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And everything began with simple gambling in the fool: I will begin with myself. Call me Olya. I then was 11 years old and I was quite interesting girl, but absolutely not developed as the woman yet. I have straight nutbrown hair to shoulders and dark eyes. The figure of course was absolutely still children's. I was very thin and awkward girl with disproportionate forms. Thin and thin legs and little longish hands. I then had no tits yet and of course there were no hair anywhere. I always had very accurate pussy and absolutely naked. Generally I was such awkward and thin nymphet as now it is fashionable to speak. I went to the camp with the best friend Svetka from my class. We then very much were on friendly terms with her, and we had from each other no secrets. Svetka externally resembled me, it is only a little higher than growth and hair at her were lighter. We with her very much liked two boys from our group. We just dreamed to get acquainted with them closer. Closer in our understanding it meant at most kiss on the cheek and that if nobody learns about it. Mischa and Sergey called them. I think as we were pleasant to them too, they in the dining room always tried to sit down closer to us and to attract attention. For 12 years they were quite impudent and courageous children. And here is how that times they took courage though pants I wouldn't call them, and solved will promote in ours with them a relationship a little farther. The bear approached me and told: - Ol, we would like with Seregoy will meet you in the evening at us in an arbor, - Serega brought from the house of the card, it is possible to play something. I was just on top of the world from this offer. Svetka of course a sradost agreed. Sergey very much was pleasant to her. We began to gather after a quiet time. I put on the most favourite green dress. It was very easy and absolutely still children's, but then it seemed to me that it very abruptly. Svetka put on in a blue short skirt and a pink undershirt. It is painted then we weren't able and cosmetics of course any wasn't. And here we with it go to a treasured arbor. Boys already waited for us. Generally evening proceeded quite boringly. We began to play the fool on couple with Svetka, and they against us. We tried to keep up somehow the conversation and boys too, but something not absolutely turned out and we already began to miss. It bothered boys with order too especially as we with Svetka were lucky and generally they remained fools. - And let's play on something, Sergey offered, - Give, Sveta supported him. - And on what, I asked, - Let's play on desires, Sergey told. - And on what, it was my reasonable question. - On any, there was their reasonable answer. And we began to play. We had different desires, but generally very children's and silly, for example, to run all over an arbor or to bring to drink waters. By the way about to drink, we vipit much because more cleverly nobody could think up anything in an evening how to force us to drink with Sveta three glasses in a row, and then after a while and on two. Through several in a row the lost games I felt very strong desire to descend to pee, Sveta in my opinion, felt something similar. But we of course hesitated to tell about it in hearing. This desire developed at me into obsession soon and I understood that if after this party I don't pee that there can be something terrible. I had to confess. We finished and I told that I will come in five minutes and Sveta told that she too with me descends. But boys had other plans. - you lost, Sergey told, - Means we play one more party, and we don't leave anywhere. I at first didn't realize it, and then understood that we agreed to carry out all desires surely. It would be dishonest not to execute it. We continued our game, but for me it were continuous tortures. For Sveta I think too. We constantly fidgeted and couldn't sit quietly. And here at last we finished and of course again lost. I nearly crying told that I can't any more and has to depart surely in bushes. No, nobody will go anywhere, Mishka told and if you want to write that to a pisayta at us. With Sveta it was very a shame to us, but we hesitated to write at boys. They couldn't see so us, same it is so a shame. We continued to play, but cards just fell from my hands. On the middle of a game I told everything, Sveta began to nod too. Well time everything, then goes to bushes together and that all of us with Seregoy saw, Mischa told. With Sveta nothing remained to us how to execute their desire. We went to bushes for this ill-fated verandah, and boys followed us. We with Sveta smiled as silly women, but could make nothing any more, a game is a game. And here we already on the place. Well, you will write together or in turn, Mishka asked. Together, we told chorus. Well then begin, only that everything was visible to us. We with Sveta exchanged glances, and got up opposite to boys. I lifted the dress and Svetka a skirt. On us on both there were white children's panties which we should have removed. I began to lower them, and held a hem of a dress at a belt. Sveta looking at me I did most too. Boys stared to us between legs. We lowered panties and sat down, having placed legs, and boys dropped to the earth and didn't take eyes with us. Not when it wasn't so a shame to me. But desire to pee was stronger than it. We exchanged glances with Svetka and smiled the friend the friend. In her smile there was something tempting and playful. And here I heard as from Sveteny to a pisa ran. I at once relaxed and too began to write. I felt such simplification at once and couldn't will stop. We with Sveta wrote very long, podomny the small puddle already began to collect, but to me it was very good, such simplification was. And here I saw how Sergey gave the hand to the Svetkiny pisa, she squealed but continued to write. The bear stretched to mine. I at first tried to cramp legs but when felt that I pisat on them, again I relaxed. The bear touched to my pisa, to him in my opinion was all the same that I pisat on his hand, he just caressed her and smiled. I told, you what you do, and they as though didn't listen to us. Here Svetka terminated to write also I too. We with her sharply got up and dressed panties.