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To me poured some vodka, allowed to have a snack, the conversation which gradually calmed down was struck up. And here I received the unexpected offer: "Christina! Now we will play with you in a game. You have to guess someone has you. You guess wrong we punish you. Undress". They quickly cleaned a table, lifted me on it and turned on the music. Still without having recovered from heard, I undressed, trying to get to a step to music. A blouse, a skirt, stockings, shoes, pants - everything appeared on a floor. Music suddenly abated, and I remained to stand on a table absolutely naked. How will I play with them? I even hardly remembered their names! Probably, they also counted on it. Me put on a back, tied with a scarf eyes, hands parted in the parties and strong held. Legs lifted highly up and too parted in the parties so that my bosom was completely opened. Held me strong, and I all strained waiting. Nevertheless, the first entrance was unexpected. The dick literally broke to me into a vagina and began to move so brutally in me as though tried to break off me. I moaned and tried to escape. Men only laughed and more strong began to hold me. Suddenly my vagina remained empty. - Someone? I didn't know and received several notable pinches for a breast and a stomach so I screamed. It was pleasant. The following dick entered me as blow of a hammer, was late, and slowly began to leave that again with a force to pierce in my bosom. I groaned and twitched from the dick, behind him. It was pleasant to men. Of course, I didn't guess again. This time I began to be pinched for nipples and for vulvar lips which trembled on a public inspection. Then men entered me one by one. Moved in me exactly so much to bring me, and, seeing it, the dicks took out from my womb, demanding to guess to someone they belong. Of course, I was mistaken. Punishments became more various. 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Someone obligingly gave me a huge rubber bludgeon. I should thrust it to myself into a bunghole at all on a look. I understood that it is more best to make it most. Men surrounded a table. Having bent knees, having become in a bow-legged pose, I one hand moved apart buttocks and tried to enter into myself the tool. It was heavy. It was necessary to grease a hole with liquid which still flowed from me. I sat down on hunkers, having rested a bludgeon one end against a table, and another sent herself to an anus. It was inconvenient, and I prositelno looked at men. They understood. Strong hands took a bludgeon and strong held it, having rested against a table and having directed to an edge up. I both hands moved apart buttocks and began to sit down on it. It turned out, cold rubber was pretty deeply included to me into a bunghole.Having drunk vodka and having much admired a show as I stood naked on a table in a bow-legged pose with a bludgeon in a bum, men efficiently were accepted to me. Having bended over, they began to credit me: one - in an anus, another - in a mouth. The others held me, releasing at this comment in my occasion. They replaced each other so that I lost count and eventually I became soft on their hands, giving them the body is undivided. I couldn't hold a dick in a mouth any more, he fell out, and the man, стервенея, tried to drive it to me more deeply in a throat. I hung on hands, and two pistons from two parties, rhythmically worked in me. I couldn't even understand when everything ended. I understood that I lie naked on a table, all wet and sticky from sweat and a cum...