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Her fellow students for nothing stayed on some boring shootings in godforsaken photographer's studios, and it was in the center of events and as was a pleasant girl already started some useful communications, ensuring the future. Removed advertizing for underwear today. Already finished shooting and released girls, having left finally several men's underwear models. To the professional interest of Ania it was added, and then I began to prevail, purely female interest. Models was two – children high, brawny handsome, skin shone from oil and was poured in the light of the directed lamps. Cowards not only didn't hide their men's advantage, but on the contrary in every possible way emphasized it. And to emphasize there was that! "Socks, probably, ponapikhat": joking, Ania told the girl standing nearby. That sozhaleyushche sighed. Neither she, nor Ania would refuse to check it. Didn't pass also ten minutes as the girl left. Ania already thought: whether to go to remove the collected pleasant stress. She tried to hold herself in hands, but quickly waved a hand and imperceptibly slipped out towards a toilet. However she didn't manage to retire: in a toilet someone was. She calmed down waiting that she will be left one. But the violator of loneliness didn't hurry to leave. Having listened Ania heard the squeezed groans. She approached closer, having risen by a toilet bowl glanced in the next cabin. There was that girl with whom they joked recently. The blouse is undone, the brassiere is shifted, the hand rhythmically squeezes a breast. Other hand moves under a short short skirt, only the black pants lowered to knees are visible. The girl held on less her, took care of the own life earlier and already reached pleasure peak. To Ania was ceased to want to masturbate at once – here, near her. She returned. Shootings already ended, all dispersed. There came time to work with it. First, it seemed to Ania that working she will calm down, but indecent thoughts didn't abandon her strengthening desire. She just felt their strong hands on the waist which merged in a kiss of a lip and big dicks in themselves. For some reason both at once. For her they were a single whole. Unrealizable erotic imagination. She resolved to finish quicker today work and to run home. There already, at last, to remain alone with itself. She so hurried that she managed nearly to have a shower bath dirty water – inaccurately put mop, having fallen to a bucket, poured over her from legs to the head. It is necessary to go to a shower now, and so there is a wish to retire rather. "Fast I will run": she solved nevertheless. Hurrying I inspected a locker room: I didn't see the left clothes – means in shower nobody isn't present. Having thrown off everything from itself I dived for a door … and dizzily I stood. It was faced by those children, models: they went to a shower right after shooting and quickly quickly took away advertizing linen from them, and the clothes since the beginning of shootings lay in lockers. Since half-minute they confused looked at the naked girl who rushed to them into so inopportune moment. And Ania couldn't have eyes glued on their men's advantages: exactly cut off hair didn't hide, as usual, the true sizes, and showed them in all beauty. No, they didn't push socks anywhere. Everything was present, live. Water flew down on their bodies sliding on bends of a brawny breast and small squares of a press, dripped on a foot from tips of big dicks. Ania suddenly as if having regained consciousness, noticed suddenly that she costs bared before unfamiliar men, and slowly, keeping the eyes glued on seductive bodies, was covered with hands. Imperceptibly she was captured by an excitement whirlwind. It was presented suddenly: she holds eregirovanny enormous dicks in hand. She was as in fog. One of guys turned away, another approached her, told something. Of course, she should apologize and leave, but legs don't bear, before eyes, close, it is possible to touch, his "tool" rocks. Seeing that she doesn't react the guy approached closely so his dick nestled on her hip, slightly away from a pubis. What he told, she didn't hear any more. Having lost finally the presence of mind, having given to desire, Ania not randomly took his "trunk" in a hand, felt a blood pulsation, slightly squeezed. The guy, obviously, wanted to discharge her – easily pressed on her shoulder. She interpreted it on other – kneeled and captured his tvedeyushchy body lips. I held with two hands not напряся enough yet; I bared a head. I began to caress fingers his "balls". I took in a mouth, not completely - I couldn't, it is a little more half. It didn't resist. I looked a little surprised and dumbfounded, but too I began to derive pleasure already. Ania embraced it, squeezed a firm buttock, holding the increased dick some lips. I walked language on a depression in the ground on a head that completely I filled her mouth. I lifted him the core which became crimson up, I pressed to a stomach; I caressed language the hardened head which is serially aimed at her and powerful intense, with accurate contours of muscles, a stomach. I was bent, walked a language tip on the lower surface of "trunk" from the root to a head, looking from below to him in eyes. Having cast away the head he quietly moaned – she knew the business. Having made horney, looking at their love game, the second guy approached. Anin a mouth readily accepted also him the dick, almost ready to fight. A hand she stroke-oared his balls and a perineum, another supported an erection in the left "toy" of the first lover. Soon couple twenty five centimetric "bayonet" stared at her in intense expectation. Having brought up them hands to itself she began to caress lips and language at the same time. In the bottom of a stomach Ania constantly felt burning feeling, the perineum burned, the vagina demanded the filling. It she wanted most of all – to feel their movements in herself, movements at first a little unpleasant, but gradually becoming sweet and bringing to an orgasm. But, despite the power of the desire, she was afraid that children won't agree: someone is she such for them; blowjob still it is possible, and it is more … Fortunately for her she was mistaken. Having noticed rockings by her a basin one of lovers guessed her desire. I lifted her from knees, I drove into the corner, I told: "Hold a dick at the basis to limit depth on the feelings". She obediently grabbed the body directed to her and right there involved it in herself. It entered centimeters on twenty, it seemed to her more than enough. In process of movements she adapted and began to release on one fingers. He got more and more deeply, soon only a ring from big and index fingers she held his dick. Having felt approach of the final he gave way to the friend – decided to prolong pleasure. Ania accepted the second lover at once without holding, his dick was slightly shorter, she noted about herself, but it is pleasant to thickness. In a few minutes he also gave way to another. The dick of that weakened a little, but several vigorous movements by the Aniny hand up-down a trunk brought him into a tone. It didn't begin to limit him, he entered on all depth. It was a little sick, but understanding of the BIG dick in itself made horney most of all. Replacing each other, pistons of guys scurried about in her vagina shaking all body. Like a champagne bottle it was already ready to blow up. Having squeezed hands the boobies it terminated. Powerfully. With shout. Heat spread on all tala, hands, legs weakened. Having powerlessly fallen down, Ania began to kiss serially both partners. In lips, in a nose, in a shoulder, in a breast – without looking where will get. They didn't begin to cum in it – it kneelt again, captured hands the hot dick which just left her vagina, stuck into him lips. He instantly terminated. She wanted to swallow his juice, but them was very much, they began to flow on litsu to a neck. It was necessary to spit out. Having kissed at parting the "trunk" weakening in the eyes she passed to another of still waiting completion of a love game. He already managed to be cooled – long ago abandoned her hot "girlfriend", it was necessary to massage and caress language. The guy told her that swallowed. Thank God at him a seed was less, and she can already I got used a little when he "shot" she dropped droplets. And to taste his juice seemed to her more pleasant. As a ball of an ice cream she licked his head and, having kissed, released. More than three lovers practically didn't pay at each other attention: all efforts were directed. Having quickly washed children escaped. Ania remained one, there was a wish to go anywhere. Prevoznemogy she slowly set up herself to a water jet one, other hand. It was good to impossibility. The door unexpectedly opened, on a threshold the naked girl appeared. That, having a good time alone in a toilet. With astonishment I looked at Ania sitting on a floor: "A-and that - about it - about …?", the little fool was obviously late, and itself at once understood it, looked at the evil on the relaxed satisfied girl, and, having slammed the door, left. Feeling the huge superiority over this "chicken" Ania nevertheless found forces to rise, put on. The way home passed quickly and soon she already quietly snuffled under a soft blanket. She dreamed the prince, of course on a white game, and, she for some reason knew, felt - with the BIG dick. Author's E-mail: