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And only? Nearby the body zavorochatsya warm girlish, snuffling and smacking the lips in a dream, having squeezed one hand in a cam, and pressing the second to a swarty breast. Having risen on an elbow, Wendy thoughtfully looked at her, and the morning sun played in her fair hair, was reflected in blue eyes, doing them almost transparent. This morning turned the girl almost into the fantastic fairy – gentle, light, with the curls scattered on shoulders and a breast and the swelled up a little pink mouth. A lily – in skillfully turned figure from mahogany which is gracefully stretched on a plank bed of color of the burned-out summer sky and even her brilliant black hair looked a precious frame of a gentle face form. The mad confusion of night, appear, thawed together with shameless darkness, and, like an incorrect sea penalty fee, hasty slipped from their excited bodies, having left only gentle, almost children's to angularity of lines and the purity of naive eyes which stood on long eyelashes. But at the same time, in this radiance there wasn't enough sense of reality, this morning seemed continuation of a dream, and it was strange. Wendy timidly ran a hand it can do girlfriends – gentle and warm, on a flat stomach and a thin hip. Lilia quietly breathed, having slightly opened a mouth – chubby, full lips of color of ripe sweet cherry, and Wendy didn't sustain and carefully nestled on them the lips, uncertainly concerned a language tip, feeling humidity and warmly others breath. I clasped with lips the lower sponge, then top and slightly I sucked, continuing to caress a smooth tummy. Lilia slept as killed. Wendy sat down in her legs and, having given a hand to a stomach bottom, quietly got a finger between small swarty folds. Gentle flesh of the girl easily gave in to a pressure, was moved apart, passing a finger in a damp subsoil. Very damp. She got up on all fours and sat down so that her own shchelochka nestled on a sharp knee of the girlfriend. It was new feeling – cool skin pleasantly cooled hot sponges, and Wendy poyelozit buttocks a little to be attached more conveniently. Shutters of a perineum dispersed, and the clitoris of the girl was pressed to Lilia's leg, being about to have caused groan. The girl stood, being afraid to frighten off new feeling. Slowly and furtively she made almost imperceptible to an eye of the movement, catching sharp sparks of pleasure, and here the body came to the necessary speed and a rhythm. Quietly moving on a knee of the girlfriend, Wendy, with already getting off breath, I bent over her perineum and I kissed a gentle hairless pubis. The bulking-up clitoris rhythmically rubbed about a thin leg, spilling luxury on all body, and soon the voluptuous knee was filled in with warm juice of little Wendy. The Indian pussy of the princess began to respond to caress too, having shown the magic button which Wendy right there clasped with lips and I began to suck, carrying out by language on the top, quickly tapping on an edge. And already Lilia loudly groaned, coiling and having dipped hands into a fair hair of Wendy, and that licked everything and licked the dark excited bud, moving snow-white buttocks and rubbing the got wet town. The Indian beauty murmured something in the language, pressing a light head to the mad pussy and slightly, having slightly bent a knee. She would like to stick a mouth into this beautiful light girl, but couldn't escape from captivity of her lips – this small uvula worked wonders, tapping magical rhythms on her reddened folds. And here, when pleasure became almost intolerable, Lilia cried, and through an instant her shout merged with a low moan of Wendy who made the last, most sweet movements and powerlessly pressed the pulsing knob to a wet knee.And green solar Neverlend didn't know grieves and carefree froliced, rejoicing to the birth of new summer day! Eternal boys poured out on the coast of the small forest lake, quickly tore off from themselves trousers and shirts and jumped in water, smashing an emerald smooth surface suntanned bodies. After the first squeals and a laughter already habitual game was started: The tease held a nose fingers and, having goggled, dived under water that in three seconds the Boaster shouted by a bad voice, Twins right there dived near him, trying to grasp the hooligan. The joker, jumped out of water, covering water with solar splashes, and ran out on the coast. What for? Yes only in order that with a war-call to push the Sloven, indecisive sticking out aground where water only just reached extremely dirty knees there. Fight – where there to pirates was started! Boys were beaten, dived and splashed, grabbed each other legs and rustled as the crowd of madcaps in the absence of the strict nurse can only rustle. Peter Pan didn't want to bathe. He got up before all today, got on a tree and, having habitually ridden out the thickest branch (almost in thickness of a horse back!), I got a knife and I began to vystrugivat with concentration arrows for the onions. Dense foliage of an old tree reliably hid the boy from public eyes, casting green shadows on a serious physiognomy of the eternal boy. Sinewy legs strong clasped a branch, skillful hands were active a knife – habitually, accurately and precisely, and lips were stubborn compressed. Today it had at all no mood to play the fool in the lake, but to spoil to children mood Peter didn't want. He knew: once he appears ashore, him is right there pulled in water or it is worse than that – will get out and will begin to be trampled down sadly on the bank of near leader. Isn't present on nothing. Behind the back silent puffing was heard. Oh, Peter knew someone it, and guessed what now will occur, but didn't give also a sign, continuing to pare down a stick. In a couple of minutes puffing was replaced by some fuss – it seems, this someone settled on the same branch. Peter didn't turn back. - Hi, Peter. - Hi, Kid. The youngest of eternal boys leaned hands against a branch and moved closer to Pan. He was less than growth, and the branch for him was big, but he all the same walked all, imitating Peter though his legs didn't clasp it, and ridiculously stuck out in different directions. The kid angrily rubbed a fist a rosy cheek and again breathed heavily. To Peter he had a business, but to him it seemed that it is easier to die in a dragon mouth, than to start talking about it. But his friend was silent. I was silent though the Kid was to him a little, is slightly closer, than other boys. At least, he so hoped for it. Of course, Peter was on friendly terms with all and doesn't do to be exposed. But they with Peter had secret about which anybody-nobody knew! And it seemed to the Kid that it makes him a little bit, the trifle is closer to an idol. - Peter. And … And the truth that you presented to Tiger Lilia a kiss? - However, - Pan nodded, continuing work, - I took away from mermaids her necklace from black pearls, and she presented me the kiss, and I her - the. Puffing amplified. - And unless … to you what – it was pleasant to kiss the little girl? Pan shrugged shoulders. Exchange of kisses in a cheek wasn't such fascinating occupation at all – what to tell about it? - Normally. The kid didn't sustain and crept up closer – absolutely close to an indifferent back in an emerald jacket. I crept up and nestled on him, having buried a forehead in Pan's shoulder. - But my kiss is pleasant to you too, and, Peter? - It is pleasant, pleasant … - Pan sighed. He guessed that now will begin. Not, that he didn't like what is done by the Kid, - it was pleasantly and even great. But what dog eyes then looks at him this imp as it goes a tail, trying to touch him at any opportunity – it tired. And the Kid already put a palm on Peter leg and indecisively stroked, having spread wide the scratched fingers. Then, having decided that permission is got, I stroked above and, without tightening, I put a hand on Pan's perineum. It was so pleasant to touch him in a groin that the Kid always faded, trying to feel a palm all seductive roughnesses under fabric of panties. In the distance shouts of the Tease and the Joker's laughter were heard. As it is good that they with St. Petersburg remained some …