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Volodya went on business trips Vera, having ended study, worked as the accountant, brought up the son. Arrival of the husband from business trips was as a holiday in family, Volodya came tired, but always brought a set of gifts and gifts. Both had good earnings and they lived decently. Changed the one-room apartment for three-room. Volodya started talking about the second child, he very much wanted the daughter, but his business trip was impossible didn't promote active work on increase in their family. His absence for three four weeks, he was week sometimes at home and it is less of that, Vera began to treat sex, as a certain duty. When the husband of the house it is necessary to give him that what he wanted, at night he climbed on her, inserted and fucked, panting, cumed and just rolled over on other side and fell asleep. The belief got used and didn't think of anything the friend. So there passed 13 years from a wedding, and life flowed as usual. The son only was 11 years old, Volodya not the first time was in a business trip, during a birthday and not only the son and the wife and the. When he arrived, organized the real celebration, Volodya навёз gifts, invited guests, two days walked. The holiday was successful wonderfully well. In five days Volodya went to flight, we with Vladik remained together. In two days days off came, I wanted to go with the son on shops, to vanish the son long didn't get up, rolled in a bed. When Vera passed to him to the room to a bed, Vlad lay on one side and held hands a stomach, she began to ask in what business. It appeared, Vlad couldn't descend two days on big. The belief became agitated, it found anesthetics in a house first-aid kit, gave to the son and sat down near him on a bed. The belief caressed the son on a stomach, the stomach was blown up also firm, Vlad had an obvious lock, holidays didn't take place completely. It got up and went to the bathroom, it was necessary to prepare a soap piece to enter into the son's bottom as candles for this house weren't. Обмылив the small piece that it was not sharp at the edges and well entered, she went to the room of the son. Having entered, she asked Vlad to turn on one side, to her a bottom, he interrogatively looked at her, and asked why, she told on what he reluctantly complied with her request. The belief accurately, lowered the son's pants to knees, asked to bend legs knees to a stomach, having looked at the opened look, Vera told, will be enough, relax, now I will enter a soap piece, and everything will be good, she calmed the son and herself. One hand Vera moved apart halves of a smooth bottom of Vlad, another directed a piece of soap and began to enter into a narrow opening of the son, soap easily went, then rested, probably against kcal. The belief pressed stronger, hardly, but everything entered, Vera a finger continued to enter soap, the ringlet of an anus clasped a finger and pleasantly squeezed and unclenched, Vera entered a finger on two phalanxes and stopped. Carefully without hurrying, taking out a finger, Vera calmed Vlad, there now now lie down a little, everything will soften, and you will do a poo, having taken out a finger, she left in the bathroom to wash up hands. In 10 minutes Vera entered the room, Vlad lay, Vera put a hand to him on a shoulder and asked him to descend to try to do a poo, the son slowly with a reluctance got up and went to a toilet. In a couple of minutes Vera opened a door in a toilet, asked well as it turns out, or not? Vlad told that foam came out, and so nothing is impossible. The belief told, sit still, and itself, having thought that just it won't turn out, I took the notebook from a bag and I began to look for number of the acquaintance who works felshary in policlinic. The belief knew her long ago, it was the good woman, 47 years worked on the ambulance, she has to help her trouble. The belief found number in the book and went to kitchen, to call, today the day off and time is three days though she would be at home, Vera thought, dialing number.The call was taken after the fourth beep, Svetlana Petrovna answered, she panted. The belief explained her the problem, Svetlana understood everything at once, she calmed Vera, told that it is a butt plug and that she will come in half an hour and will help her grief. The belief hung up and approached a toilet, having glanced there, it told Vlad sitting on a toilet bowl. Well not тужься it is strong, vessels will burst, get up, go, take rest, I called the aunt Sveta, it will arrive now, we will think up something, Vlad quietly got up, pulling pants, went to himself to the room. In minutes 40 the call to a door was distributed, Vera opened a door, it was Svetlana. Coming, Svetlana Petrovna apologized that long, she explained that with the husband visited and drank a little. Svetlana took off a coat, Vera even opened a mouth, generally Vera knew that Svetlana was without complexes, could throw out easily a free joke, flirt with anyone to behave simply and freely, despite age and situation. Svetlana looked quite attractively, she had a beautiful, nice face, a fair colored hair to shoulders, about a body not absolutely in shape. A magnificent breast, the third or fourth size, a tummy, to put it mildly, both a bottom big and bulged on the back shoulders there were narrow therefore the back seemed big, legs direct, but thick, thighs roundish and drew attention to themselves, probably, of all people around. Yes the show was interesting, Vera looked and tried not to show that she is surprised. Svetlana was in tights, kapronka, on her only the men's t-shirt moreover and in covering was put on, the t-shirt so adjoined to a body that was visible brassiere openwork, and nipples which stuck out through all these clothes, with a bottom she covered very little generally, her thighs in kapronka were naked, and all folds of her body, even a navel, were looked through through a t-shirt as though she wasn't. Svetlana hung up a coat, took a bag and told. Went to kitchen, I hope, you have nobody, and that I am put on on fast, well is fine, was once. Laughing, she told, passing on kitchen, there she began, laughing to tell that, having come from guests, with the husband decided to play pranks, and here you call, well the husband managed to terminate, and she went to me, on fast having gathered. Well let's solve your problem, long ago he didn't go on big. Day two, it speaks, after his birthday, well you know, itself were, gorged on stuff, here and filched. Svetlana asked to bank, a floor liter, now we will close up a rastvorchik, and we will give an enema, I with myself took everything that it is necessary so don't worry, we will help, to the birthday boy will relax, and laughed. She got from a bag of an ampoule opened them, shook out, in bank added water, mixed, then got everything that it was necessary from a bag. I stretched me the enema similar to a hot-water bottle with a hose, and I asked to wash out, itself processed something a tip for an enema, and put it in a gauze napkin. Having washed out an enema, inside and outside, I gave it to Svetlana, she, having closed a clip, accurately poured out solution in a hot-water bottle, stretched an enema to me, on you will hold, went to the patient. We entered the room to Vlad, he lay on one side, held hands a stomach. Well we will be treated by the patient, Svetlana, playful tone told. Vlad began to sit down on a bed, Vera paid attention as he darted glances at Svetlana, to breasts and legs, he was obviously attracted by her look. Sveta got a tip and a jar with vaseline and put on a table near a bed. All right, take off pants absolutely, they will only disturb and Vera it is necessary to lay something just in case. The belief poveshat an enema on a hanger on a door and left, Svetlana sat down on a chair, and called up Vlad to herself, he approached her she, caressing him on a stomach, calmed, saying that everything was good. Vladik looked at her a greedy look, and when Svetlana sat down a t-shirt rose above, baring her legs even more, thighs in tights looked really attractively though the stomach and tits stuck out even more and provocatively. The belief entered with a sheet, and began to lay it on a bed, Svetlana told Vlad, well the kid remove panties. Vlad sat down on a chair opposite to Svetlana, she reached for vaseline, leaning on a side back and having involuntarily spread legs is wider, Vlad, taking off pants, looked continuous a view of legs, is more faithful on what was visible to a promezhd them, and sat, he nearby and it was visible rather well. The belief laid and watched how Vladik takes off pants and looks attentively at Svetlana's legs, Vera looked at legs and was surprised, Svetlana was without pants, and through tights it was visible rather well. Svetlana got a jar, and sat down having cramped legs and opening her. Well Vladyusha, Sveta looked at him, removed, lay down on a flank. Light I noticed his view of myself, I looked at legs and I smiled. Vladik went to lay down, Svetlana got up, approaching a bed, she scooped a finger vaseline, other hand took away one leg of Vlad to a stomach. When she touched a finger with hole vaseline on Vlad's bottom, he shuddered, Svetlana told, cold, Vlad nodded, nothing will heat up now. Svetlana with circular motions began to smear accurately a finger vaseline around a hole as though massed, tried to enter a finger into a hole, Vlad contracted, relax, Svetlana told. She sat down on hunkers near a bed, having leaned an elbow on edge of a bed continued to mass around a hole. The belief looked at it not randomly, without looking away, the t-shirt was again lifted up, legs were slightly divorced a stomach, breasts, and all folds it seems, stuck out from a t-shirt even more, and through tights it was visible hair on a pubis and legs in tights magnificent and beautiful as it seemed to her. It was for some