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So, recently Nadia came to me and began to brag how had the day before a good time with three guys at once. It wasn't for her new, she overslept almost with all the course and their many friends, but especially it was pleasant to her when several unfamiliar children had her together. This time three young stallions picked up her at the bus stop, having pecked on her short short skirt, and didn't miscalculate. Nadia playfully smiled to them and very clearly showed what wishes to be indulged with them. Yim Nadj it was pleasant too, and they wanted to fuck her somewhat quicker. It turned out that all three live in halls where to the general delight the company and went. Already on the way guys ventured obscene jokes and frivolous touches, and the fact that it didn't cause any protests from Nadia, inspired even more and suggested an idea that they won't bad spend time with this cow calf today. And as Nadia liked a thought that she was frankly removed and conduct to fuck, guys didn't even guess. Somehow children managed to spend Nadia by the watchwoman and to rise imperceptibly by the third floor to Kolya's room, the lowest and thickset of guys, the obvious ringleader in all this company. Some time students had fun, being put to the beer bought on the way. At some point (one of them was called Anton, and name of other Nadj didn't remember Kolya's friends) on some need their neighbors called, and they left. In the room there was only Kolya, and Nadia decided to play with him: she pretended that she considers something on a table, bent, having exposed the appetizing buttocks. The short skirt was lifted up so that only slightly remained that it became clear whether there are on it panties. The guy decided to check it. He approached Nadia behind and put hands on her buttocks. Without changing Nadj's pose I turned back to him and, having lewdly grinned, I told: "Do you want to fuck me? What do you wait for? Only share with the friends, I want that they tried me too". With these words it was developed, sat down and, having undone Collina trousers, got from them the small, but fat dick with a flat head. Having run over him a hand and having removed the hairs which appeared on skin, she licked a head, the dick took in a mouth and began to suck at the guy with whom she was hardly familiar. Kolya covered eyes from pleasure and nearly howled from delight when the girl began to lick to him balls. At last, Nadia got up and, having taken the guy for a dick, led to a bed. There he pulled together from her a white T-shirt and my favourite light green skirt. The last Nadia lost narrow black panties, having crossed through which, laid down a back on a bed and moved apart legs. From above on her Kolya laid down, and the girl herself sent his dick to herself. So the couple fucked a couple of minutes, and Collina friends returned here. At first they grinned and wanted to leave, but having caught a playful eye of Nadia, were late. "Take off trousers", – with a smile Nadia told, rising on elbows under Kolya puffing on her. Seeing that the girl doesn't mind, children closed a door, exempted themselves from excess clothes, having remained only in t-shirts, and stood in meter from a bed, expecting when Kolya gives way to them. So the turn queued up to Nadia. Seeing that guys don't decide to approach, the girl undertook an initiative: "Nobody wants to give me in a mouth?" – already deeply breathing from excitement, she whispered. Having heard it Anton couldn't restrain, he approached a bed headboard, put on it one knee and its long penis with the sharp extended head it appeared at the most Nadiny lips. She took him the left hand, sent herself to a mouth and began to suck away diligently. Kolya as if didn't notice it and continued to work Nadia rhythmically. Having once again licked a head, Nadia looked Anton fool in the face and told: "Give to the friend too, I want to suck away also at him". Anton hasty stood aside and already in a mouth Nadia had a dick of the following guy. Here Kolya's movements became much more gusty, he pulled out a dick, rose and, helping himself a hand, began to cum to Nadia on a tummy. Without coming off the dick in a mouth, the girl the right hand began to smear brilliant drops on skin. Anton wanted to take Kolya's place, but Nadia turned over, got up on all fours, seated the guy to whom she sucked away, on a bed, and his dick took in a mouth again, having exposed the elastic buttocks towards Anton. Anton got up knees on a bed, took Nadia for hips and the dick began to insert slowly into her, gradually accelerating. After a while, without allowing Anton to terminate, Nadia asked children to exchange and now she was fucked by the third guy, and Anton sat having leaned back and substituting the Nadiny mouth the dick. Having let out him from a mouth, but continuing to podrachivat a hand, Nadia asked: "Boys, and you tried anal sex?" It became clear that nobody did it yet, then she suited everything as it was pleasant to her: I laid on a back of one of guys, I sat down from above and his dick inserted into herself, and a nod of the head I showed to Anton that he can join, and that began to be attached behind to her narrow hole. Here Nadia began to groan really. She knows how to humour the man, but at the same time and itself derives pleasure from sex to the maximum. Considering sound insulation in our halls, probably, all floor learned that students, hungry before sex, led the whore who doesn't mind to halls to potrakhatsya. And was. Children quickly caught the general rhythm and began to burn. They had her without hurrying, with feeling sticking on the dicks. Kolya, all this time sitting on a chair and having a rest, at the sight of this show was ready to fight again. He approached and took a position at the remained free hole, тыкнувшись the dick to Nadia in a mouth. It muffled her groans. Nadia clasped a head with lips. Move she almost couldn't, but pushes of the children sticking her on the dicks created enough movement that lips slid along the member Kolya. The first Anton began to cum. Without taking out a trunk from Nadia, he was discharged directly in a hole, and with groan fell off sideways. Almost at once behind it the boy on whom the girl lay pulled out the dick and began the fountain to be thrown up to Nadia on buttocks. Having snatched the moment, Kolya appeared one jump on Anton's place and again inserted to Nadia, having decided to dotrakhat her behind. Without