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She asked that I opened for her, she very much wanted in a toilet. Blinds in the bathroom to be covered there is nothing. I actually also didn't begin to do it, opened a door. It flew instantly took off pants and took seat on a toilet bowl. It slowly raised eyes and saw my horney dick. At it blocked breath, it looked at it, without taking eyes. I without hesitation began to masturbate before it. She watched closely each my movement, soon the fountain of a cum rushed from me, and everything appeared on a tile near the crane. She closed eyes and only after that she could pee. Having risen from a toilet bowl, she whispered one phrase: - Thanks, was pleasant to me. After that she ran out from a bathtub. In two weeks I went to relatives to Kislovodsk. There I was waited by the next cousin Andrey, he was whether on two whether is three years younger than me, and is lower growth on the whole head. We got into the first evening on the small mountain near Kislovodsk. The sun didn't sit down yet, we sat on the edge and looked at the city, hardly in a haze Elbrus was visible. Unexpectedly I offered: - Listen, and give, a golyaka we resemble? What he answered: - You know, I wanted to offer you the same. We undressed and began to run stark naked on the mountain, bathing in the coming beams of the sun. Then I took the small cam, she removed a compact, small cartridges on VHS, can someone remembers. Also I began to remove Andrey, he absolutely without complexes showed the advantage. Then he took the cam and began to remove me, I as always was made horney, and he largely removed as I jerked off. When we went home I offered the following, we will go to the park tomorrow, it will hide, will film with the camera, and I will show the horney dick to young children. He agreed with pleasure. To the next morning we went to the Kislovodsk park. We so were that frankly speaking there was a wish for nothing. 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I caressed him too, only he had no cum therefore I can tell nothing. Otymevshiye in each other mouth several times, we peacefully filled up with a sweet dream. The next morning, I began terrible delayed onset muscle soreness, legs hurt terribly, I hardly moved. It was decided that we will stay at home. Parents weren't his whole day therefore we without a break had all day oral sex until at us began to cramp lips. In the evening we were just cut down, and woke up in the morning. I felt well, maybe, as the sprinter to run and couldn't, but the pokrayny measure could arrange the operation "HUY", so among themselves we called her. In the park we took places according to the chosen points. I specially didn't put pants what it would be convenient to undo a fly. The view from my point was very limited, I didn't see completely all road, but Andrey looked through everything very well. We agreed about signs: the thumb up, comes nearer the client, index or average, this is one or two person, a fist up, danger. We also agreed that I will show the dick only to little girls, isn't more senior than his age, and without adults. The first hour passed in painful expectation, as ill luck would have it on this site the road of the park wasn't someone. Then people began to appear, generally it were adults, and children with parents, only in the third hour two girls of years 10, with an ice cream in hands appeared. I saw a prearranged signal, a thumb, and then two more. I left in an interval in bushes, undid a fly, got the kid, and began to lift him quickly. Seconds for twenty he was in a fighting state. Girls left because of turn and were dumbfounded. They exchanged glances, and continued to stare at my dick. I saw how they fix the eyes on me and I received a bigger high from it. Soon I terminated. And they continued to look, I put the friend in trousers, and looked, having smiled on them. Only at this moment they laughed, and a fast pace hurried to leave. I showed. That everything is excellent, and we continue … About an hour later, I saw a signal again. I became on the marked point, the dick got. I began to jerk off. This time, it was the girl wearing spectacles. She stopped, then almost approached in dense and watched how I jerk off and when the cum escaped she told: - You that fool boy? - Go from here, you, understand nothing. The girl was developed and quietly left. I showed to the brother what everything be all right, and itself thought: - There is an ugly creature, jumping with happiness that hey showed a dick, she still the fool called me. Didn't pass also ten minutes, I saw a signal from the brother again, I instantly got the tool, and began to make horney him, on it time he didn't want to get up quickly. From round the corner there was a boy with the girl of years 12-13. They passed by me having quickened the pace, only the guy made a sidelong glance on my pisyun. – Single this time, - I thought, and not become excited dick in trousers hid. And again there came calm. On the road only adults went. Somewhere else hour later, I saw from Andrey, the conditional beacon. Also one comes nearer, well I think, this time everything has to it will turn out. I as always one movement got the fighter, and began to give him the watchable form. It was the girl, years 10 on the scooter, she stopped, looked at the melted dick, turned the scooter and with shout: - Mothers, fathers, there the boy писю shows! - she went to parents. Naturally at me everything fell after heard, I hid the friend, sharply pulled a snake and screamed from pain, I a snake jammed a thin skin on egg. Accurately I unfastened, I corrected and I rushed to Andrey signs showing that it is time to be washed away. In 15 minutes we already went by the trolleybus.