reason pleasant to Vera to look at it, and she was even made horney, from such look and reddened. Svetlana, continuing to mass the boy's hole, again I tried to push a finger inside, the buttocks resisted, but Svetlana strengthened pressing and a finger, passed. Hardly clasping a finger, the buttocks were reduced, pulsing, Svetlana continued to press, all finger didn't enter yet, she even sweated from tension. She began to move a finger, backwards, forward without encountering kcal, and Vlad's tension obviously didn't pass. Vlad Poyorzyval a leg, Svetlana noticed how his prostate was inflated. Pancake yes the boy was made horney, she thought about herself, and I moved on above to look to him between legs. She didn't see the dick, but balls were tightened, it meant that the dick for certain costs to check it Svetlana a thumb pressed closer to balls, there as inserted something firm. Yes obviously a strut, judging by age for certain the first, just I well affect a prostate and he looked to me between legs attentively, the guy was made horney on me. Thoughts climbed extremely exciting, even went hot Svetlana. Vlad's hole didn't relax, the tip of an enema won't pass. Svetlana, Vera told he, in my opinion, is horney, a finger influenced a prostate, here he also was made horney, the stoyachok him should be removed, it is necessary to jerk off that he relaxed, but not that he won't pass an enema. Svetlana looked on trust, an inquiring look, Vera became puzzled and didn't know what to tell, she looked at Vlad who turned away to a wall, and lay quietly on one side, having drawn in a leg to a stomach. It is necessary so it is necessary, Vera answered, without knowing what to tell, and turned away allegedly to poveshat an enema, and itself wanted to hide the reddened face and the made horney nipples which stuck out from under clothes. Svetlana translated a view of the boy and told, addressing him by a gentle voice. Vladik turn on a back the kid. Svetlana sat down on a bed near Vlad, having taken a napkin from a table and wiping hands from vaseline. Vlad was developed on a back, covering a stoyachok with a hand, he tried not to look at Svetlana, but his eyes as a magnet were attracted by her view, her body, folds of excessive weight, a breast with the sticking-out nipples, and legs in tights, such beautiful and thick, and, above all what is to a promezhd them. The belief chose the place with Svetlana's side, slightly behind, she felt uncomfortably, partly from the excitement and from the events, but she wanted to uvidat it. Svetlana the feeling of excitement already gushed over, it began to flow, and nipples acted even more, having hardened from lust, she wanted to clasp a small penis of Vlad and to jerk off, understanding that the boy still virgin, and a stoyachok the first in his life, realized, and on her, all this together gave even more feelings and the thoughts turning in the head. Sitting down more conveniently on a bed, she bent one leg in a knee, and put closer to Vlad, touching his hip by a knee, and having slightly opened him a view of her delights. She put the left hand on a hip of the boy, right having taken away his hand from the dick. Now his dick in wild spirits was completely in the public eye both adult women, and there came the five-second pause. They looked at him, without coming off also with desire. The dick was small centimeters twelve, but is strange bent by an arch a head from a stomach, at the basis is thinner and, being thickened to a head though not strongly thick, the head under a thin skin, but was allocated. The head was the thickest part of the dick and was allocated, even through a thin skin, she slightly looked out of her. Vlad's body was smooth and hairless, balls bald in a fold, a dick light smooth without veins and firm as a stick, the basis and a sex of the dick densely adjoined to a stomach, and further the bend went from a body, giving to the dick of the hook looking forward and up. Svetlana two fingers undertook a dick, is closer to a head, Vlad shuddered, she looked at him, smiled gently and told. Relax the kid, I won't make to you badly, and even on the contrary. She began to pull together a thin skin from a head to bare, her head was rather big and the thin skin stretched and the head as if it didn't want to lick from the shelter turned white from a tension, but Svetlana, having undertaken more conveniently, continued залуплять, didn't achieve the yet. The first time quite hardly and not really pleasantly, well will nothing then easier, and it is more pleasant, but the first steps are the most sweet, but are given difficult, Svetlana told, continuing the business, not tearing off a look from the dick. The thin skin of a lace curtain clasped with a dense ringlet the basis at the head, the head, was big in comparison with the dick, and is by sight similar, to the head, more true a hairstyle of the little man, she white and from a tension of skin and whiteness as a raid. It and