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We have a daughter of 7 years. The spouse nursed not for long therefore her forms remained as well as before childbirth. In a bed we tried almost all as the imagination works for both in this direction not bad. We had no only thing of what it group sex, and also unfaithfulness. And I and my spouse, we were faithful each other. But over time breaks in sex began to increase. I asked the wife that it. She said that all are normal. Here is how in one of Fridays the spouse suggested me to descend in night club to dance that. I was wildly tired at work and there was no wish to go somewhere. The daughter after school was met by the grandmother and retained to spend the night. So I suggested Natalya to descend with girlfriends. She rang round little girls and agreed with two will meet at night club at 22 o'clock. She went by the taxi, and I having stood not for long at a window settled on a sofa and began to click channels of the TV set in search of interesting. On sports channel there was a snooker tournament and I didn't notice as dozed off. Further I will tell what was told me by Natalya when returned from club. In the club hall she met girlfriends and all together they went to bar. There at first sat a little, chatted, drank on a glass of champagne then went to a dance floor. Having danced some time again returned to a table in bar, ordered still champagne and coffee. On a dance floor slow music played, little girls easy stirred about any nonsense. Suddenly the nice guy about 25-30 years approached their table and invited Natalya to slow dance. She at once agreed (as then I explained since I didn't agree to go, she wanted to derive pleasure and from slow dance with the man) despite amazed looks of girlfriends (It is necessary to tell that Natalya doesn't like to dance with unfamiliar men). The guy very well moved that was pleasant to my spouse, from him smelled of expensive aroma though he was dressed rather simply. And as still it is possible to tell about jeans and a polo-neck. Alexey - was presented the guy. And why isn't present, Natalya thought throwing down to herself a challenge, and they struck up a conversation. She specifically flirted, deprived this evening of attention of the husband. - And it is possible to join your company - the gentleman told. - of course - my spouse told. Alexey was with two friends and having seen Natalya to a table where girlfriends sat I left. After a while he returned together with them carrying in hands a tray with the mountain of any sweets, sparkling and expensive wine. Guys were called by Nikolay and Vitaly. Oni as well as Alexey were high and nice. Guys made a good impression on little girls, they were gallant, interesting in communication, their jokes weren't trite, they were rather erudite. The conversation, champagne and wine was replaced by dances fast and slow, all were happy with so successfully developed rest in club. Alexey probably very much liked Natalya, and he constantly looked after her, added wine, danced with her all slow dances. During dances Alexey all pressed Natalya stronger to himself so she felt as his dick is intense. He bent to her ear and whispered her the beautiful words of love. Hop made her conceited and during one of slow they merged in a passionate kiss. Having come round Natalya tried to be discharged of the partner and whispered that she can't do it on a look that she is married that girlfriends can see or someone from acquaintances, but very much it was pleasant to her. Alexey suggested to pass to him. Blood rushed the head and began to knock in temples from such offer. She became puzzled but for some reason agreed, alcohol dulled feeling of fidelity. She understood that it turned down it not for kisses at all, and definitely not on tea with candies. Having referred to a headache and having said goodbye to girlfriends, having told what will reach by the taxi Natalya went down in clothes where she was already waited by Alexey. There were about three o'clock in the morning when they came to him. It were two room apartment in the dormitory area. But what. His barchelor dwelling struck with magnificent furniture, order and lack of superfluous. Everything was beautiful and convenient. Natalya passed to the room and looked round. After a while Alexey came into the room and put on a coffee table a tray with wine and fruit, turned on pleasant gentle music, poured drink on glasses and suggested to drink. Having drunk they merged in a passionate kiss again. Natalya told that if she doesn't come back home till eight in the morning houses there can be problems. Alexey was inclined and whispered on an ear - don't worry, you will be at home in eight. The passion captured them, they embraced, kissed. Alexey kissed it on a neck, caressed a back, hands, embraced. Gradually hands went down on buttocks and strongly but at the same time carefully and gently fingers clasped it. Then he one movement took off from it a t-shirt and his hands laid down on a breast over a lacy brassiere, but remained there long. The fastener was in front and the brassiere slid off on a floor. It in turn pulled together from him a polo-neck and nestled on his breast. He undid her jeans, and she him and they almost at the same time fell to legs. The hillock on swimming trunks of the man struck Natalya. Alexey kissed her all - lips, a neck, hands, a breast, a stomach, gradually going down below and below to small a treugolnichka of lacy thongs. At Natalya legs became wadded and she sat down on an ottoman. It allowed Alexey to remove from her panties and to nestle lips to her accurately shaved chink. He very skillfully worked with the language caressing her a clitoris, sucking in external small sexual sponges, getting into her. I couldn't resist such pressure of the spouse long and curving a back she began to cum violently. Alexey stopped caress and looked as the woman recovers. Then he took her on hands transferred to the bedroom and put on a huge bed. This bed Natalya thought about herself. He stood near a bed and looked at her, she having recovered from the derived pleasure and having looked round sat down on beds on hunkers and gave hands to his swimming trunks. I pulled them down. What opened to her look caused easy confusion. It was the dick slightly more than twenty centimeters in length and centimeters six in width, quite large head crowned him. He was up in arm. Natalya having recovered from shock I took his hand and gently I stroked, then balls which were clean-shaven. Carefully I brought to it lips and I kissed. Then I took in a mouth and I began to suck it, smoothly shaking the head forward back. It gave to the partner pleasure, he moaned, and then suggested to change a position. He laid down on a bed, and my spouse settled at him between legs and sucked his advantage looking to him in eyes smacking the lips and swallowing on how many it is possible. The hand gently touched her hair. She shuddered, Alexey's hands were zakinuta for the head, and sharply turned back. She saw Alexey's friends who were with him in club. Nikolay and Vitaly were completely undressed and their horney dicks stood at attention. Their dicks were less but the same caused respect. Vitaly, and it he stroked Natalya on the head, told - don't worry, everything will be good and beautiful Natalya should be at home in eight - Alexey told - Well, then we won't waste time - Vitaly answered and I smiled - we will be engaged in pleasant, we will indulge страстиНаталья sat completely naked in the middle of a huge bed between legs at Alexey, the bed had two more young and handsome men. Thoughts with a mad speed rushed in the head. Means they agreed about it in advance - Natalya thought - they simply needed the woman, one woman who will agree to go with someone be from them, and the others will join. She means got to a trap. But isn't present, they to the nastroyenena as tyrants, they aren't similar to those, they want to derive pleasure, well, there is no way out - my spouse thought - it is necessary to derive the same pleasure, she wanted it when she went with the unfamiliar man to him home. Men were inclined over her and three pairs of hands began to caress and caress her body, male lips began to cover her body with fervent kisses. It began to flow. The head began to spin. It merged in a kiss with one partner, with another, with the third. Strong hands gently put it on a back and her faces there was a member Vitalia. Natalya without thinking I took him in a mouth and I began to suck poddrachivy one hand. Nikolay was inclined over her and kissed her nipples massing a breast hands. Alexey moved apart her slender legs and accurately touched with the dick her vagina which was very damp from women's juice. Having felt a dick opposite to the peshcherka, she gave hands there and moved apart sexual sponges, kind of inviting to come. The man began to immerse smoothly and carefully the dick in a treasured bosom. Natalya massed hands a clitoris at the same time without ceasing to suck the member Vitalia. When the dick plunged up to the end, he just reached a uterus. The woman published groan and curved a back. Alexey wide rolling began to have Natalya at all length of the tool. Vitaly with Nikolay traded places. Alexey so pumped up it minutes ten, during this time it terminated once again. Then it was put on all fours and men began to be interchanged the position without giving it rest. One fucked it in the pussy, and two others caressed her body and used her mouth. So about a half an hour proceeded. During this time she terminated still few times. During the last orgasm of her leg gave away and it in exhaustion fell a stomach to a bed. Alexey laid down with her on a back nearby, and Vitaly and Nikolay raised Natalya and put astride its the sticking-out dick. The woman already almost had no forces and she laid down the breast on the man trying to recover the breath and recover. Such pleasure from sex at her should time in life. But didn't allow to recover her. Nikolay bent and whispered on an ear - You were engaged when be anal sex? She couldn't tell anything and only well nodded. Right there his dick who is already plentifully greased with her allocations from a vagina concerned her second hole. He persistently pressed and his dick began to plunge into the partner's daddy slowly. Natalya had experience in anal sex that allowed her to start up in itself a dick almost without serious consequences. The new feeling captured her. Two dicks were in her and began to move rhythmically. They were divided by only a thin partition and she felt it. And definitely it was pleasant to her. She would groan from pleasure very strongly but her mouth was filled by the dick of the third man. The real roundabout began. Men were constantly interchanged the position. All her holes were filled with dicks which continuously moved. She was covered by an orgasm behind an orgasm. Understanding that she this moment not the wife, not mother, she the body, the car for satisfaction of these three men, but her was this minute all the same came to Natalya's mind, she wanted and took pleasure unprecedented still from this impetuous sex. How many the running continued it she remembers. Had her, had and had. At last men began amicably, almost at the same time to cum. Alexey was discharged by her in a vagina. His hot cum beat with a strong stream, her was much, it was long shaken by an orgasm. Nikolay terminated in buttocks, having filled it to the brim. Vitaly terminated it in a mouth. She swallowed how many she could but not all. The cum flowed at it on lips, a chin. Besides Vitaly obviously didn't want that the girl choked and having exempted her mouth from the dick released several streams of a cum to Natalya in a face, having got on hair, cheeks, into eyes. Her was all the same someone where in her I terminated, she was at pleasure top. She fell to a bed and was at once disconnected. How many she was in to forget Natalya doesn't know. She was woken by Alexey's voice - the sun, it is time for you to go. Having regained consciousness she looked at the watch. There were about seven o'clock in the morning. Natalya lay one in the middle of a bed covered with a warm blanket. Having cast away a blanket she inspected herself. From both of her holes on a sheet a large number of a cum followed, hair stuck together, pulled skin from the dried men's seed. You still have time to take a shower - Alexey told stretching her a terry dressing gown and a towel. In the apartment except it and Alexey more was nobody. She quickly took a shower, dried up hair, put on and left to the room. - Coffee? - the young man asked. Natalya in the affirmative nodded. It was pleasant to you? - again he asked. She nodded again.