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The small, not needing a brassiere yet breast, a very narrow waist, the long legs with fervently sticking out knees. Her age escaped, and at first sight with equal success she could give as eight, and thirteen years. Though isn't present. Thirteen-year-old wouldn't appear for anything on the beach, even such wild as ours, without bathing suit. Present children early enough accept styles and already to the first class prefer to put on according to modern tastes. Having flapped fine sand from under legs and having cast on me a shadow, she stopped on the edge of an obryvchik, literally in one step from my clothes. I raised the head with desire to drive away the got naughty girl who stood in sunlight and measurement... Beams of the sun depicted her slender bend of a body, and the most impudent slipped along her hip under the panties which drooped from water, having gilded a gentle down in her groin. Having caved in, it stood under beams setting the sun. Her breast lit with planimetric light became still relyefny. And already any not thirteen, but all sixteen it was possible to give to this young goddess who stiffened at a break edge. Without knowing as to think, being afraid to frighten off a strange image, I stood in an inconvenient pose. It seemed just about will jump off and will depart afar, but instead of this Ting having broken as though in her the invisible spring broke, sharply it developed in half and fell to sand once again having filled up my laying. - Oh, sorry, please. Her voice seemed me a silver hand bell. Never I heard as silver hand bells sound, but Tina's apology sounded for me quite so. My eyes greedy examined her meanwhile, without volition constantly returning to at all dark chink which isn't hidden by finally sagged panties overgrown with curly hairs. Now, when she replaced a pose and the sun didn't prevent to consider her everything any more, to my look the bigger quantity of details opened. I understood that besides panties, extremely children's dress which forced me to give Ting much less years than now, her long hair were decorated by a big white bow. The face which is accurately outlined with deep, is inquisitive the eyes looking at me. And this combination of appearance and a dress, extravagant for the young girl, or on the contrary, the look, a bearing, a figure, a manner to behave without confusion shadow not peculiar for the child, introduced smack of an easy shiza. The truth not clear at someone, but if to exclude the spontaneous sunstroke improbable on late time, then I created resistant belief that behind that frankly shameless look which I looked at me Ting something bigger is, than simple desire to sit on a sand in the first place. Or it is infantile and doesn't understand what impression is made by her dress on men, or... The strangest that from these thoughts, instead of righteous anger, I experienced the certain excitement which never is earlier not directed to girls is younger than certain age. Rather guessed, than real forms of Ooze promised bigger, than delights of eighteen-year-old girls. So, the unblown bud of a flower seems to finer, than already opened. Probably similar excitement is experienced by the artist facing the contour of future picture which is hardly planned by coal. In her all possible options are put. And it is much more, than a picture on which finishing touches are applied. That only final option for which there was enough talent measure, not always the best of possible. In the same way, not to find in the ripened girl bigger, than to her the nature and that peak of youth when she already received everything fully, actually not peak, and the beginning of withering which isn't leaving the place to imagination, not exciting blood released.All these thoughts a whirlwind rushed in the head, and eyes in the opinion of Tina I saw confirmation that to men it is given with experience, and to women is released along with the first periods. Understanding of the feminine gave to this female girl confidence in a look, a proud bearing and contempt for all hypocrites of the world. Probably, therefore girls aren't inclined is found with the male coevals. They lack reciprocal gloss of the eyes seeing all the seductresses living on light in one, that that posverkivat a look from under the lowered eyelashes. She needs the artist capable to estimate put and to disclose her essence which is torn outside. The darling, I am already yours. You subdued me one existence. But give me the sign, and that I will be having stood as the statue infinitely to admire you, without deciding to touch. It is the fate of all lolit - not only to find the artist, but also to enclose to him a brush in a hand. The girl replaced a pose, having caused the next explosion of the accruing nervousness seen through material of my swimming trunks already clearly. Now the set aside buttocks pulled her panties, having hidden a desired fruit, but having at the same time depicted his wet, almost transparent fabric. - It is so ridiculous, - Tina told, with a coquettish squint looking at me. - That, - I didn't understand, hardly driving away sacral thoughts. - Well, as he grows, - her finger indicated directly my eregirovanny dick. The frankness of her words supported with an open look forced me to redden. The morals put from the childhood fought against an improbable scene for which place is exclusive in a dream. There I shouldn't have blushed with shame and the answer would be given to the got out of hand little girl in an adequate form. Tina meanwhile, probably with boredom, began to frolic just as females of animals frolic tempting a male during mating dance. Her knees were drawn in up. Fingers, having drawn on sand uneven a polukruzhiya, laid down on hips, then slipped down and concerned clearly appeared pubis. The thin crumpled strip of the panties which were hardly covering her intimate place was shifted by the resolute movement aside, and to my look the bulked-up lips with the clitoris which is looking out between them opened. - At me I grew up too, - gently running fingers over a red uvula, I said Ting. Without the slightest doubts it was clear that she carries out the similar procedure not for the first time and that it delivers her a great satisfaction. Words demonstrated what interrelation between my bulked-up dick and own, shivering from tension clitoris, it also understands extremely well. My God! As I want to blow her, - the accurate idea was shaped in the head, at once having extinguished all doubts and philosophical boffinry. My pants were broken off literally by the reared flesh, and vision of the shameless nymphet at arm's length, turned the head not worse than a portion of cocaine. I am a tyrant. Nimfoman. All this rushed and at once was lost, crushed by animal desire. The last that I thought before final parting with last reality, was: I hope, she understands that she does. And bridges failed. Having looked back on the parties, I picked up the girl on hands and, using, at once hidden us from other plyazhnik, break, huge jumps rushed away from the coast. From the first attempt I found a secluded footpath which conducted to Staritsa and which I found literally the other day. The old bed of the river was blocked by the washed sand, densely overgrown bush here. And, such Gushchin and neprolaznost that without knowing are expensive, on a small strip of the sandy coast it was impossible to get. About it the place I learned from the friend, but visited толькораз here as to be dragged was vly and probably not only me because I didn't find traces from others visits too. With the burden I broke into a bush and literally dropped out of tenacious branches on the beach strip which is warmed up by the sun. Ooze, during my sprint breakthrough which never peeped though for certain to her got the springing branches too, I stretched at a water edge. I was kneeling to her and directly before her face the men's advantage not only which didn't fall, and on the contrary, still added in sizes bugritsya. And if my swimming trunks stretched to material strength, then Tina's panties finally got out of a shape. Sodden, overwound they drooped at her on hips, having completely lost the protective functions. The white bow was dismissed and flew down together with hair on shoulders to her on a back. But the most important, a clitoris all also provocatively I looked out of scarlet sponges, and it was clear that the girl isn't frightened at all, and still wants to test the early woken-up femininity. Now, there came my turn, to be the broken spring. My legs gave away and I fell directly to Ooze. Somehow, or she the imperceptible movement recoiled aside, or there was actually not enough inch share, but when I opened eyes, my chin pressed a plait of Tininy panties into sand, and before eyes, almost lips in lips, there was a maiden flower. The uvula of a clitoris was shaken by a small-small shiver, and pink lips moved, were moved apart in a step to breath. The small volosik still never feeling razors and from it gentle as down bordered the opened vagina which by the sizes fitted much more mature girl. Slightly with the tongue hanging out, I touched with it the shivering clitoris, then carried out to sponges up and down, turning out outside and a sharp push immersing him in the bosom radiating with heat. The groan broke from Bays Tiny. On her body there passed the nervous trembling. It was curved, nestling the open crack on my mouth even more closely. Tina's eyes stiffened, looking before themselves, but seeing nothing. The mouth revealed in silent shout. And the body over and over again curved a pleasure wave. Suddenly she shuddered especially strongly and without having held in herself delight of comprehension of life, zamolotil hands on water, filling in both of us. - I didn't know that it will be so, - As, so? It wasn't pleasant to you? - It isn't similar at all to what I tested when I touched myself, Silly questions, silly answers. For the girl who for the first time had opportunities to compare masturbation even if not with sex, and with a petting, the sharpness of feelings was so high that only on time pro-procession she will be able to give preference to this or that type of love. For me habitual action, with the only difference: I for the first time caressed the child. - By the way, child, how old are you? - Offensive if to ponder and a senseless question if to consider what just occurred.