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The monarchic decree I take away in soldiers you, you and you, - the officer in a white scarf pointed to three huge young people of men. - You too, - his finger indicated Vovchik. The mother began to wail. The tell-tale slightly knocked her butt fuze. Other women fell silent at once. - Here the silly woman, doesn't understand the happiness. The sonny is put, dressed, state meat every day and coins in a burse tinkle. And war of times in a year! Disperse! - the officer proorat, the clearing became empty at once. - Wash recruits in a bath, dress up in monarchic clothes, to a simple step a bit teach and carry out on a selets. Let the arrogance at them will leap, and lads will envy! - the lieutenant ordered to terribly moustached sergeant, - then in a barn lock that not sbegl. - Will run away I will mark, month you won't get up, - he addressed already the head, - Ali Soloninki's zaychatinka from a paunch order them bring, distiller's beers how many will want. The good fellow Ali of widows who are eager lock with them. To me give couple of maids yes about harcha attend. The sergeant pushed Vovchik. - It leave, with me will settle in the mansion, - the lieutenant held it. - To the diploma notably you understand, the father the priest told. I in your years only put crosses. I too from the village in amusing soldiers was taken away, the guardsman now! - The lieutenant it is proud I stuck out shoulders. - You, the simpleton, cute yes competent, will far go! And treasury will leave and ranks will give! Погодь, the beard should be scratched out, probably you aren't able to do itself! While the soldier scraped in the yard to Vovchik a beard, the head brought even three women: - We are very eager for monarchic people! - Ouch yes head, ouch yes well done! - the lieutenant rumpled tits and bums, women from pleasantness giggled. - Aunts are good! Petrov! The sergeant started. - About women attend, humour properly to monarchic people someone to someone on a billeting itself you will define. And give maids to me! - kindly the officer ordered to the head, - yes don't take in head to heat lordly horomina, firewood to translate a nech, a little room equip with the small stove, and skins on a floor накидай, bear Ali sheepskin. Погодь, drink wine state. The head drank a mug, began to cough, vodka in villages never before wasn't seen, only in the big capitals she was, and followed maids. - What the father the barin will you desire to try? - the key keeper Arina Ignatovna low bowed. There was she in a black chlamys to the floor, and the scarf wrapped up the person. - We are the people simple, че there is that and give! Oleninki, kabanyatinka, small fishes nice, pies, mushrooms, to a kvask cowberry and apples soaked. - The lieutenant felt a chlamys from all directions, and the kerchief moved apart, - and there was a wish to me твово for a sweet body. We will go to a bath we will be washed, after and to fornication we will indulge? - You are a barin the squirt, - the key keeper laughed, - long ago me nobody okhazhivat, окромя our barin! We will go! - I know your barin Grishka, serves in the Ambassadorial Order. You will arrange nice fornication, I will win you in cards! The village I was granted the Sovereign Pyotr Alekseyevich, it is necessary to attend to the good key keeper. We will only wait for maids, the head will deliver soon. And it that for miracles? - the lieutenant oblapit the domestic maid Verka who filled a zakusochka, she raskhikhikatsya. - The barin don't open wide a lip, Verka is chaste the maid, for Grigory of the barin is preserved! - Arina Ignatovna grinned. - The good fellow the maid, very much I respect a tselkost and I never touch. And from a potitkanye to the maid won't decrease! Yes the barin don't call me, from slaves in people it was beaten out, call me Oleshka, at celebrations \"mister lieutenant \"! One more woman arose. The key keeper confessed: - You forgive Oleshenk, with rural whores nevmestno to fornication to be given me. The head brought, I sent to their recruits. Stepashka instead of them will be. - Painfully the hudovat, - tooth the lieutenant disappointedly hushed.