paying attention that the girl all was splashed with a cum of his friends, the guy selflessly pulled to Nadj on the dick, and she was willingly given him. At last, Kolya hasty left a sweet hole and scattered a cum stream on a back, adding new drops to already drying up lust traces. Having a little recovered the breath, Nadia was wiped by the crumpled sheet, hastily pulled a skirt and an undershirt, put panties in a handbag and went to a door. Guys inertly tried to detain her, but she quickly slipped out for a door and ran away on a ladder. Next week Nadia decided to make to me a surprise. Everything began as usual, I came to her that day, when as we knew, her parents and the brother are at the dacha. Nadia took away me to the large room at once and laid on a bed. She was horney and she obviously couldn't wait to be engaged in business somewhat quicker. We pulled together the friend from the friend clothes, it showed me gesture that it is necessary to lean back on a bed and to relax. Sitting on the edge of a bed, my girl took my dick in a hand, bent and kissed it. Nadia carried out on a head by a uvula, but suddenly was discharged and became straight. Her naked slender figure especially seductively looked in combination with a bend of hips. "Wait", – I said Nadj in low tones, having crafty smiled. And here from a door of the small room some guy unfamiliar to me seemed, he was naked. Nadia held me for a dick and, smiling, looked me fool in the face. I was outright surprised, and it was curious, what will be farther. The stranger was student's age, dark-haired with a short hairstyle, he approached Nadia and directed svoynedvusmyslenno the sticking-out stake to her head. Having torn off from me a look, Nadj was taken a hand by the dick of this guy and began to do him blowjob. I saw how his trunk plunged into her moist mouth. Now Nadia faced to him, catching each movement of his mimicry. Having released a dick from a mouth she turned back to me again: "It is pleasant to watch how I suck away at other guy?" – an innocent voice Nadia asked me. From the gushed excitement I could only smile and nod poorly. She accepted it in herself again and began to be stuck rhythmically on the tool. I gave a hand meanwhile and began to caress Nadia on a hip. She came off the dick again and by a little out of breath voice told: "And then we with him will fuck. Directly here, on a floor. Do you want to look?" The guy covered eyes and enjoyed blowjob, to him was obvious on me to spit. Yes, I wanted! I many times heard stories by Nadia, but to see everything was much more fascinating, than even video. The show when my girl sucks away to other guy, was really unforgettable. And the prospect to see how in front of my eyes Nadia is otymet by some unknown man, really intoxicated. While I thought of all this, Nadia released my dick and released began to stroke-oar the partner in thighs and to finger balls. Suddenly she sharply fell by a floor and got up on all fours. "Fuck me", – a firm voice I asked Nadj, addressing the boy to whom just I sucked away. I attentively watched how his trunk disappears in her hole. Yes, my girl served other guy in front of my eyes. I saw how she with each push buttocks moves to it towards. It seems, I forgot about me, having focused on how she is stuck on a dick. But on it surprises didn't end. From the room there was one more naked guy with the sticking-out trunk and in the same way without paying to me attention approached Nadia in front, sat down and attracted her head to the dick. Now she served two at once. I don't know from where she took them, but guys well knew what they want from this whore. Periodically Nadia came off the dick to encourage partners: "Yes, fuck me boys! Here so! I like your dicks". "I am your whore, insert to me". It really turned on children, and it isn't less of me, than their. Speed increased. But Nadia turned back to the first ёбарю, lewdly smiled, ran over his torso a hand and told: "Wait, trade places, I want that he fucked me too". With these words she slid off his dick, laid down on a back and parted legs. The guy who appeared the second settled between them, and now I observed how his buttocks rhythmically rise and fall between the moved apart knees of my girl. Another settled about her head at this time, having given to Nadia an opportunity a uvula and lips to be played with his dick. She continuously moved a hand on a trunk, teased with language the head shining from moisture and clasped her with lips, delayed skin and allowed her to crawl almost to the tip again. So she was fucked minutes by fifteen. At first that guy who the first tried Nadia terminated. He leaned hands against edge of the bed standing nearby so that completely to ship a dick to Nadia in a mouth which was quickly filled with the viscous liquid which was flowing down on a cheek and on a chin as the girl managed to swallow not everything. In a minute of the second sharply I left Nadia and I began to spray white drops on her stomach and a breast. Nadia just shone for joy. Guys without wasting words quickly put on and left the apartment. Nadia who is filled in with a cum lay where they left her: on a floor in the large room. I examined it from a bed. Both of us smiled. "How to you?" – I asked. "There is a wish to serve still a couple", – Nadia timidly answered, having carried out by language on lips on which the cum of the guy who just fucked her still shone. From such answer at me took the breath away again. "How many you already through yourself passed?" Nadia Pomorshchila nose: "No more than eighty. I want more". These words in combination with the fact that between legs at my girl dicks of two unfamiliar guys just visited worked on me like explosion. I jumped up, kneelt about Nadia and began to be discharged on her. With satisfaction grinning, my girl caressed me and pounded a cum on the body, mixing that on her three men left. "Do you want, in the evening I will go to fuck with guys who gather the company on a bench at us behind the house? You will be able to look at us from a window", – Nadia asked. "I want, – I honestly admitted, – You didn't oversleep with with anybody of them yet?" "Isn't present, in this area they at me aren't captured yet", – Nadia winked. "By the way, today I checked your box of, there write you about me, and some more options someone could insert to me turn up. Only it is necessary to organize that somebody removed it. I like to look how I am fucked". "Too", – I happily smiled to me.