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I remember academic year at school ended, and badly I passed examinations, I wasn't a fighter, just I was killed somehow at school, I became held down, timid, I was often beaten, I was a beautiful boy but badly studied and only on physical culture received the five. I thought of girls often, but it was so far and fantastic, what, I couldn't understand as in reality to kiss them or something similar not that sex, not to time wasn't even on an appointment, I read a little and spent all the free time behind viewing of movies and a game at the computer. The daughter of the father from his first marriage, was the Brown-haired woman, the girl of average height, I remember for the first time saw her when I was 7 years old and her 14. She came to visit us, was a playful little girl, beautiful as the angel seemed to me then, it was pleasant to me that she occasionally stayed with us, she lived with the mother in other city therefore meetings were rare, but I often remembered her and even occasionally called, I was a child she too. Then she somewhere was gone after the end of study in school. I began to study. From the father I heard news that it went to study to Moscow, there was time. And so to me 15 years were executed likely nevertheless, I he often thought girls during that time as I and spoke. there came the spring, there came May, at the end of May, the father with mother told me that Zhenya, and so called the girl, the daughter of the father, invites me to stay for a while in the summer at the dacha, for a week, they even insisted as I would stay all summer at the computer again. I will tell honestly I was and is glad and thought of it, and the more I thought the stronger in me awkwardness, sense of shame for themselves emerged, I such here little fool, will go to the sister that she we will think of me. I bought the ticket and went To the suburb in hundred kilometers from the house where I lived, there were sites, know such in 6 hundred parts, the house of two floor, the furnace pig-iron. She met me, and I stood and swallowed of saliva for nervousness. she was beautiful, to her I don't remember how many was then, or 21 or 22 something like that. At dachas on avenues people went, and I saw only her, she stood and smiled, told that as I grew up and we didn't see each other long ago, years 5 that precisely or are more, nobody considered. I approached and she kissed me on a cheek, told hi, smiled, a cut on a dress, it all blossomed as a rose, breathing life. Well we will go Zhenya told, I will show you the house, you never were here likely. I was thought about myself or wasn't, can and was but long ago. It wasn't important. we entered a gate, apple-trees Grew. shading the site, strawberry, the folding bed stood at the house on it the book some on philosophy lay, I then such definitely didn't read). my sister speaks to me. we go with me, I will show you that here and as. She spent me on a footpath, it is a toilet she showed on the box on the street. it is the shed, I pointed a finger at left, and I told, well any old things and garden stock there. we go to the house, you probably were tired She asked, after the journey. I only lowed, but smiled, she was very tender, with me we weren't often tender, even mother and the father abused me for waste of time and bad study, and here she was tender and it very much was pleasant to me. generally she led me to the house. there was a sofa, on one side of the house and a bed on another, the big furnace, a table, a desk, a chair. nothing of that kind, the shelf from a floor with books filled with novels or yet something like that sad, I remember. go here she called me to an exit from the house, I turned. look this ladder at the second floor, it very not convenient she told I don't know someone her did, I approached and asked that there. Well look it is possible to climb. And I remember it an instant when she put the right leg on the second step, her legs were in some Santa the Pole, well-groomed mortars and small fingers, at all varnish, a hip which slightly opened from a dress were visible. I had no thoughts I only stood behind her and slightly on the right and looked at it. She likely also didn't think of anything it or thought she was already such adult. I don't know. and there was still something more interesting and unimaginable for me. she got hands the best of a ladder and got above and above, and told, we will go I will show by the smiling voice, such friendly, lovely, she already almost climbed as I got, and raised eyes, she still rose, I as bewitched looked her under a dress, there were panties white. simple cotton, my God this the father in panties, such big seemed to me I didn't think that women have such appetizing bottoms, not as on a photo. here everything was such, such incredibly exciting, legs magnificent legs, she rose and I rose afterwards. I had eyes of confusion and I strongly worried, tried not to give a sign, but she noticed that I worry for some reason. I told having slapped me slightly on edge of a shoulder, WELL what you. go here. look. There on a table there was a record player and plates, she included something. The thing was rare, I of course understood nothing in it and in my mind it was just the stuff, but I didn't give a sign, now I can say yes IT the THING, but then for me it was nothing. She sat down in a chair, we have a talk. she spoke only in a low voice and laughed, and repeated, WELL you give, well you give, I told her as I badly studied that there at school and all generally about the life, not rich in events, she asked whether I have a girl, I said no And WHY and so on, generally I answered as could not to look the full idiot before her, she was pleasant to me and externally and as the person. I also didn't think then that she such will be all this summer, I will never forget it. well so listen further. So she did salads, to us of vegetables in the mornings, I so hesitated when she went to bed because she was such adult and I such diffident, well you likely will understand about what. All this was strange, I for some reason when went thought I will have a separate room, and far from it. When I for the third day went to a toilet at night, I got up and passed by her bed, she slept in panties, it was hardly visible a part of a hip, I wanted to meet more, and swallowed of saliva, it seemed is heard on all house, and heart violently fought. I returned watched her leave and laid down, I drank waters and that summer much and then often ran in a toilet after midnight. For the fifth day, I just went out for a walk, and she went to bathe told when I returned, and I walked hour two she was in some very sexual bathing suit of color of coffee, I looked at her still from is far and my God as I looked. I approached closer, and saw these boobies, these lines of a hip. Well you look) she asked, we go to eat strawberry she told. We ate strawberry. then she read something, at herself on a bed, I toiled with inaction, and only and thought of her body, smiles and as she is lovely. Every day for this week, it was in some dresses of Razna, is shorter and shorter than a knee and I looked at her captivated, the big breast was noticeable, he seemed to me then such big) likely my eyes kept eyes glued from it. of course now I understand why everything so left and that she can played with me. For the sixth day when I got up, about midnight, I asked her you sleep, and passed by, the blanket hid everything, the answer didn't follow too, but when in five minutes I returned passed by, the blanket was cast away on one buttock, she lay on a stomach, in panties thongs, one leg was removed slightly aside and another is bent in a knee, is involved I looked at her priest, big soft as it seemed to me, then on a leg, on a foot. as she was charming. Next day we got up, she sent me to collect tomato and cucumbers for salad, we then every day a salad fir-tree since morning, it gave forces and was as she spoke it is very useful and she of course was right. when I returned I saw from an entrance as in a far corner of the house she costs on knees on a chair in a dress which opened for the priest and in panties which were some very dense and white. likely cotton, elbows having leaned the elbows on a table I read some book. I thumbed through it more precisely. I looked second and then turned away. In eyes the scene repeated, the dress is lifted up so hips and the beginning of a bottom and there were visible where there was at her э a female part of a body, there was hardly noticeable strip lengthways, likely panties well sat down. she smiled again, I so hesitated, she approached took vegetables, and told now I will cut, will have dinner. We ate, communicated behind this business. Nothing of that kind, I was broken, it seemed to me so it is necessary a little. I walked in some sports pants, all these days. because it was even a shame to me to walk in shorts. and here something happened, she suddenly replaced a conversation, and asked whether I can make by her massage on fingers, legs as her ex-boyfriend made to her, and she asks me as brother and friend. I just looked, эээ I don't know and so on. well if it is necessary, I ground such nonsense. she took me gently by hand, and led to the room, I was confused that I will look at her now again and she that is good and it will be so a shame to me in itself. She laid down on a stomach, the head on a pillow in a profile and began to stir something. Lovely I told that oil soothing in a box of a table and that I got. I did some sharp awkward movements so far looked for him. it was a shame to me even to breathe. eventually I sat down on a floor poured oil in a palm and tried to represent something, my eyes aimed to get under a dress which already was short and when she laid down became still as though is shorter so I saw her not brawny but juicy gentle hips, these are girls, my sister. Well the brother begin) with laughter she told, I deeply sighed relaxed and bent the right leg a little in a knee that it was more convenient to me, my God she put to me the foot, in hands with oil and I began to mass it, very gently because I wasn't able, I wanted that I had all super. I swallowed of saliva, was heard likely and her, she stretched again, moved, the left leg is extended, the rights is bent in a knee, and I mass her fingers of the right leg. she poyelozitsya again and my God I saw panties besides white. those which I saw at an entrance again this strip between legs at mine the sister, heart fought as at a bull on a slaughterhouse. I massed her leg, one and a touch, toes, and suddenly, I often glanced, at panties, holy Christ, to me became almost badly from overexcitation, it became seems they to darken or grow damp. It told something, about study and so on. but I watched that as I mass, praised that I am a good fellow and that I should be a massage therapist. There where likely has to be an entrance in an inner sanctum. there was a speck, it became more, and more, it occasionally slightly moved as though to take more conveniently a position until I noticed a thin stream such on a hip somewhere down from under panties. my God. my God. I got up a dick as at Pinocchio a nose, I couldn't make anything. I now another please, and she turned and laid down on a back, and I sat on a floor on knees, and it was a shame to me to get up or even somehow to replace a pose, legs became numb. she asked holy Christ that you such red that you. don't worry. she got up, departed on kitchen, drank something likely. then she came in a couple of minutes, and was itself somehow a little reddened, likely she noticed something, for me or for herself. then I thought so, now that I know that she noticed. well you sit down, Zhenya told, I rose while she went, I am by some miracle search the dick and I put it, it was a point of honor. it was very a shame to me. give now I to you will massage legs, but I flatly refused as I went the tramp and they were not really clean. Sit down on a chair, she told somehow not really lovely in comparison with that as usual she did it. but it was all the same lovely and I smiled. she put me on a chair the person and got up behind my back, began to massage to me shoulders, well as to you. I told well thanks. then she asked whether it was pleasant to me, I told yes, that it at me for the first time and if I did something not that that let she strictly doesn't judge me. she massed to me a neck, shoulders. then I dipped a hand into hair, I bent down to an ear and in a whisper from which I got up goosebumps, I whispered an ear. NOW FROM YOU I will lower TROUSERS. She told as though and joking and isn't present.I even didn't understand how to react! she bypassed me sitting on a chair, told rise slightly, and I lowered from me sports pants, it is direct up to knees. I sat as hypnotized. I couldn't tell anything only I swallowed of saliva and my heart was torn, she caved in slightly forward being kneeling to mine to pants. and gently I stroked, then I squeezed my balls I massaged seconds three and I released. I told I mumble a half that that you want. she smiled, rise once again please with a smile she told. I stood up. and my God she lowered from me pants to sports trousers to knees, pressed sideways somewhere a pier sit down and I sat down. the pier stood up from excitement, inflated. I just was silent and swallowed of saliva. She was kneeling to me in a dress in a cut and I a look in this cut two hills of her breasts. of course I didn't see everything, but I was made horney also by it. She stroked my dick again, then massaged balls, generally just played with me. What are you doing at last I dared to ask her. as it is possible more seriously. I, smiled she, and said quiet tone, (having squeezed a fist a trunk of the dick and having shifted flesh I bared a head) I will eat now she told. I will eat, I remembered these words and didn't forget till this moment. I will eat, I pulsed in the head, I didn't understand what does it mean entirely, I only understood that now the daughter of the father and my sister something will do that of what I dreamed long ago. She bared a head, delayed flesh so to me even it became a little sore, squeezed a fist my dick, moved, to me., put elbows to me on a knee and hung the head below to my dick. She was close.! then without raising the head, I asked quietly and gently from hitretsy! You know what I will do now. at ears put slightly, the back hurt I joined a chair back from tension. Also I answered, well I don't know. can эээ, but I couldn't do anything sensible to answer. She smiled rose the person and told gently, I speak I will eat you now. I looked down to the dick, I clenched even stronger a fist, I only saw a droplet which went out of the channel, white colourless, it was so a shame to me with it, she as specially squeezed strongly a dick, and moved him as the transmission, I sat and was just captivated and overexcited, well to eat so to eat she as though told herself, combed a hair on one side a hand, and the second everything I squeezed my dick. And here the instant, and lips already suck my head, it became such big, from blood inflow, then that she squeezed a dick so strong, I wanted to complain but was silent, didn't drop words. She sucked it slowly, without language. some lips, densely as though wanted to exhaust from me soul, I squeezed lips as a sucker. I noticed that the sun, the summer sun warms to me a nape. she so densely sucked as though she drank Coca-Cola from a straw, is deep, just a head, in a minute, I couldn't restrain and began to breathe often and even some sounds began to break from my lips, similarity of low moans or something. As it was a shame to me. I thought as it is possible, but I not in which case didn't want that she stopped, I was so horney. At last she released a dick a hand and was suddenly got by fingers by the balls, and delayed slightly down a ball sack, I mass and rolling balls as then it was a shame to me, I breathed as though ran couple of kilometers, but sat didn't move even, hands just hung on each side, she sometimes looked at them as I scratched fingers, did something there. I squeezed a palm in a fist. She sucked me as she Chupa Chups, my head, and sucked, then she began to smack the lips, for an instant came off, few times when her lips directed to the head, after couple of seconds of a respite, I heard something like NYaM, then once again. so proceeded minutes, three until as you understand I began to come to an end, she didn't even allow me to make anything. I didn't take away lips or something. She just sucked and sucked when I began to cum she as though tormented me, began to suck so quietly and gently, smacking the lips and I heard as she swallows. she didn't come off the dick, a minutes more after I terminated two, my God slightly badly didn't become me. when I terminated she again the dick lips more feasibly and already falling dick of the beginning squeezed. to exhaust from there all to a last straw, I seemed to me I will die, of these lips. I crawled on a chair, and she caressed me a marigold on a hip. Here so the first week of summer ended, it told that I wouldn't leave and remained still. And it I will tell that to mother she smiled, I knew that she won't tell, but I was silly and thought and suddenly also I will tell and itself I wanted to remain.! When she finished, she turned and went, leaving she removed panties and hung up on a rope. I dressed others and I went for a walk somewhere. Author's E-mail: