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Similar thoughts in ours, with Nastya the heads, arose recently. Most likely, the impetus to it was given by the old movie "An experimental mumps: Devil experiment" and couple of cruel pornorollers. We with Nastya wanted to hurt the woman, and quite cruel image. We didn't want to scoff one above another and solved, by all means to find own experimental mumps. Where to look for it we didn't know, and made the list of options. It was possible to persuade someone from acquaintances, having offered money, but it could not work. It was possible to find the suitable candidacy in the Internet, but it is quite difficult. It was possible to use some eternally hanging out whores, but we had none of this category. Generally, from all directions we came across obstacles, and our dream was shelved until once there was this case. Having successfully handed over a session we with Nastya regularly thumped. Having begun to note with morning, by the evening we already both were filled in from legs to the head with beer, wine, champagne, vodka, urine and vomit. It only amused us – we continued to celebrate, especially – long ago didn't drink, occasions that and weren't. We celebrated in the living room – for this purpose dragged a table there, prepared food, bought binge. Now both of us, naturally naked, sat on a floor, among empty bottles, scraps, in a pool of urine and vomit and clinked glasses with beer. Yes, nobody walks as the Russian students. Before we on couple already smoked gram of hashish and received some of the strongest orgasms in our life. Now we decided to walk, "freshen up", to the next tent with a booze, how many vodka don't take – all the same two times to run. We fall out of an entrance in what it was necessary – I pulled a sundress, and Nastya – shorts and a sports jacket without undershirt. From us strongly bore a booze, urine and vomit were still felt, but we were drunk, and it only brought us. Fortunately to the people there was a little – we quickly reached a tent, loaded two packages and turned back. Here we also met Ania. Business was so: When we approached the lane to reduce a way, before us there was a company of little girls, our coevals. They drank and briskly condemned one of their company. It tried to tell something in the justification, but it was quickly stopped up. One of them got to break it, but the others held her. Being silent further, they reached turn and there stopped. That that wanted to hit the little girl, got on her again and this time she was supported. The maid received several fast direct strokes and a spolz on a floor. There she was popinat legs and thrown in a corner. She tried to rise, but received the most severe kick. The foot of one of girls hurt her lips and therefore it was soiled in blood. It looked so sexually that I nearly terminated on the place. Women meanwhile, lifted the little girl who wasn't resisting them any more and dragged on a garbage can - just to our house! Here Nastya thought of the same about what and I and we followed them. As I also expected – they lifted the maid and threw in a trash can, and she disappeared there completely. They stood about a tank still for about a minute – spat in it, bull-calves and empty bottles left there and went. We right there approached the girl – she, sprawled on a lot of garbage, lay and cried. Her face was in blood, and blood zalyapat itself all the rest. Dressed only in a topic and a skirt, it was torn up to pieces and dirty. Hair were disheveled and were spat - it looked very super. Besides she was drunk and didn't react to everything at all, the events - probably after beating alcohol great knocked her on the head. Our entrance stood absolutely close and we managed to drag without witnesses her to ourselves to the apartment. It was necessary to violate the first rule, but to us had no time for it. Having dragged her to the room, we threw her on a sofa and right there undressed. Strange, but under a top and a skirt she had nothing. We thought what is possible, she finds sexual too to go without underwear. She had quite good breast with big dark nipples, and on a pubis the "path" which is quite strongly grown is shaved. Having understood that the maid doesn't react to us though to be in consciousness, we decided to make sober her and alternately beat and shook, but she remained to lie as a log. Here I, thrusting her fingers into a crack I noticed under hair what - t about letters. Nastya gave me the lighter and I singed her vegetation - the strip of hair hid the tattoo "whore" written by accurate printing letters down on a pubis. - Now that's something like it! We were surprised and delighted at the same time – our new acquaintance was such whore that it was even immortalized on her body and we were going to have fun well with her. Having left the whore to sleep off, we continued to drink and have sex. When usual sex to us became