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Since the seventh class it was also not higher among girls of virgins in general, and among a talk and rumors the main subjects were "someone someone fucked", "someone made abortion", etc. In our class was more boys, than little girls, and it met at us quite seldom. That you represented I - the thin lanky brunette, had reputation of such "female psychologist" in a class long ago. Little girls liked on to be frank with me if they were left by guys, girlfriends betrayed. I gave him a valuable advice and instructions how to diversify the sex life, in what pluses and minuses of contraception, etc. I was very well informed in these affairs and is rather eloquent. In the childhood I early learned from where children undertake and what is sex as female genitals are arranged what is a clitoris, etc. Being filled with pride, I efficiently devoted in affairs of carnal joys of the schoolmates who were greedy listening to me. Gradually I got into the deepest mysteries of female psychology, learned to understand their logic. Constantly reached me: "yes you should be the gynecologist or the female psychologist!" - on what I continually laughed the matter off. But without regard to all this, I didn't make success in private life. Having lost in twelve years of virginity, the second time to me it was necessary to wait even to seventeen. The most beautiful little girl in our class was called Masha. In any case beautiful, in comparison with her all others seemed to me just ugly creatures. Only imagine: blue eyes, beautiful direct face, breast of the second size and ideal figure. When on physical culture she ran in some shorts, wagging buttocks to and fro, it was necessary to me sits down on a bench to hide the men's advantage which rose in combat readiness. According to girlfriends Masha had stormy sexual life - more slept with everyone more precisely. The age of her partners fluctuated from fifteen to fifty years. Besides she still worked as the stripper in some bar. And so I felt incredible sexual desire to her long ago. It is not love, and something stronger when you want to see the girl of naked, to feel in her, and you won't calm down until you achieve it. I had such feelings to many girls, and could love one, and want another. Many don't understand me, but as is well-known for some people love and sex sometimes absolutely different things, and I just one of such. There were few prospects to fuck with Masha as she was almost inaccessible for me. I saw her with other guys and men all the time, knowing that she comes not well-rested from school because at night her someone tore up. I don't judge her at all! She isn't a whore, and lives as she wants. I always thought of her when I was engaged in onanism. To a graduation party we decided to go to a sauna (the idea was mine) all class. Was cool, we joked, had fun, ran for little girls on whom there was nothing except towels, and they shouted, running from us in a locker room. After the water impregnated with bleaching powder in the pool I decided to be rinsed in soul. Shower I consisted of four cabins and the mini-bathroom. I came, included water, removed swimming trunks and began to wash quietly. Suddenly I was distracted by some noise in a cabin opposite. I slowly turned and... I saw absolutely naked Masha standing directly opposite to me! She wasn't lost, rather amazed at all. Holy Christ what I saw! Before me there was an absolute ideal of a female body: beautiful slender legs, absolutely round buttocks (without shorts it was even more beautiful), the shaved perineum on which vulvar lips, not a thick, but not thin waist, two round as balls were clearly visible to bowling elastic boobies with big nipples, an oval attractive coat hanger, a fair flowing hair. I saw her the first time with a flowing hair, and so they to me seemed even more beautifully. The stream from a shower removed make-up why her beauty became even more natural. All this piquancy was emphasized by equal suntan, the investigation of regular campaigns in a sunbed. Blood began to flow to all my parts of a body, especially to a penis, my breath became frequent, heart was driven in, I was confused. I told something playful supposedly she watches me, the m quickly turned away I began to wash in accelerated. In a couple of minutes noise of water killed click to the closed latch on a door. My heart began to fight even quicker. I convulsively turned back. Masha in a half a meter from me also continued to approach me slowly. On her face there was a mix of a smile and trite playfulness. I looked with it in eyes, and read in them that other as "fuck me", and the chance decided not to miss. It approached closely me and we began to kiss. It just cool did it! It had soft gentle and tasty lips. It proceeded since half-minute, and I began hands to caress her gentle body, and it mine. I caressed her buttocks, a back, squeezed nipples, and it seemed to her pleasantly. I felt her gentle hands on my dick, she began to bare a head. It was the great high, my body was convulsively shaken, and we felt that we are ready, I caressed a palm her pussy from whom slime already began to flow. She got up at a wall, holding hands pipes, and spread legs. I began to enter-leave her slowly. In her it was very warm and slippery. She e*atsya well just blooming! Somehow she squeezed my dick at herself in a vagina that the inexpressible pleasure brought to me. I was ready to terminate immediately, but suffered, waited for her. Masha was very initiative, and it devilishly was pleasant to me! On her whim we changed poses: I took it completely to myself on hands, spread and began to do movements up-down, feeling her crossed legs at myself behind the back. But so at me legs quickly were tired. I began to come into her behind, she stimulated the clitoris with a hand meanwhile. Then I sat down in pass a bathtub, and it from above on me. It proceeded minutes fifteen. At last she began to moan, I slightly accelerated, collected all forces and began to start up in her powerful streams of a cum. She shouted. Her delightful groans delivered me a high as I very much, like to listen as the woman groans, and it is pleasant to you to realize that you brought her to it. I didn't see a cum, but it seemed to me it so many that would be enough to zavaflit her all person and a neck. Some time we in an embrace lay at the bottom of a bathtub, I felt her heartbeat, heard her breath, I was ready to lie so with it the whole eternity, and not to release her anywhere. Then she began to podrachivat and suck to me a dick, sometimes swallowing it completely. She hadn't to make horney me long. I asked her to lay down on a back and to move apart legs, and began to do her blowjob. Language I caressed her a peshcherka, without forgetting about a clitoris, gradually I began to involve all language and accelerated licking her from below up. She began to shake and then was embarrassed all the body, slightly groaning, it was visible that Masha muffles groans what they wouldn't be heard by schoolmates. And me was all the same and it seemed that there is nobody except us on light any more. Thus I forced her to terminate three times, with pleasure watching as she dies of pleasure, and feeling like because of it the super-male. During all the time we told nothing each other, understood and felt each other without words as though we a single whole. Here she let me know that now my turn, and began to lick my dick from above to a bottom as Chupa Chups. I couldn't suffer such tension, and began to groan and sigh quietly. And only I wanted to set a stream directly with it in a face, it stopped caress, got up, took me by hand and led from shower. I didn't manage to think nothing as it appeared in the pool. Both of us stayed afloat for a metal ladder closely the person to each other. Having slightly pressed down my dick at the basis, it slowly began to stick him on itself. I caught a step and began to move it towards. And so we floundered about directly in water, sometimes slivayasgubam. The orgasm came nearer. When we felt that we cum, dived under water with the head, I managed to grasp her by a breast. I shouted, shouted so that if wasn't under water, all personnel would run together. Ejaculation was such strong that it seemed to me, my dick just about will burst. Balls hurt because of emptiness inside. Time as if stopped, I would let out at the bottom the whole eternity if I didn't feel that I choke. We came up on a surface. I noticed that she badly stays afloat and helped her to get out of the pool. On the road she whispered to me on an ear: "Do you understand that it is just sex?", I came into a shower and I latched the lock. I understood, probably it is even too good. After such fucking I could not think the whole month of sex. There took place examinations, I went in other city to study in medical. Masha was gone for me for ever. Now I have a girl Katya - green-eyed with black hair a muzykantka. I feel that I love her and we will get married. However I am sure that with anybody and never I will have SUCH BLOOMING GREAT SEX any more.