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But I lived that in the village, and at that time it wasn't accepted to mow, 18 was executed and forward! I collected a backpack and after wires to the station with team. Arrived to the place and at once to a bath, changed clothes also for the forest on KMB. There it was heavy, but there were no grandfathers. And here in a month I got to a company, and I was lucky, my company was considered as the most freezed. To army at me not that guys, maids that weren't because I such slender yes puny. Though on a pestilence was beautiful though why was?)) I and now anything, though not puny for a long time)). There now arrived to a company, pipets... Asians some yes Caucasians. Narrow-eyed just as monkeys jump all get, and Caucasians that proud, look down on all. Strangely enough me nobody touched half a year, probably I looked as the child, it was a pity likely though Muscovites of a pi*la how much in vain. Didn't love them for some reason. Well everything occurred under New 1989. We had single-tier beds, but doubled, probably the place saved, after all hundred people in a company. Here means in the middle of night I feel someone the side to me caresses. Faugh мля forgot to tell that the Dagestani slept with me nearby, the Magician him was called. Low, silent, relief all such. Here also pushes kind of me, I about a prosonok won't understand that че for a hogwash. And it put a hand to me on an ass and it seems as tries to prispusit underpants, I squabbled. Pipets I think, it still that for corps de ballet., half a year passed also nobody, and here.... He to me generally whispers San you sleep?... (Sanek to call me) Isn't present I speak, and че? He whispers: "Good you" I Understand, says that it creepy, but I want you as the woman. I went nuts. I lie terribly, and I don't know че to do to me in such situyevena. Generally he speaks to me "We will go to a toilet we will smoke". Well чтож it was necessary to get up and stamp. The magician too I rose, I look at him the huina costs and the head through a crack in underpants sticks out black such and big. Passed in a toilet, the man on duty on a bedside table already dozed off, but in a trace to us looked significantly, the bitch. Came into a toilet and it says to me: "San, че хошь do but I will fuck you now, half a year I on you lick lips". And what should I do was? Well give I speak we will try, but I warn, I didn't have it and if that is sick at once we will stop, and that I will shout so that all company in a gun will rise. He agreed and we passed to the second room where a toilet, i.e. cabins. In the last were closed, and there closely pipets. Generally he says that at first in a mouth give, I somehow became stubborn, but he threw out the horse black, and I was already driven into the corner. It was necessary to fall on hunkers and to begin. The dick was clean, today current the bath was, I sucked as could, the dick jumped out continually of a mouth and beat me a nose, cheeks. All ugly face with dab and saliva. And the head I lifted the Magician up, I closed eyes, breathes as the engine whether I think it became bad to him. Then in about 5 minutes I pulled out and speaks "Give Sank a back substitute, speaks, gently тэбя I will break a tselochka". I slowly turned the back and tears at me began to flow, he saw, turned me to himself the person, and became as the woman взасос to kiss and whisper that it isn't necessary are afraid that won't be painfully strong that I will bear. I took a position the back to it again. It lowered to me underpants and the finger licked began me to press and rumple it on a point. Even became me it is pleasant, but when the finger got into me it was unpleasant, but it isn't especially sick. It twisted a finger in an ass at me and began to wheeze from passion probably. I began already a head to press, It slides off, a dick that at it about - go-go, and a hole at me small. He suffered suffered and... about shit as tears scattered at me and well he to me managed to clamp a mouth, I went nuts from pain. And he fucks without stopping. Whispers: "Everything, the kid is still sensitive patepr, now I am quickly. And what daddy small, and and and and and". Generally the guy fucks the boy, so it was from outside. He tore up me I passed five everything, then as began to merge to me in an ass, and it follows and on thighs flows. My mouth is clamped, I will understand nothing. Still everything is sick, and then it to me began to jerk off and here here I floated, started up such stream in a wall, ooh. The magician was pulled out by a dick from me, red весб, sweated. And eyes happy. And again me in a hickey, also says: "You Sasha forgive me, I нэ could restrain more" and left a toilet. And I and stood with the lowered underpants, the ass all is smashed, on legs малофья him flows. Also I began to cry, such feelings in my soul fought, it is just impossible to transfer. If children I learn all this, a loop to me. I cried hour two, then I went washed away an ass and to sleep trudged. The magician already I slept, and I looked at him even somehow on another now, Now I understood that my life further in his hands. The magician it was the good person, any soul didn't learn, that he to me broke the virgin. And then at us was with him and not only with him. There is such history, excuse for confusion, I not to write, for the first time I write it. Thank you that listened! Alexander Berezhnov