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It seemed to me that Zhanna felt the same. One night she invited me to one party. When she told that after that I will be able to stay overnight at her - I without deliberating agreed. I came to her, having put on as much as possible sexually: honor the fitting black dress with a cut to a waist. When Zhanna saw me, exclaimed: - A marine, you look so that you there is a wish to eat. Now I understood that both of us think of same! - I am not up to the end dressed, - she spoke, enticing me to the room. - Come and give chat while I am in soul. I, of course, saw it almost naked during dances in club, but to see it now - it there was absolutely another. It threw off from itself clothes and dived into the bathroom filled with water directly on my eyes. I sat down on some small bench, trying to look away from her magnificent buttocks and a small bush of hair around which vials of water gathered. I imagined that I lower a hand in water and I move towards gentle skin between her legs, I stroke hands her internal sponges and I feel how legs are spread more widely, responding to my caress. - Marines, you don't listen to me at all! - Zhanna exclaimed, returning me to reality. I reddened, having thought that she could read my thoughts. Between legs at me it became hot and wet. I had an uncontrollable desire to seize her a hand and to pull to itself under a skirt. Ho I decided that now should be suffered still. Jean stopped washing and the type of her body covered with water droplets forced my legs to contract that there were forces. Ho now my excitement couldn't disappear from Zhanna's look and she unexpectedly told: - I forgot to tell you: I invited for us two guys - can, it just the fact that it is necessary for you. They have to come for us and bring to evening. Are Guys, easy on mention, right there called a door. - Open for them, please, until I put on - Zhanna asked. Intrigued, I went to open a door and saw on a threshold of two biggest men what I once had to see. In each of them there were about two meters of growth, and width they reminded cases. I involuntarily sat down in a curtsey whether having decided to test they are brought up so, are how huge. - My name is Danya, and him are Dima, - I told one of them, coming into the room. - Thinking that you are the Marine, you look precisely as Zhanna described. How they inspected me from legs to the head, having lingered on horney nipples which were fitted by a dress, and on my small buttocks, didn't leave me any doubts that Zhanna told them about me. And in that horney state in what I was, such opinion was even pleasant to me. During some time we three together sat on a sofa, I between two real men. Then I told: - Zhanna has to leave soon, kind of you wanted that I entertained you? One it was enough that each of them seized me by hips, tearing off a dress from shoulders. I leaned back back, enjoying how two pairs of hands massed to me a breast and caressed nipples, doing around them gentle circular motions. I love very much when are so played with my breast! A game went too far for me. I lifted a skirt, having bared the slender legs tightened in black tights. Boys right there understood that I want. In a second of their hand were where I wanted. I began to moan when they caressed my clitoris and internal lips through fine fabric of panties. - Remove them! - I moaned. Children pulled together from me panties and tights, having left naked my burning flesh. Then they began to bring me to standard, in turn caressing two fingers my vagina, and a thumb massing a horney clitoris. I couldn't suffer more. When I raised the head, saw that both boys stand with naked dicks, masturbating their free hand. It was pleasant to me to watch them. Having pushed Dima on a floor, I sat down over him so that to have an opportunity to take his huge dick in a mouth. He moaned when I began to swallow his centimeter behind centimeter, caressing language the top. At this time Danya moved apart vagina lips freely to enter me behind. Nothing can be compared to feeling when you are filled by the big, horney, pulsing dick. And especially, when at you in a mouth one more same! I felt in paradise, among dicks when I kissed Dima quicker and quicker, and Danya supported the same rhythm in me. Small waves of pleasure extended on all body, speaking about proximity of an orgasm. My sensual blowjob, eventually, was sufficient for Dima and he shot a strong stream directly to me at a throat. It was also for me a last straw. Inside everything thawed. Coiling on tannin the dick, I terminated. He began to work even stronger, having continued my orgasm until I felt that I can die. And then I felt that mine is hotter and the wet vagina became even hotter and is more moist - it Danya released a stream of the hot cum there. When he removed from me a dick and the cum began to flow on legs, I heard as someone applauds. Having raised the head, I saw Zhanna standing in the room. She obviously observed how we, three, fucked here, during some time. It was visible on her burning cheeks, a horney look, and... to the tights lowered that she could caress the small blond pisenka! She so long put on, and on her were only a small open brassiere which didn't close magnificent boobies, and the tights lowered now on knees. In one she was right Ho - boys turned out that it is necessary. And now, I understood, she wanted to receive the share of pleasures!