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Billey had rich parents, he was always thrown by money, I and my friends weren't so rich, but we had everything that is necessary. I was a little not self-assured and modest, and Billey courageous and a little free. Such different but we became the best friends. I walked upstairs a little earlier eight and shouted, knowing that Billey will go down now. For Billey his own apartment over a garage of his ancestors is under construction. In general that a garage - it is softly told, it is rather a hangar on four cars. Billey had a super father too, he was fond of cars and we were sure that he will help us with our car. - "What do you think? can steam of huge subwoofers in a luggage carrier?" I asked while we sat in the dining room. - "I don't know, Chad. Difficult it will be correct to establish them and to connect, I think let it will make in any workshop." - "It will be expensive," I told. - "I have such feeling that I can persuade mother to pay for all this," he answered, with a grin which hid more than he spoke. I got used to this grin as to Billey's part. She at him appeared several months ago, together with some easy change of heart which from me as best friend, I didn't escape. He left the girl, and now if met someone, then is irregular. He also ceased to leave somewhere for a week-end as we with him did earlier. I assumed that I become too persuasive, but Billey assured me that everything be all right, I am his best friend. We still stirred about his new car when his Mother entered. In forty she looked fantastically, and forced men to turn around following including me. She was блондинокй, with a straight hair to shoulders. Her body... My God.... her body... At his parents is pass gym in one of rooms of the house. and I am sure by Mrs. Stephens spends a considerable part of time there. It slender and tightened, with beautiful legs, large buttocks of very appetizing form, and she has very big breast. I about myself call their milkings, elastic fleshy by sight, they looked as at pornmodel. Sometimes I even specially didn't get out from water because of her boobs when we swam with Billey in his pool and it came to us in a bathing suit and sat down nearby. - "Bills?" she called, coming into the dining room. "Oh, hi, Chad! I didn't know that you here." - "Hello, Mrs. Stephens! I just came, to help Billey with car. "I think, it was what I told. I never remember that I said when she is near. She was in the white t-shirt which is hardly closing it buttocks and therefore as it is elastic her breasts on fine fabric when she went shook, I understood that she without brassiere. She held in hand a basket with linen, probably being going to throw everything into washing. - "Bills, you unless don't know that your father plays golf this morning?" she asked. - "Sorry, mother, I absolutely forgot. Give me a couple of minutes and I will rise." he told it. Mrs. Stephens didn't look angry or angry. But I unexpectedly understood that my presence is undesirable when she left. My suspicions were confirmed, Billey told that it is more best to me to come later where that after 11. He promised to help mother with a surprise for the father. There are no problems I thought and went to the car. I almost approached the car when remembered that I forgot at Billey car keys on a table. I turned and went back. There was no wish to disturb Billey because of such trifle and to call him, I thought simply to rise to his room, to take keys and to leave. I passed by state muddy, and heard Billey's voice in his bedroom. I was going to tell him that I returned behind keys and that we will meet later, but what I saw and heard when I approached to the slightly opened door of his room forced me to stand on the place.Mrs. Stephens was on all fours, absolutely naked. Billey was naked too. However he stood. I stood with the dick in a mouth of his mother. - "Here so, whore. Suck my dick. I didn't cum since fucked you in a bum two nights ago." Billey told. He stood sideways to me and it was perfectly visible to me how his mother works as a mouth at his dick, her head evenly rose and fell, her eyes were closed. Billey held Mrs. Stephens by the head and itself set a rhythm most to him pleasant. He just fucked the mother in a mouth. I thought that I should clean up immediately far away from here, and I already turned to leave as suddenly Mrs. Stephens opened eyes. she looked up at Billey, then she saw me. Despite Billey's hands holding her by the head she ceased to suck. Billey looked at mother to understand in what business. Having seen that mother looks to him for a back, he turned back and saw me. He took a step back, taking out a dick from a mouth of the mother, from the dick thick thread of saliva lasted. - "I knew that sooner or later you learn" he told with the grin. passed into a wide smile. Mrs. Stephens still was kneeling, it was obvious that she is very confused, that I caught them because she hung the head. - "Few months ago I accidentally saw that she corresponds with guys on the Internet. Having read her correspondence, I learned that generally a talk on sex, they play role-playing games, type she is their mother. Well you know how many perverts on the Internet and what imaginations happen." He smiled. - "Correspondence was very hot. I too anonymously began to communicate with it. After few weeks, enough compromising evidence collected. And I decided to poshantazhirovat it that I will tell all to the father if she doesn't do that I want. Everything that I want." he laughed again.