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The sister, just hated me, probably, it was the jealousy which expanded then to horror. I still then solved everything, I will be one or I will have a girl, but not such. I liked to look at beautiful children, but to give it though any value I didn't want, well and simply why to attach significance to what for me was natural. Time slowly rushed, somewhere forward, the school was spent. I just stopped going to sport - school, swore with the trainer. It was necessary to occupy somehow itself, and I went to our city library, registered and became her frequenter. Many gossiped, чтобиблиотекарь Stakanych, - blue. What means blue, it was terribly interesting to me. Here and I tried to stay in the reading room late, handed over books at different times and as couldn't understand why so speak about it. Though "Stakanych" it the same relative, to him by sight years forty, young-looking, slender it is rather "Gvozdinych". I all went and went, gradually I already was the for "Stakanycha", I could walk on book shelves I want to gather to myself what. BUT the there was longer time, the he is stronger than me to himself I attracted. I looked at him, probably, with a mute question, and a puppyish look. But he probably understood everything, here only showed no sign. Somehow late at night, I saw that someone quickly passed along the corridor and was behind racks, well I think - This precisely He. Yes I then was so close to the truth that when saw, what there was created I even was stunned. I crept to a door after a while, then is farther along racks and I hear. - Remove, here we are some. - Do you precisely know? - Yes there can be only one fellow here. - What??? - Yes you be not afraid, he in my opinion very much wants to try. - And you that he is absent. - To give to you on a muzzle that broke off. - No, not on a muzzle, fuck me more better - DaYa slowly made the way, I heard the giving smacking kiss sounds, low moans. From all this at me the dick was reared in trousers. I glanced for a corner, and saw as "Stakanych" fucks some young man in a bum. That undressed type stood dog-fashion, and was absolutely naked. The member of "Stakanycha" as an elephant trunk entered and left a bum of this man. Their groans began to merge in one loud uniform groan, and I everything couldn't tear off a look and was as hypnotized. "Стаканыч" suddenly as will begin to roar and as will straighten that naked man. And here they looked at the same time in my party, the man began to cum when "Стаканыч"" to poddrachivat a dick. And they look at me, and I can't move. My legs became numb. - It is pleasant to you, - I asked "Stakanych", but I didn't listen to him I any more ran out on the street and ran home. Houses in the evening when everything abated, I made the way to the bathroom and representing myself as the togogoly man began to frig... Then I already almost began in frank to stick to Stakanychu and when, having taken courage I told it, - Make to me just as that then. - That I you more here didn't see a sychonok and if to someone you tell, I will tear off a head. - and with these words he otkhlestat me on a muzzle. It was such offense, it, don't know, I escaped again. I went on the wood and cried, it seemed to me that I bad wanted nothing. Then I decided to revenge it, I got acquainted with the girl, and together with her began to go to library, but to my astonishment what effect it didn't take. I lost with her virginity, both and its. And it changed nothing again, even when we kissed specially in front of his eyes. And he didn't notice me. Here I had to earn additionally, and still my little girl to whom I already slowly got used, I didn't give me time to dream or to remember at least my abnormal deviations. Everything was somehow forgotten, used up in a chain of days and nights.All so, probably, also lasted day after day if not the rag with announcements. "The young nice man, looks for the friend, maybe, someone will warm ph....". I don't know what pulled me, I called. He was from the town, neighboring on area, and somehow unwillingly talked to me. Then I once again called him, then still. Then unexpectedly he called me.