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Week already passed! - Pancake, Pasha, you buggered off with the tricks! – I for fun hit the interlocutor on a hand. - Dianka, it is not my magazine. Dad. He wasn't necessary all week to him, and here suddenly bethought. It is necessary to explain to him that yes why. And so I would throw him on a coffee table, and business from the end. - All right, Pasha, I understood your position, - I told and promised to come at once after school home to my friend Alexey, to take away brand new Hastler and in the shortest possible time to bring to Pashka home. - Well, Bai, – Pashka bent and kissed me. I didn't answer his kiss and felt as the uvula of the guy slipped on my close lips. - Listen, Dianka, don't become angry. Not for nothing I started this conversation. To me this Hastler already in where sits! – The pasha seized himself by a throat I imitate a suffocation. – The dad as brains went: "where magazine" and "where magazine". Bring you it to me, and business from the end! And in a week when everything is forgotten, I will give him to you again, the word of honor. Well if you are more tender, of course.... With these words of Pasch I tried to kiss me again. I understood that it is so simple not to get off him, embraced him one hand, slightly raised the head and we began to be licked. His hand walked on my breast, and Pasha pleased with lack of a brassiere began to lift up to me an undershirt. Fingers roamed on my cambers, groped the hardening nipple on the left breast. It squeezed it between big and a forefinger and slightly twisted. My hand did the same way, only to the right breast. My uvula began to give in to a pressure of pashkiny language, and here he already in all shurut at me in a mouth. I felt as the most sweet languor filled a body, extended from a breast of a stomach down. The body relaxed and became soft. I increased pressing a nipple, very quickly zaterebit him a finger. Pashka, the skilled activator, continued to twist a pea of other nipple and to lick to me a mouth. The pussy began to flow. A second more – and I won't be able to do with myself anything!. I slightly pushed away the friend. - Well you, Pashk, - I exhaled, correcting an undershirt. – Still will notice someone... The pasha released my breast, pushed a hand under a skirt and ran a finger from an entrance to a vagina to a clitoris, added some more fingers, groped the bulked-up vulvar lips and began to stroke them. - Leave me...! I already all wet already.... The pasha wanted to continue to kiss and caress, but I already slipped out ours with him a secluded recess on the top floor of school. Places of our secret meetings where we told each other many secrets. I hope that the window sill on which we so liked to sit will never start talking... Smiling, it looked to me following. I corrected a skirt and an undershirt, Pashke waved a hand and ran on the last lesson. After school I ran home to Alexey (to my present boyfriend if someone else didn't guess) and on my good luck his house wasn't. It wasn't necessary to spend time for unnecessary explanations. Mother, the aunt Tanya which wanted acquaintance, our from Leshkaya, all the time that I called her just Tanya opened it. I passed to the room of my friend, found under a pillow Hastler (and it is valid, he what nadrachivat for the night?), also I put it in in advance prepared big dense envelope. Having glanced on kukhny and having told "So far, Tanya" I jumped out on the street, in warm April. It was necessary to bring the Pashke magazine only now. His apartment was on one of central city streets, in the old house repaired for new Russians. Pashkin the father, the director whether bank, whether the steamship company, extremely polite (he called me only on "you"), very young looking blonde, wore stylish glasses and kept a tight rein on the son. Pashka was afraid of him how fire though I never heard that he just raised the voice. I passed in a familiar entrance, called Intercom. Opened for me at once, without habitual rattling "someone there?". I rose by the floor, wanted to call already the apartment as suddenly I worked элекрозамок. "Probably I was seen in the cam", - it was thought to me. I came into a familiar corridor (once I fucked directly here, in front of a huge mirror) and without delay went to salon. This huge room combined with kitchen was the favourite place of pashkiny in general small family. With that account that my friend for the present didn't give a vote, I was ready to a surprise from his party. Or that he will shoot from crackers now, or will meet me absolutely naked in black stockings and a penyuara of his mother or that in his salon there will be two tens his friends who will begin to whistle and hoot as soon as I will enter... Cautiously I came and was convinced that the surprise took place! The father sat at a bar counter in the opposite end of the room, on a high bar stool without back, near an entrance on kitchen пашкин. On him there were trousers from a gray suit, the faultless pink shirt with gold cuff links and pink, but is slightly more dark also glyantsevy, a tie. - And... hello, - I mumbled. - Hello, – the voice of the pashkiny parent was extremely soft and friendly, and he, without having allowed me to come round, at once offered, - you Sit down.... He raised a hand a palm up, showed on the same high chair, as at him, but only opposite, on the other side of a bar counter...