truly for the first time outside as though having broken through virginity of a lace curtain, I left to prove to be. To Vladik there was a little больновато, he suffered and he was bewitched by the events. And Svetlana continued, without paying attention to anything, with enthusiasm looking at a dick, squeezed him and pulled, unbending from a body enjoying feeling of hardness and elasticity of a small penis moreover so unusually bent, it was pleasant to her and brought her to horror. Svetlana a free hand took balls and began to rumple and delay gently them, rolling fingers balls, balls and the dick were gentle, not such as at men, nice on the touch if wasn't near to mother of this guy, she precisely with great pleasure would suck away it, Svetlana thought. From such stimulation from a head, more true from a hole on her lubricant, transparent acted, Svetlana a forefinger touched a droplet, having mentioned heads, she damp and hot, wanted to smear on her lubricant. Vlad shuddered and the dick wanted to cover with a hand, but I stopped short, having put a hand on a stomach, looked at Svetlana and gruffishly told, painfully so. Yes, the thin skin gentle and sensitive, and I was forgotten also by a rough hand, excuse the kid, I now a vazelinchik will take, and will easier slide. Svetlana told, having released a dick and having scooped vaseline, two fingers, as a spring having slapped quite large portion, at the same time a dick in a stomach, took the habitual place. Svetlana began, to grease, having brushed on a head, vaseline began to smear it, having covered completely all head, she scooped still, having smeared up to a palm. Vaseline on a head was quickly warmed and, spreading below, shone on a head a thick layer. Svetlana gently clasped with a palm, a juicy head and, continuing to smear, began to podrachivat, so far slightly squeezing her. Then she began to pass to all dick, and again, from head top to the basis of the dick, and slowly down slightly squeezing a cam, sounds went at the same time, vaseline, is more right its abundance champed, gave smacking kiss. Vlad published a low moan, took away a hand from a stomach, Svetlana, having licked lips, slightly opened a mouth, began to breathe more often, is even louder, the breast big disorders began to rise at breath above. She, having clasped a dick more dense with all palm, unbending it is slightly farther from a stomach, I became rhythmically, but not quickly, to jerk off him on all length, from a head to the basis. So proceeded minutes one and a half two, then she increased speed, the t clenched a fist more densely, and sometimes more nadrachivy a head. The belief stood, behind, squeezing legs and muscles of a vagina, it flowed long ago ready to terminate from all this, was all eyes as bewitched. Vlad whined as a puppy, he for the first time tested it, in a stomach bottom roofing felts burned, roofing felts grew cold, the rooster grew dumb, and itched, and balls were filled with huge weight, burned ready to burst. Svetlana continued to jerk off, at fast speed, the hand went, smoothly squelching and giving smacking kiss, a fist, touching a body, slapped. Vlad was ready to explode, he began to move on a meeting to a hand, having squeezed a sheet and straining, lifted a basin up. Svetlana, seeing that he will terminate soon, unbending a dick to legs more, rubbing and podrachivy nearly one head, circular motions, I kept saying quietly. Give the kid, give. Vlad began to cum with groans, having lifted highly a basin, the body was bent by an arch and strained as a string. Svetlana, the dick with a force squeezed, and again I passed to all length. The first stream, was splashed out on meter up, then more and more. Vlad turned away the head to a wall, groaning, exhaled sharply and is noisy air, his stomach sharply strained, doing sharp advances, Vlad for the first time cumed. Svetlana, continuing to jerk off, I kept saying, here so moreover, so. Having streamed a plentiful stream, Vlad was released, weakened on a bed, to him it was easy and good. The dick slipped out Svetlana's hand when he was released sharply on a bed, but she took him again, continuing to jerk off when she passed a palm on a head, the press Vlada and all he twitched as though she touched a nerve. Svetlana weakened a palm, and quietly without releasing a dick, saw off on it, spoke. The good fellow great scattered, and is plentiful, Vera bring a damp rag, and that everything around in his cum, even on me got. Belief, having regained consciousness from a stupor, I went quickly for a towel to the bathroom, having taken the first towel, I moistened edge and I went back. Svetlana sat on a bed Vlada on a stomach near the half-fallen-down dick caressed, she took a towel and without hurrying, began to rub off a dick, a stomach, balls, she did it without hurrying, even slowly, having carefully processed a head, she fingers pulled a thin skin on her, closing. Having stopped rubbing off, Svetlana postponed a towel, the member Vlada lay, having slightly bent sideways in a semi-horney state, the head looked out of a skin, reddening. Svetlana asked to turn Vlada sideways, to her a bottom, itself took a tip, and scooped a finger vaseline, covered him. Belief, having removed an enema, I approached with her Svetlana. Svetlana, having taken a hose, from an enema I attached a tip, and I slightly opened a clip, I let out the air, one hand having undertaken a buttock, having delayed it, opening the review and access to a hole, another, holding the greased tip, I put him to a hole. Having twisted a tip and smearing, I approached a hole, I pressed, went hardly, and slowly, she turned it, still pressing and a sphere of a tip улез in a bottom, easily centimeters on five, Svetlana opened a clip, and told Vera that she lifted an enema hot-water bottle above. When contents of an enema went to destination Svetlana got up and, squeezing an enema, checked when that becomes empty. Well, that's all, she told, having bent to a bottom, she accurately extended a tip, other hand pressing a buttock to squeeze bottom halves. Now lie down how many you will be able also in a toilet, it precisely will help him to do a poo, she told smiling. Women began to clean up, speaking about trifles, Vlad stuck to minute three, and with moaning, clamping the back, ran in a toilet. Well, here means hundred percentage, now all will turn out, Svetlana told, looking at the running-away, naked guy. They cleaned up and went to kitchen, Svetlana came into a bathtub, to wash hands. The belief put a teapot, and laid a table, got a bottle of dry wine from the refrigerator. Svetlana, having come on kitchen, and sitting down to a table, I asked what we celebrate. The belief laughed, happy break of a lock. Women drank on a glass, stirring about life. Svetlana, lifting to clink glasses with the second filled, I told, for the first at the guy, well I understood and, having drunk a drink, and he terminated great, and the dick at him it is interesting, is bent, you noticed, I the first time such saw. The belief reddened, and translated a conversation words, probably, prosratsya, it is necessary to send it to the bathroom let will be washed after everything, and Vlada shouted. Vlad appeared in the doorway in sports pants and an undershirt, the first question to him was about the fact that it prokakatsya or not when he nodded that yes both sighed with relief, Vera told him, be washed under a shower and though to tea drink. All right, Vlad told and went to a bathtub, take a towel in a case, Vera, to him in a trace told. Women sat, drank, without hurrying, Vlad came with the wet, tousled hair, approached a plate, poured a cup of tea, and sat down at a table. Glancing at Svetlana, Vlad without hurrying I had tea. When he got up because of a table Vera for a moment noticed how his trousers were reared. It was again made horney on Svetlana, Vera thought, looking at him. Vlad almost backfired from kitchen, in his room the TV was turned on. Svetlana started to hurry home, she advised Vera to carry out still one procedure with an enema to Vlad for the night, for prevention. You will pour to liter of warm water in an enema and air lower from a hose, and you know further, I saw yes not small you will understand. And still, Svetlana began to lower voice if she gets up, explain to him somehow that she yes as why to jerk off, and let doesn't speak to someone, about it, teach to wash away a head, generally I understood, and he not so will understand that, absolutely the kid though a strut excellent. Svetlana smiling, I went to a hanger, to put on, having put on, she glanced to Vlad to the room, said goodbye and left. The belief closed doors, went to kitchen. She washed the dishes and in her intoxicated head were confused everything, Vera drove trite thoughts, but they as ill luck would have it, didn't leave her consciousness. Still went hot her from memoirs as Svetlana jerked off her to the son as his bald balls contracted before from even young dick, the first stream of a cum, then more and more escaped, she sighed and licked lips. All this was kind of unreal and is forbidden, but got to a shiver in knees, and Svetlana's type, this t-shirt in covering all outside, at Vera appeared a flush, and got wet between legs. Removing the remains in the refrigerator, she paid attention to bananas, thought, at Vlad the dick is bent also, having broken off one, the smallest, she put it on a table. The belief stood and looked at banana, representing the son's dick, then translated thoughts, swore and went to itself to the room. Passing by the room of the son, I glanced there, Vlad watched some movie, he didn't even notice it. Having entered to itself, Vera stopped near a mirror, she looked at herself somehow, estimating and comparing to Svetlana, she somewhere envied her, Vlad looked at her a lewd look, and likely on her he got up a dick. The belief usually walked houses in short trousers