed attempt to manipulate me. Nastya attentively looked at me and told - and here it isn't necessary to pretend that you don't understand what occurs and doesn't know that she is a slave on character. You couldn't but feel it. - Here she was from a part of the right. And I decided that all right let everything goes according to her plan. But it is possible to make changes. And I told her that I learned about Liouba, Katya's mother. At Nastya eyes inflamed at once. She really sucked at these boys? - according to them yes. But it is necessary to check, I answered - they will come today, it is necessary to take away all children from the village that there was no fight. And to spot. - Nastya thought. Yes you are right it is necessary to arrange it. In the evening we decided to go with children пожечь a fire for the neighboring forest and to fry shish kebabs. Under it Nastya was winded in shop to the village near our village and bought chicken. We waited for a fir-tree so far will darken and the company will begin to have fun. Then we under different pretexts came off the general heap and ran to us. According to stories by guys last time they "communicated" with Liouba in a collective-farm garden and we ran there trying to keep behind trees. It is good that night was without lunar. Approaching a garden we heard music, a loud laughter of guys and a cheerful female voice. And then were issued a fire. There were three guys and mother Kati. Apparently everything only began and Liouba of a ball is still dressed, - in linen is lower. and with enthusiasm I danced with one of guys, I knew him the healthy shestnadtsetiletny blockhead by nickname the Boar. We fought with him once. Two others, Cherokee dark boy of fifteen years and Brick, to him fourteen. He received the nickname for the person that it was possible to call - the muzzle asking a brick. All of them were dressed, the Boar and Liouba danced, Cherokee lay near a fire оперев the head on an elbow and in grease expressions commented as the Boar rumples the woman's bottom. The brick sat on a bottom on the other side of a fire holding on a lap the tape recorder. And you are the truth mother? I asked Cherokee. - the Truth! - Liouba answered. Wow! all three shouted. And the boar even tastefully slapped on the woman's bottom. In reply Liouba burst out laughing and got to kiss. - Boar! - I Shouted - Cherokee. - Cum a female to rumple in one mug, let's me be indulged! - He got up approached dancing pushed a hand between dancing having grasped Liouba by a breast tore off it from the Boar and having pressed "female" a back to himself one hand for boobs, and the second below a stomach, began to be turned with her. The woman raskhakhatatsya loudly and having got hands grasped the guy back. Cherokee continuing to rumple her boobs through a brassiere, other hand I took her and a chin and I turned her face to myself and слисся with her in a kiss. They stopped spinning. The guy kissed its one рукй rumpled boobs and the second got with her panties. Liouba hands caressed Cherokee on naked and the second pressed a hand of Cherokee to the pussy. From what was seen the Brick was made horney, I put the tape recorder, jumped up to a couple and having rejected Chiroki's hand seized the woman by a boob. He caught with the second hand it by hair and jerked on himself tearing off the girl from the guy. And judging by Liouba's shriek I hurt her. - You what a krpichara became impudent?! - the Cherokee Was indignant. But the Boar upokoit him. - Yes don't worry the brother of a laying will be enough for all. Author's E-mail: