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Of course, sexual education was then not on the ball. Our education in this plan was limited generally to conversations in gates with the senior companions who already had sexual experience which quite often happened a fruit of their unbridled imagination. And still parents threw to us educational literature where our mind was blown most of all by the examples from life gathered by a small print: "Tan K. eighth-grader and the ninth-grader Petya F. after lessons retired to an office of biology and had sexual intercourse … there". The correct sex education demanded to distract us from floor problems sports activities and in various circles. We also played sports, at the same time without forgetting to drill a hole in a female locker room for peeping for little girls or to glance inadvertently to them in shower. We had no erotic magazines and the pornwebsites, we preferred to learn female anatomy personally. And to look close at a naked female body was a passionate dream of almost all boys. All boys envied those someone have a sister – type it is possible to peep at her, as they say, without leaving the house. I had a sister too, but is much more senior than me. I only once saw her naked when to me there were years three. She washed in the bathroom, and mother dragged me there to wash away after small accident. I was very surprised that the sister has no willy, and she in turn as was already a teenager, long explained then to me that men and women are suited differently. When I was 14 years old, I went to music school to study playing a guitar. On our staircase the eleven-year-old girl Inna who went to the same school on a piano class lived. As the music school was quite far, belonged to my duties to accompany at the same time and Inna. We drove to this house four years ago, our parents got acquainted and tried to make friends us with Inna, for fun calling the groom and the bride. We were confused, and I couldn't even present first this first grader as the bride. But Inna grew and promised to turn from an ugly duckling into very beautiful young lady. On the twelfth year of life she had already slender and very folding figure, long legs, the dense, slightly curling black hair, slightly swarty and surprisingly smooth skin – neither a pryshchichka, nor birthmarks. And still eyes. Huge, slightly slanting dark green eyes. On the way to music school and back we usually stirred about different trifles, and once the conversation came just about the structure of a human body. I was already rather grounded theoretically in questions of sex, and Inna – whether actually had not really exact ideas, whether purposely posed as such uncivilized maiden. She said that she never in life saw the nude man unless on the picture, but reproductions of pictures of Renaissance – after all not that. And on statues genitals in general are covered with a fig leaf. I told what is mutual, too never saw the naked woman, and with reproductions of pictures to us, to boys, it was even less lucky – usually in pictures the most intimate female places are covered with a hand or some fabric. Suddenly the crazy thought came to my mind: - Listen, - I say, - at my place now there is nobody. Come to me, I will show everything to you. And you – me. I thought, she will become angry or will become stubborn and I told, in general, for fun, and she didn't even redden: - Well, - says. – I will come. At first we long were confused. We undressed to pants and undershirts, stood the friend opposite to the friend and long didn't decide to remove them. Everyone wanted to look, but everyone hesitated to show. Suddenly I will take off pants the first, and she will laugh over me and will leave, without having shown the delights. I even turned away that she didn't see how the getting-up flesh begins to bulge my pants.- Give, - I say, - on three – we remove. Only frankly. Time, two, three! I breakthrough took off pants and turned. She stood without panties too, but in an undershirt. - It too to anything, - I took off from her an undershirt, and then and from myself. Now we were absolutely naked. My God, what it was a show! It is a lie that at the nepolovozrely girl there is nothing to look. It as the nature at the beginning of May when leaves only just are dismissed. The breast at it began to bulk up, it is yet not a weighty breast of the woman, but already and not a breast of the child. Small nipples stick out almost like real. And a pubis already rather convex, but without vegetation. Two gentle sponges of corporal color form a very narrow chink from which it is absolutely impossible to tear off a look! It too, without coming off, it is bewitched I looked at my sticking-out device. But I told a little disappointedly: - She is already big. And I so wanted to look while I she still small … - So it isn't over yet, - but as I tried, couldn't cope with excitement in any way. I asked: - And it is possible I will touch? She nodded, and I ran hands at first over hardly outlined boobies, slightly pressing on nipples, then on each side, approached her, having concerned the dick her a pupochka, felt palms of her buttock, carried out on hips forward and touched fingers sponges. Then I sat down before her on hunkers, my person appeared directly opposite to her divine shchelochka and, without remembering itself, I concerned her language. Inna shuddered. - It is unpleasant to you? - No, on the contrary, very pleasant!