slightly below than a knee and in a top, or any blouse, sometimes she didn't put on a brassiere, but pants on her were always put. Vera's growth was average, 165 cm shoulders narrow, a breast 2 sizes, the stomach acted, but didn't hang down yet, hips as it seemed to her thick, wide, thighs and calves, acted as rolled and knees and ankles thin seemed big. The belief ran a hand over a side, from a breast to a thigh. Trousers were in covering, and having slightly brought up them, they allocated the bum which slightly drooped, panties were allocated through trousers, with before it was visible a cut of a chink and bends at thighs as a shape of a body. The belief approached a case, got a dressing gown, threw on a bed, then a towel, she decided to be washed. Having undressed completely, Vera wanted to put on a dressing gown, but something stopped her, and with a crafty smile she decided to go to the bathroom of naked. Having taken only a towel, an onapodoshl to a bedside table near a bed she, having rummaged, I found the condom long ago bought, just in case, and I went to kitchen. Passing near the room of the son, I stopped, listened it is heard only the TV, the feeling of nakedness gave something unusual, passing on kitchen. The belief went on socks, the bottom was bulged stronger and wagged more, boobies without brassiere freely shook as wanted, this feeling was pleasant to her. Having taken banana from a table, Vera went to the bathroom. Having put it in a sink, she discovered hot water to heat, hung up a towel, put a condom on a regiment, discovered bathroom water, having switched to a shower. Having got up under water jets, Vera closed eyes and began to soap herself, remembering a past, in a pizda everything burned, nipples strained and bulked up, having passed on them soap fingers, trifled and twisted them, then on a stomach, hair on a pubis, hands dived to a pizda. The feeling of pleasure and desire overflowed Vera, she placed legs more widely, and passed one hand on the back, and began to mass an anus hole as at first she, then Svetlana did it with Vlad's hole, other hand rubbed the bulked-up clitoris long ago. She remembered everything even trifles, and sounds, the finger of her hand entered the back softly and deeply, rubbing a clitoris, she strained and with groans terminated, so with pleasure and quickly. But inside everything flared and itched, there was a wish more and more. The belief closed the crane in a sink and took banana, it became soft, and we heat slightly, his washout under a shower, Vera the shivering hands, opened a condom and pulled on banana, the condom was pink and looked nicely. The belief laid down in a bathtub, considering the improvised son's dick, she podrachivat him, kissing on a tip, whispering, give the boy, give, thrust in me the hook, thrust him in a pizda to mother, she waits for the kid. The belief bent legs in knees, having tightened to itself and having parted in the parties on how many the bathtub allowed, hair on a pubis and around a vagina, wet stuck to a body, the pizda revealed as a mouth waiting. Belief, slowly carrying out by a banana tip between boobies, on a stomach, on a pubis, leaving a groove on hair, I reached a clitoris and I began to twist around him, the low moan escaped by itself. The belief raised the head and put a tip of the dick to an entrance as the son's dick would enter if he was on her, a dick bend down, having covered eyes, thrusting a dick. It was warm, from this feeling were such sweet and real, Vera gasped. Getting in inside, it took with itself(himself) sexual sponges and hair around them, having thrust on a half, Vera stopped, enjoying feeling of warmth, and curvature, this dick, having forgotten about everything, Vera began, to move a hand, quietly groaning. The movements of a hand became more sharply and quicker, the second hand Vera fingered a clitoris. She lay in the bathroom расклячив legs. Wet from water and sweat, the tits compressed hands shivered as jelly. The hand with banana went quicker and quicker, the pace more was increased, the sounds made pizdy, which are champing, giving smacking kiss, hand cottons on a body, a squelch of juice generously allocated from a pizda and a postanyvaniye with grunting were distributed more loudly. Speed reached enormous speed, Vera dispersed, she wanted to terminate, driving in herself, this the son's dick curve kind of. When she began to cum, she stopped up him as it is possible more deeply in itself, having reached a neck of the uterus. Having screamed, I squeezed legs and I began to shake in an orgasm, inflow followed inflow, she not when didn't cum so long and violently, from a pizda flowed a stream, having straightened legs, she squeezed them, feeling in herself this dick, rubbing quietly a clitoris, catching the high remains, relaxed. It was so pleasant to her, she never so cumed with the husband, even when he young fucked her on three times in a row, without taking out from her a dick.