a little, we decided to get drunk so that to vomit and continue, the gulf each other by vomit, but here our girl woke up. Nastya inserted her into hands a bottle of beer and she right there drained it and inspected us. Probably our naked bodies didn't surprise her, as well as the mountain of bottles, scraps, urine with vomit and bull-calves. Without having seen on itself clothes she was also not surprised and silly grinning asked where she. Nastya told her a story of how we found her and she was very glad that didn't wake up on a garbage can. She asked to piss and Nastya showed her a toilet. Having left she asked why we shaved her pubis and we told that we were interested her a headdress. Having looked down she asked to drink and told us the story. She arrived to Moscow from Vologda and, having become pregnant, gave up study on the second year of institute. I made abortion, I began to meet some cool bandit and quite well I lived, but it is short – because of the nonsense I ceased to please to the bandit and, having refused to leave on good, in a hysterics rush, I cut to him the person. Not so there is a lot of, but there is enough. For it he made her the prostitute and pinned her "whore". According to her, prostitutes as she very little and they absolutely gone – with them do everything that will want – so they lowered. All this Ania was in time for 23 years and now she was an ideal candidate on "an experimental mumps". We with Nastya didn't want to hesitate and offered her our terms – ten thousand in a week if she becomes our slave, fulfills all our requirements and suffers вс violence. We told her about blows by a whip, a lash and a chain. Legs and hands. Suspension, piercing, penetration into all holes, eating of shit and other delights. Ania, probably took us for loonies also told that she will never make it and money is necessary just huge here. Nastya pressed on the fact that Ania is the lowered prostitute and will make everything for such money, and here it began to turn out. When Ania again turned obstinate, Nastya told that we will remove her and she will hardly receive more than three thousand in a week with us. She was again led. So we paspredelit roles – the bad investigator, the good investigator. I rested on the fact that Ania herself will agree to everything and it isn't necessary to do anything with her. Nastya suggested to expel its naked on the street and to throw to the mercy of fate. Ania at once reacted and asked the clothes, but we refused to her. Having understood that she won't leave us, she strongly zassat and began to ask us not to treat her cruelly. In reply Nastya reminded her how she was beaten up by her girlfriends and threatened to add. Ania didn't pay attention and begged for everything to lower her. Here Nastya sharply exchanged. She became angry, seized Ania by hair and began to drag her about the room. Ania began to shout, but Nastya quickly calmed her a couple of blows. Having pushed to the floor she right there rose and rushed on me. I quickly reacted and hit her in a stomach. She was bent in half, Nastya added her behind an empty bottle on a back and Ania fell by all fours. T ут I not udarzhalas repeated blow of that little girl – swung and pizdanut a leg to her on the person. My leg was soiled in her blood as a leg of that maid I I terminated at once. Nastya wanted to make so too, but decided to wait until Ania revises the decision. Having noticed that she hesitates, Nastya seized her by hair and dragged to the hall. Ania at once was frightened, shouted and grabbed a bed. I wanted to push away her, but she fell before me and began to kiss to me legs including right – which just hit her. From her face blood on mine of a foot dripped and I hardly kept from the second orgasm. Her entreaties received fruits – Nastya released her and she right there began to lick her legs, begging us not to throw out her on the street. Nastya doubted her sincerity, considering that with approach of day she will resume the attempts again, but Ania assured us that it won't be. I warned her that we will film everything and that at the beginning of each roller she will be obliged to speak about absolute voluntariness of everything, filmed. She agreed and calmed down a little. We poured her some vodka, drank still wines and told that we will begin to scoff at her tomorrow for now she can have a rest – to drink and smoke. Soon we began to make love to Nastya and Ania joined us. We in turn licked each other pussies, then fucked each other necks from beer bottles and in the end – целовлись three together. It appeared very cool. As a result Ania fell asleep and we fastened her handcuffs to the battery (which ordered in the sex shop recently) and wanted to stick with an adhesive tape of companies, but were afraid that can choke with vomit. Soon we fell asleep in an embrace on a bed too, soiling a bed and breathing at each other the reek of alcohol. Author's E-mail: