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Jerked off also in the afternoon, running away for the territory of the camp and, with curiosity considering at someone what, compared someone as lowers. It was interesting and is so new to each of us... Somehow we with the friend fellow (it is less than me growth and the teenager, not absolutely "mature" on build yet) even at the very beginning of 1 change came into the club film box where we asked to help our projectionist to rewind with Babin on Babina the movie "Aybolit 66". The movie prepared for camp viewing in the same evening. I don't remember some details any more, but I won't forget this projectionist for the rest of life! It was the noticeable young guy: curly green-eyed and red-haired, freckled owner of a fine well-muscled body. He вряд - whether was more than 20-22 years old. I think that the guy only just got demobilize from army. Through an open checkered shirt the hairy breast was seen, and jeans densely fitted his weighty men's advantage. Here he also lived: in the room except a movie camera there was a bed and simple house utensils. In one of walls the windows embrasures leaving to the spectator hall with the huge screen were punched. "Well that, boys? - Someone will be more best to work from you - that and it will be necessary to watch the movie directly from here, from this window!" - he told. We, naive, wildly tried to be ahead of each other in correctness and speed of rewind of the movie... Though "the winner of a competition" was defined already in advance. Now I understand that such boy as I couldn't but attract specific interest of the person who is a good judge and understanding in it. I was a dark-haired curly slender little boy with small buttocks and hardly hidden behind thin swimming trunks and x.-shnym body stockings, almost ripened and rising for the least thing and without men's flesh. It is natural that I was" the Winner of a competition". My companion was forced to leave to watch the movie from the auditorium. When all groups gathered and display of the movie began, the guy put a chair a back to a window and suggested me to get up on him knees - so, say, more conveniently! I and made. Really, the window appeared directly before my person and everything that occurred in the hall was very well visible. Keen on action of the movie, I didn't even notice how it got closer to me behind and embraced for a waist. His hands gently twisted me and palms appeared just where by all existing rules to be at all and didn't follow them! He bent to me, having leaned a rough unshaven cheek against my ear, under a pretext, as he wants to watch the movie. I felt his hot breath, his palms accidentally constantly touched mine, foully rising from under body stockings, flesh. I felt weakness, blood as if kind of I left the head... my knees poorly shivered... the dick, a stake stuck out from under body stockings, foully giving all me, all my desires with the head... It was scary a shame to me. Already shaking, I quietly whispered: "It isn't necessary..." - "Yes you be not afraid, at me too already costs...!" - he answered and, without asking, dipped a hand into my swimming trunks. I for the first time in life felt how I am caressed by the man! My balls and a dick were squeezed by a strong male palm. All in me as if boiled... I leaned back to him back and unexpectedly the passionate deep kiss which forced me to be given completely fell upon me for the first time in life and to completely lose any control over itself... He supported by both hands my shivering body and everything is hotter caressed: I caressed. Then he unzipped джинс and laid to himself my hand... From the opened fly вывалилоь, jerked (I don't know how still to tell?) - all that was compressed, squeezed and suddenly broke to an exit like mad of the twisted spring!!! So I for the first time at myself in hands felt the male standing dick! In me I played passion and curiosity... His dick was hot, thick and rather long construction in comparison with mine... I absolutely lost the head!" I can't any more!" - I screamed, feeling that I just about will lower directly in pants. "You are more silent, nevertheless will hear!" - he whispered, having clamped me a mouth one hand, and another - veiling a plywood leaf a window. He as if a plumelet lifted me and transferred to a bed. "It will be so more convenient. It is pleasant to you?" - he asked. I could answer nothing. Having pulled together with one movement from me and melting and body stockings, he took my dick which is already twitching in impatience a hand and, having made several strong massing movements probably having felt that I just about will lower, took him in a mouth... His hot lips slid on all length of a trunk, greedy soaking up it, language tickled a head and balls... To me, before never knowing the stranger of touch to himself, all this seemed beyond usual reality... I was out of own body, dreamily... I lay on a back and with admiration observed as this adult guy - already the man, is furious and with obvious pleasure my dick sucks! I and in a dream couldn't present it then yet though already I knew that it happens! But that there will be it to me...?! I terminated!!! I terminated so suddenly for myself that managed to feel only the last pushes of the cum escaping from me... Already as in fog I saw how it looked at me from above the person which reddened from excitement. His eyes shone unusual tenderness... he deeply and long kissed me still the lips exuding with a cum... I with pleasure was given it, feeling saltish smack of own cum on his lips. To me it was good and quiet with him... Behind a wall the silence was blown up by remarks of favourite characters of the movie and a joyful loud laughter of the having fun childish crowd... And nobody even suspected that right there behind a wall there is a scene much more interesting and worthy the best modern pornofilms! Two guys lay, panting and gently embracing each other. My dick almost fell down, but I wanted still... It I increased in sizes only even more! Just now I could consider it attentively. It was truly the spindle-legs in the world of dicks! The champion on beauty of the building (as then it seemed to me!) The equal powerful, entangled by network бугрящихся veins trunk, got married brilliant, not less weighty head. No, it was not the teenage dick any more! It was the real men's DICK, surely and impudently shaken between the moved apart knees. "What, is pleasant?" - with a smile he asked, - "Now you at me suck! "I was so bewitched by the events that, having forgotten about any shame, I brought closer his dick to the mouth. I so wanted to feel those feelings which he just had! At first I slightly touched with language a bridle, as the footpath connecting a dick with a head and felt for the first time taste of men's flesh. The curiosity moved me forward... The transparent droplet of lubricant invitingly sparkled in a bosom of a lilac head. I sliznut her and all turned out not as terribly as drew to me my imagination. I at once wanted to clasp with lips all his dick. "More safely, more safely, be not afraid!" - he encouraged, - "Try to swallow" - his eyes enchanted shone. Here I took courage and all his dick in a mouth tried to push. But far from it! My mouth was too small for such tool. Here it took an initiative with howl hands and, having put me on a back, it vgromozditsya to me on a breast. Without hesitation a hand I brought the dick to my lips, "Suck, I will help..." - he told, with a force pushing a dick to me in a throat. He undertook hand-rail of a bed and, having thrown the head back, began simply to fuck me in a mouth. Movements were fast, strong and deep. Soon I understood that I choke ipopytatsya to escape - far from it. He already flew into a passion and couldn't stop. Tears rushed from my eyes, I tried to stop him very much. But unless it is possible to stop the fucking male? The last pushes were especially strong, he literally pierced my throat and all dick completely on the balls deeply got into me. It seemed to me, I will faint... but here he moaned and began to cum... I didn't even feel the first streams of a cum - they passed in the throat. Strangely enough, but I didn't even choke! Then shuddering, he before plunging again, pulled out and merged a part of a cum in a mouth on language and the sky, smeared a part on the person. It seemed that all this occurred infinitely. I remember as though in strong delay, a part of a snow-white cum a stream shot up over me - yes directly in an eye! At once pinched terribly! - "Go, wash" - he said, panting and slowly falling on a bed near me. I came off and ran up, squinting from the cum corroding an eye, to the wash basin. Over him the small mirror hung. I leaned hands in a sink closer to consider myself... What I saw in I am mute I will never forget. There was a person familiar to me, but so filled in spermaky! As though the muzzle into kefir was dunked. All this slowly flew down in viscous viscous streams on the person and to a chin, hanging down almost to a breast... I endeavored to swallow all that I wasn't in time. It was to make a difficult and fresh cum of the young and long abstaining male always very viscous... The hands still shivering I put the body and the person in relative order... being unsteady, I started wandering to the clothes rolling on a floor at a bed. Over her, having stretched, Appolon lay!" It was pleasant to you?" - прищурясь he asked. "I don't know, I didn't understand yet" - about the silly woman I bryaknut, without having managed even to present yet what will be a consequence to my words.... If I could know what in my life will change behind this turn...