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Nobody the unnoticed irony of the mocker destiny consisted that that day two in this fight suddenly had strange feeling of boredom from predictability and futility of this "toy" fight, from useless shouts and senseless bravado of both parties. Peter Pan and James Kryuk were these two. Both are one with confusion, another with an anticipation – almost at the same time wanted something other, absolutely, absolutely other even if counter with a hackneyed plot. But girls were in captivity, and Peter, with habitual ease having flung away unnecessary experiences, rushed to Kryuk towering on the bridge, having already brought a hand with the sparkling blade for blow. However the immemorial opponent didn't even tremble, having crossed hands on a breast. Strange it was the couple. The tall broad-shouldered man in a magnificent camisole from a black velvet and in a hat with a black plume, shivering on ruthless sea wind, and the teenage boy, suntanned and nimble, in the short panties which burned out from the sun. Only the eternal child who got stuck in the childhood - if not Kryuk. As well as Kryuk would be only one of pirates – if not Pan. - Answer! Where they?! – Peter shouted, having threateningly narrowed dark eyes, - Or you will release them voluntarily, or we will crumble you on a forage to sharks! - I am not going to detain your lovely ladies! – Kryuk theatrically made a helpless gesture, - Go down on the earth, Pan, and I – you hear? – itself I will see off you to them! - Only without focuses, Kryuk! If you deceive, then I … - … you will cut to me the second hand and you will feed to a crocodile, - the Pirate frowned, - Pan, you are awfully predictable. Suntanned and bare feet of Peter touched the deck, but the sword still was watchfully aimed at the breast hidden by a velvet. Peter, certainly, didn't estimate irony. - Go forward, Kryuk! Several long seconds James just dared to look at the self-confident boy, always impregnable, always self-satisfied as if trying to imprint in memory his impudent physiognomy last time. Yes, today Pan will strongly lose the aplomb, and Kryuk unscrupulously savoured moments, anticipating it. However it wasn't necessary to pull – the powder keg had a patience of this madcap like a match and very quickly came to an end. Therefore, having darted the last glance at it a delightful ugly face in the pure impudence, Kryuk gave easy bow and went to a cabin of little girls. - The CU - with-with! Don't make a din, Pan. Ladies are a little busy and you will see, than if you don't shout and stamp. And Pan was bought as pretty that also didn't escape the artful pirate from attention. I was bought and crept to a door with a molchok though earlier would die rather, than I obeyed Kryuk, and with pleasure would rush into a cabin with cries, cock shouts and jumps around little girls. And now – here he, sneaks, trying that wet boards under his legs didn't give his presence by a scratch. Peter Pan on councils of the captain spat. It is interesting to him most, than girls when nobody sees them – here in what piece can be engaged. "Yes he grew up!" - almost with delight Kryuk thought, having noted that Pan still reaches to him only a breast, but, probably, puberty nevertheless smoldered somewhere in the depth of this incomprehensible boyish heart, and Kryuk was ready to kiss with a crocodile if only to see evident to that confirmations. Peter very much wanted to save little girls. He was a hero and didn't understand how it is possible to arrive differently. But the curiosity overcame, and he nestled a nose on a round glass window at doors, impatiently looking out for Lilia and Wendy. He was ready to see them – unfortunate, embraced and crying. He was ready to see them – angry and armed with what got from piracy chests. He is ready to see anything, but only not that saw. Yes, in a cabin there were Wendy and Lilia – it was obvious. But first, they were naked, and already from this simple fact of St. Petersburg went hot. Likely, each boy at heart hopes to take unawares the familiar girl before she hides the body under panties and a dress, but any doesn't believe that it is real, and here … They were naked. Milky-white Wendy with the long fair hair which is cast away for a back squated crosslegged on a floor sideways to it and attentively looked at the swarty thin Lilia sitting opposite and something explaining. In a fever Petter even remembered not at once that Wendy didn't know Indian language and didn't understand the meaning of what was said, but Lilia accompanied all the explanations with gestures, and from it it was possible to go crazy. Petter perfectly understood her. "… and if I begin to caress the fruit … here look … it begins to expire juice. Thereby, which I so like to pinch from your pink flower! You see, I am already wet... Touch me here, give! – on these words the Lily impatiently seized Wendy by a hand and began to drive her a finger at itself between legs, accompanying it with faltering breath, but not forgetting to explain, - Yes … You see how it is pleasant to me … Yes … I so love when you do me it, Wendy! Oh, rub to me from above still, knock with a finger on my berry … Yes … Here, look … And when the woman is caressed … by the man, he thrusts the dick below, into a special female hole … thrust to me a finger below … yes, Wendy and, there! Also begins to move him to and fro!" The confused Wendy's attractive face considerably turned pink, but she didn't draw aside a hand and obediently moved a finger in a peshcherka of the girlfriend, quickly catching her excitement. Kryuk with satisfaction noted, as St. Petersburg breath got off and became uneven that the boy looks at their games, having slightly opened a mouth and already few times licked the lips which dried up from this shameless show. Meanwhile Lilia, already slightly groaning, I parted legs more widely, having hardly bent them in knees, and I leaned back back, leaning hands against a floor while Wendy, having bent forward, continued to potrakhivat her wet pussy. "You know, Wendy … It is the most best when it does a penis … In our tribe at men good, long dicks, I am a princess, I can choose … But the best horse-radish at the captain Kryuk … He at him such big and thick … His horse-radish fills me all entirely … I often think of it when I caress myself … If Kryuk wasn't a pirate and our enemy, I would choose him as the husband, and … about - oh, Wendy and … he would fuck me every night!..." The turn to lick lips to the captain came here. Of course, he couldn't but notice how the body of this lewd Indian whore, but that she so allocated him caves in under his pressure – it was a pleasant surprise. Even Pan involuntarily recoiled from a door and was right there pressed to it by the pirate with a low whisper on an ear: "Don't twitch, Pan! Don't disturb them …" As if without trusting endurance of the boy, Kryuk proactively put a hand to him on a hip … The lily moaned, being curved towards to Wendy's hand … The hand of the captain spread below and inside … "As I want him, Wendy! I want that he fucked me again!" … Kryuk's hand touched Pan's perineum, and that nervously moved, but the pirate's hook shortly touched the unprotected throat. Girls rose by knees meanwhile and got up almost closely to each other: Wendy, ruddy from excitement, and hard breathing Lilia who didn't receive discharges yet. The Indian princess impatiently started fingers in light curls of the girlfriend and attracted her to herself, sticking to pink sponges we will kiss, abuse another attracting to itself her hips. - Do you like what you see Pan? - insinuatingly James's voice sounded over an ear, - Oh yes I feel what is pleasant … Pan and your dick it is possible to suppress sharks! His hand unexpectedly softly, almost tenderly squeezed the knob which is holding apart panties and began to rumple slowly under whisper: "Look at them, St. Petersburg … Look …" And Peter looked. And girls created something utter at all. Having moved apart folds of the pussies, they прижалисьдруг to the friend also began to move so as if rubbed them, and on their groans it was clear that it is pleasant to them. Pan himself hardly restrained from groan: in several feet from him two girls rubbed pussies, and his own dick caressed the captain Kryuk, panting to him on an ear and tickling moustaches him a neck. "Release me!" - it is squeezed Petter whispered, protesting minds madness of the events, and the hand in his perineum stood. - Unless it is unpleasant to you? Pan, you – only the little boy also don't know, than such caress konatsya. I promise, to you will be very pleasant, - Kryuk tone of the terry tempter whispered. Pan's excitement heated blood, consciousness that this invincible boy was subject to his hands, let go heart in gallop. But the little stinker and here obstinately moved as though leaving from skillful male fingers. - I know, than they come to an end, Kryuk! - So you, likely, jerk off on the quiet, - the Captain offensively hemmed, - As it is a shame, Pan …