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Having taken in the next stall on a beer bottle, we went across the road to the park of Dzerzhinsky. It called by the name of Dzerzhinsky in the old manner as years eight he carried the name of some fighter fighting for human rights and who was gone somewhere in Siberia. Having lit on the L&Mа cigarette and having taken a sip up to a throat of cold beer, we uvidat Nyura who went to our party. Nyura was a graduate of PTU-12 and months eight worked in the eighth shop with a svrshchitsa. She besides was rather beautiful and the third breast size excited our young imagination. Even Petrovich the foreman of assemblers tried to popristavat somehow, but received the due answer. - Hi boys and how are you, - Nyura told. We didn't expect such turn of business and someone could think that she will start talking to us the first. - Perfectly, - Kolya ovetit for us. Three together we sat down on a bench and got to talking about that about seven. - Boys, listen, - Nyura told. - Go to the embankment can we will meet когото acquaintances. We of course agreed as each of us secretly cherished a dream to get acquainted with Nyura closer. Nyura, in a short beige sundress which actually was the small rag of matter which is sexually fitting a seductive figure went ahead slightly of us. We as hypnotized stared at her slightly sticking out buttocks which are smoothly rocking at each step into which the very narrow strip of panties hardly stuck. Warm sea wind played with her hair, scattering them as sea waves on smooth snow-white shoulders and fitted in front a sundress, showing roundish elastic boobies with the sharp, strongly sticking out nipples. I without coming off I looked at all this magnificence and I felt as hot waves of excitement flow to my dick in a step to rocking of her hard buttocks and didn't notice at all as we reached the embankment. There it was deserted, except for a couple of young people in love who as if were stuck each other in a passion rush on the shop which is buried in verdure. We came nearer on the other side of bushes and heard silent lingering sighs. Nyura shuddered and I noticed as her hips clenched. - Boys wait minute, - Nyura told and having slightly bent down, quietly moved apart bushes. Her sundress rose, baring slender hips. She bent down still more attentively to consider being created behind bushes and I saw the silvery lace of panties crashing into a damp perineum. I hardly tore off eyes from this tremendous picture, but here through the moved apart bushes to my look not less mind-blowing show appeared. The chubby red girl was stuck on the huge sizes the dick of the friend. Without realizing that I do, I clasped Nyura for buttocks and nestled lips on a desired silvery lace. Nyura became straight and turned facing me. - You probably want me - Nyura asked. But here Kolya put in our ward. - I probably will go home as I here only disturb you. - he told, and already was was developed. - A billeting, don't leave anywhere, - Nyura quietly said, approach here. When Kolya approached, Nyura kneeled before him and the shivering fingers undid a fly from where the elastic dick escaped. Nyur was clasped by the dick with small cams, having bared a pink brilliant head and carried out by a tip of language on a cut on her. Kolya deafly moaned, his ball sack was drawn in, veins on the dick were blown up also he, having clasped Nyura's head, the dick drove in a mouth against the stop to her and quickly I began to move a basin backwards-forward. Having seen it, I got from trousers for a long time sticking out as the stake the dick and began to masturbate, approaching Nyura. Without stopping masturbating, I fell on knees before her buttocks and having removed panties, began to stroke-oar her juicy, clean-shaven vulvar lips. Between them my finger groped a firm pea of the escaping clitoris. I felt as Nyura strained, her back caved in and the bottom was bulged, having opened buttocks. - Enter me rather - she moaned. The second time I didn't need to be asked. Having moved apart her buttocks are stronger, I sharply entered her. She loudly screamed and, having pulled out a dick from a mouth began to groan strongly. Kolya, having grabbed the dick, I began to masturbate quickly. Having clenched teeth and, having begun to roar as an animal, Kolya began to cum. From his excited dick the stream of a dense and viscous cum directly on Nyura's face pulled out. Nyura held up the uvula under a stream to don't pass at all reviver. I hurried to take Kolino the place. Having turned over on a back, she was greedy soaked up in my dick and began to slide quickly on it language. The sundress at her was lifted up, having bared gentle as a peach a stomach, under panties outlines of an elastic pubis were guessed. Without having sustained this picture, shivering from overexcitation, one breakthrough of Kohl broke panties from promising flesh, I moved apart her as soon as it is possible widely legs, at the same time chubby vulvar lips were slightly opened, having shown at the same time a pink flower. Kolya ran a finger between two gentle hillocks, having stopped on a clitoris knob. Gently but strongly massing it, he moved apart vulvar lips so that the flower between them turned into a brilliant pink rag. Having dropped to him lips, Kolya deeply entered language the revealed hot vagina. Spring night came to an end and smoothly passed into morning. We with Kolya went along the embankment, new day of work came.